Travel Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Travel Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is well known and well respected in the travel industry.

He is well known and respected throughout the travel industry.

He had just come out of a totally different industry into the travel industry, which can be really insular.

We have come to get to know each other very well and have been impressed by his thorough knowledge of the travel industry.

John is well connected in the travel industry and knows how to get things done.

His knowledge of the travel industry is second to none and very insightful.

He was very well connected in the travel industry and quite knowledgeable.

His lessons have traveled with me to other organizations and industries.

Loves the travel industry and what it allows our clients to experience.

John is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the travel industry.

John is very dedicated to the travel industry and him clients.

I am yet to meet somebody in the travel industry who does not know John.

John - thank you for all that you do to make traveling so much fun.

We will definitely have him back if he will travel this far again.

I will recommend him to everyone who needs help with traveling.

The travel industry was new to us so we relied heavily on their industry knowledge and experience.

His expertise in the travel industry can only be matched by his attentiveness to the travelling needs of my company.

He actually travelled with me for several meetings with had with some of the largest companies in their industries.

John is one of the most well respected and knowledgeable people in the travel industry.

Thanks for helping us think outside the box to deliver more value to the travel industry.

John is one of the most knowledgeable and talented individuals within the travel industry.

John is one of the most diverse and accomplished travel executives in the industry.

John is one of the most talented and driven professionals in the travel industry.

He is incredibly well connected in the travel industry, and can get things done.

John is one of those people in the travel industry that you can count on.

John has always had his finger on the pulse of the travel and hotel industry.

He knows the travel industry quite well and has great contacts and energy.

John is probably one of the most talented sales pros in the travel industry.

His professionalism and knowledge of the travel industry is unparalleled.

I also recommend the travel industry to get involved in this initiative.

His experience in the travel and entertainment industry is unparalleled.

I recommend him for his enthusiasm and knowledge of the travel industry.

He travels, networks and speaks to all that ever dab in the industry.

He is dedicated to his work and his passion for the travel industry.

John has an extensive range of experience in the travel industry.

John is one who has set standards for the leisure travel industry.

John's knowledge and contacts about travel industry is very deep.

John's drive and passion is unmatched in the travel industry.

John is a great guy who knows the travel industry inside out.

I look forward to the opportunity of working again with John in the travel industry.

John's knowledge of the travel industry, especially in Africa, is unmatched.

I wish there were more flexible people like John in the travel industry.

John is definitely not the typical travel industry executive.

John and I have traveled the same industry circles for many years.

He has taken other groups of travelers to show them how travel can actually help the environment.

Whether it's his work or his travels, he goes further and does more than most.

John to nothing will take him away from the path to success that he travels.

He is incredibly passionate about travel, especially adventure travel.

John is passionate about all things to do with women and travel.

He is well travelled and he is very knowledgeable on many topics.

I did not have any issues with anything during my travel time.

When it comes to having connections for travel he is your man.

He makes me want to be a tourist following him in his travels.

I've traveled internationally with him and would do so again.

If you are traveling without someone in your corner, you should consider traveling with John by your side.

Regardless of what timeline I need, he is always there for me even when he is traveling.