Travel Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Travel Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is well known and well respected in the travel industry.
He is well known and respected throughout the travel industry.
He had just come out of a totally different industry into the travel industry, which can be really insular.
We have come to get to know each other very well and have been impressed by his thorough knowledge of the travel industry.
John is well connected in the travel industry and knows how to get things done.
His knowledge of the travel industry is second to none and very insightful.
He was very well connected in the travel industry and quite knowledgeable.
His lessons have traveled with me to other organizations and industries.
Loves the travel industry and what it allows our clients to experience.
John is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the travel industry.
John is very dedicated to the travel industry and him clients.
I am yet to meet somebody in the travel industry who does not know John.
John - thank you for all that you do to make traveling so much fun.
We will definitely have him back if he will travel this far again.
I will recommend him to everyone who needs help with traveling.
The travel industry was new to us so we relied heavily on their industry knowledge and experience.
His expertise in the travel industry can only be matched by his attentiveness to the travelling needs of my company.
He actually travelled with me for several meetings with had with some of the largest companies in their industries.
John is one of the most well respected and knowledgeable people in the travel industry.
Thanks for helping us think outside the box to deliver more value to the travel industry.
John is one of the most knowledgeable and talented individuals within the travel industry.
John is one of the most diverse and accomplished travel executives in the industry.
John is one of the most talented and driven professionals in the travel industry.
He is incredibly well connected in the travel industry, and can get things done.
John is one of those people in the travel industry that you can count on.
John has always had his finger on the pulse of the travel and hotel industry.
He knows the travel industry quite well and has great contacts and energy.
John is probably one of the most talented sales pros in the travel industry.
His professionalism and knowledge of the travel industry is unparalleled.
I also recommend the travel industry to get involved in this initiative.
His experience in the travel and entertainment industry is unparalleled.
I recommend him for his enthusiasm and knowledge of the travel industry.
He travels, networks and speaks to all that ever dab in the industry.
He is dedicated to his work and his passion for the travel industry.
John has an extensive range of experience in the travel industry.
John is one who has set standards for the leisure travel industry.
John's knowledge and contacts about travel industry is very deep.
John's drive and passion is unmatched in the travel industry.
John is a great guy who knows the travel industry inside out.
I look forward to the opportunity of working again with John in the travel industry.
John's knowledge of the travel industry, especially in Africa, is unmatched.
I wish there were more flexible people like John in the travel industry.
John is definitely not the typical travel industry executive.
John and I have traveled the same industry circles for many years.
He has taken other groups of travelers to show them how travel can actually help the environment.
Whether it's his work or his travels, he goes further and does more than most.
John to nothing will take him away from the path to success that he travels.
He is incredibly passionate about travel, especially adventure travel.
John is passionate about all things to do with women and travel.
He is well travelled and he is very knowledgeable on many topics.
I did not have any issues with anything during my travel time.
When it comes to having connections for travel he is your man.
He makes me want to be a tourist following him in his travels.
I've traveled internationally with him and would do so again.
If you are traveling without someone in your corner, you should consider traveling with John by your side.
Regardless of what timeline I need, he is always there for me even when he is traveling.
He knows the travel industry inside out and has the ability to make it happen regardless of challenges.
In particular, his contacts in the travel and tourism industries are very extensive.
He is warm and empathetic and admired by many in our travel industry.
Well-connected in the travel industry, however, with his skill set, experience and talent he could be of great value in any other industry.
He understands our industry and is a visionary when debating the direction the travel industry will be taking in the future.
He is an authority on travel distribution and industry trends.
He has always gone out of his way to help him even if he is in another country or traveling.
He even went out of his way to check in with us while we were traveling.
John is always looking out for the assessors who are traveling.
He is fully conversant with the jargon in the travel and tourism industry.
His dedication to the travel industry and him role within our company and beyond is truly impressive.
He embodies our commitment to putting our travelers first and truly connects with all him travelers.
He loves to travel and cruises, especially are on the top of his travel favorites.
He has an in-depth knowledge of travel and is well connected with most everyone in the industry.
This is because he is well traveled and has great knowledge and experience of his industry.
His travels and work outside the industry broaden his perspective.
John went over and above our expectations, he provided us with new and useful information regarding all aspects of the travel industry.
John's knowledge of the travel industry is exceptional, as well as his ability to form relationships within the industry.
His extensive expertise in travel the industry speaks for itself.
John's enthusiasm and knowledge of the travel industry made him the go to guy for any employee who had a travel question.
John truly understands that you sometimes have to take the road less traveled.
