Travel Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Travel Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John managed this all the while travelling around and visiting everyone
He goes out of the way to help us both as a buyer and travel manager.
He did this while travelling and still managed to stay upbeat when he easily could have gotten frustrated.
He managed the different stakeholder priorities, the company perspective and the travelers.
He's able to manage everything's done, though he travels a lot.
He also managed to keep our travel cost very competitive in the past few years.
John is very well travelled which has given him in-depth knowledge of the destinations he manages.
John provided superb management of our internal travel department.
He managed all this in spite of his travel schedule and used to be available when needed.
He also managed the travel desk and always came through with the required arrangements, even in the most trying circumstances.
He traveled constantly around the world, yet always managed to stay in touch and get back to you as required.
His travel schedule the past few years is more than most people could manage.
He, also, manages resources and travel budgets, as it comes from his own pocket.
His seminar was very enlightening to managers, especially those that are traveling with, or entertaining clients.
He managed his resources well and had no qualms travelling extensively himself.
From his very first day in our company, he made him feel he is there for him and available whenever needed even if he had so many people to manage under him and so much travel.
He always managed to be available and responsive despite a particularly robust travel schedule.
Our company, though he had to travel and manage many of his staff remotely, John always was a dedicated and conscientious manager.
This makes him priceless when thinking about family travel or traveling for his company.
We traveled together to many customers, he managed the meetings very professional and very successful.
If he ever runs another course that is within travelling distance of your area.