Travel Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Travel Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He not only sells tour packages, but consult you on traveling.
It is indeed a hard road, he has travelled on and keeps travelling on.
John traveled with him on various trip abroad and nationally.
He will also help you out, and prepared to travel to do that.
He accommodates him, as a consultant, with his travel restriction to the client.
We traveled internationally together and it was a lot of fun traveling with him.
He's constantly traveling and offers tips on how to travel on a budget in his amazing travel blog.
John leaves a positive wake wherever he speaks, consults or travels.
He's been travelling all around the region like there's no tomorrow.
John uses tools that only can be found on "roads-less-traveled".
John's extensive experience and knowledge in the realm of international travel makes him an ideal travel consultant.
He provided us the knowledge we may need in our career as a travel consultant.
He knows travel much more than the seasoned traveler, and he's not afraid to share that knowledge.
Now, as a our company travel consultant, we've had the fortune of having our paths cross again.
He has been always available to answer any questions - even when he was traveling outside of the country.
John goes out of his way (even when traveling) to make sure reps have what they need.
He traveled to our location, across the country to make sure we got the best results.
He is available to him no matter where he was travelling or whatever day of the week.
He would at time travel to universities and help out where was needed.
John left the company to go travelling and did so with the best of terms.
Regardless of time zones or travel he is always available and positive.
He also traveled with him extensively throughout the world our company.
John travels for his position and is very reliable and dependable.
We could call anytime and he would travel anywhere on the planet.
He will travel the globe for stories, and has done so many times.
He's always our first-choice for tailor made travel experiences.
In particular, him understanding of travel and tourism is deep.
And yes, it was fun traveling with him every-time that we did.
John arranged travel for him and his company for several years.
It's truly amazing how widespread his influence has traveled.
John brings his past travel experience with him to this role.
Our company and talent do not always travel together, but they do with John.
He takes the time to learn about his travel needs and tastes, and those of his travel buddies.
John's knowledge about how to make traveling fun has enabled him to take the stress out of traveling.
He's adamant about getting the best travel experience for him clients' travel budgets.
He is an avid traveller and tries to make good of whatever time he gets to travel across and enjoys life to the fullest.
John provided great detail prior to his travels to allow him to simply enjoy the travel.
Once he's back from his travels, it's going to be hard to keep this secret for long.
He made himself available to travel on-site and never let the department down.
We are sure that he will excel in travel trade and wish him all the best.
He would travel as needed to be there for meetings and entertaining.
But have followed his podcasts and writings as he travels the world.
He is well travelled and he is very knowledgeable on many topics.
John help or information requested by our travel consultants was dealt with in an easy way for everyone to understand.