And to top it all off, he gets everything done while traveling the world.
His travels have taken him across the world where he's made many friends.
Often these have him travelling from one end of the world to the other.
Of course, you can also discuss with him about travels he used to do.
Always responsive to his travel needs as well as others in our group.
John is always reachable whether he was on-site or traveling.
He is sorely missed by all of us when he went off on his travels.
John seems to know the best places to eat, where ever we travel.
This has been often on display during his travels with him at our company.
John's passion for the travel and tourism industry was constantly evident and could definitely not be questioned.
His results-driven, always keeps reality in check and really knows the travel industry inside and out.
John has an indepth understanding of the travel industry and picks up new concepts quickly.
John provides insight into travel industry trends with clear and un-biased observations.
John is a travel expert with an impressive number of connections across the industry.
He stays on top of the trends that are constantly reshaping the travel industry.
John is an accomplished writer within the yachting and travel industry.
His travel industry knowledge has really helped us grow our travel business.
He has unparalleled resources to bring to his many years in the travel industry.
Also, him love to travel and his travels have imbued him with the clarity of the world around him.
He knew the travel industry and was very technical in his role.
It's also clear that analyzing the travel industry has been not just his career but also his passion.
John knows more about the travel industry than most people gain in a lifetime
His knowledge of the travel & hospitality industry is immaculate and his vision for the industry worthy of admiration.
John reaches the entire travel industry, and he is an asset to anyone working in the field of travel.
Communication has been always there even when he was travelling, with everything clear and in black and white.
John is successful at each adventure and with every road, he has travelled.
If you have the opportunity to travel with him you should jump at the chance.
He even lets you know when he's traveling how to deal with any emergency.
He travels alone give everyone the right "feel" for getting out and about.
Oya has always found the best deals for his complicated travel arrangements.
He continually stretches and pushes himself, where others dare to travel.
He often went above and beyond travelling where he was needed in a pinch.
He is always traveling to a new place when he wasn't on an assignment.
He travels the extra mile, and looks to the needs of others around him.
John's travels over the years is evidence of this over an over again.
He would travel monthly to take some exams, there which was admirable.
He's not only well traveled, but cultured and as sharp as they come.
He chooses the road less traveled and it has made all the difference.
John seems to prefer roads less liked and traveled by others.
John took all the hassle out of our holiday travel arrangements.
He is always available to help and he is a great fellow traveller.
John has traveled to many places most of us only dream about.
He loves to travel and to get in touch with different cultures.
John is often traveling but always remained calm in the storm.
He travels extensively to keep his pulse on what is happening.
Towards this, he is also a good travelling- and sports partner
Themes of travel, nature and sustainability make him sparkle.
He always replied to emails, no matter where he was traveling.
John has always been so welcoming at whichever our company he is in and we travelled to see him.
John is always willing to step in and help regardless of where he must travel to do so.
He is excellent at what he does and absolutely have a passion for the travel industry and keeping up with new trends.
John is a true travel processional who understands what it takes to be successful in our industry.
He exemplifies professionalism and exceeds all expectations when it comes to the travel industry.
John's exposure to travel industry and overall eye for detail is an asset to any organisation.
He is a pioneer in the adventure travel industry and continues to break new ground.
John's experience in the airline and travel industry navigated the our company through the start up phase.
Him relationships throughout the travel industry keeps him up to date and always a step ahead.
John is very passionate about the travel industry; he is constantly coming up with new and exciting ways for the public to learn more about travel.
He's an awesome speaker and a very well recognized within the travel - hospitality industry.
His years of experience in the travel industry proved to be an asset to our team.
Always one step ahead of him field of work and really gets the travel industry.
He takes you on journey along the road less travelled, but somehow when travelling this road you really do feel that anything is possible, anything.
John has traveled quite extensively from an early age, and he still travels to different far off places whenever the opportunity arises.
Our company matter how complex or simple the travel, John is always enthusiastic - just as if he were traveling with him.
John's extensive knowledge of the travel industry as well as an internet industry makes him one of the most qualified experts in his field.
John is a pioneer in the family travel industry; he is a pathfinder and an expert in what families want when they travel.
His understanding of the industry will make him the perfect partner for anyone looking for a dedicated travel agency.
He's well connected in the travel industry, helped us shape our pitches and get us audiences with the right people.
He made his transition into the travel industry very easy because of his clear direction and strong leadership.
John is extremely knowledgeable about the travel industry and recommends only the best honeymoon locations.
We met through his wife when we all were traveling to conventions in the real estate in default industry.