Understanding Performance Review Phrases Examples

Understanding Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He not only understands how doing something, he understands why it should be done that way.
If you did not understand he would take the our company to allow you to understand.
He goes out of the way to make sure you are getting what you need, and that you understand how everything works.
He understands people, often more than they understand themselves, and he understands the business needs.
John is willing to go above and beyond by training others and following up to be sure they understand.
He will go out of his way to make sure you understand what is going on and why it is being done that way.
He knows and understand finance, and he knows and understands how to get the best out of others.
John never gives up and he wants to understand everything new instead of taking it for granted.
He understands what needs to be done, and understands what is necessary to make each party happy.
He goes out of his way to go above and beyond for you and makes sure you understand what to do.
John understands where you are coming from, which makes him very supportive and understanding.
He always makes sure he understands and you understand what is needed for the best outcome.
He understands the terminologies better and explains it to us in the way we can understand.
He goes out of his make to make sure he understands the needs of the various stakeholders.
He really understands both what needs to be done and then how to get things done quickly.
He always went above and beyond when it came to understanding the needs of the client.
John really understands and knows what he is doing and what is right for the business.
It seems he really would like to understand who you are and what you are looking for.
He understands customers, but also understands the best way forward for all concerned.
He is always willing to step in to help anybody with anything they don't understand.
John goes all the way in understanding what needs to be done before looking at how.
He also thoroughly understands of when some had to be changed to some extent.
He seeks to understand others so that he might better understand how to help them.
He not only understands their needs, but he also understands how to our company with them.
He always makes sure you understand everything and always has your best interest.
The first he did very well, the second he did with understanding and compassion.
He is always here when we need help and always understand where we want to go.
John always tried his best to understand what it was that he was documenting.
John is great at understanding your needs, understanding what you really need.
He understands business and goes out of his way to understand your business.
Not only does he understand what his people need he understands the customer.
He understands the principles, but even more, he understands the application.
He's the one you go to when you think nobody else could possibly understand.
John is very understanding and was there to help if there were any problems.
John is very to understand the needs and goes away and makes things happen.
However, he is also understood that not everything goes according to plan.
John understands technology and he knows how to make others understand it.
He understands where to go to understand the problem he is trying to solve.
Above all of this, he can explain what he's doing so anyone can understand.
If he did not understand something he only had to ask once to get it right.
John, above all, understands value, that is, the value of relationships.
He is often ahead of everyone else in understanding what needs to be done.
And he's always available to help others understand it as well as he does.
John is both available and understandable, unlike most of his competitors.
He is very understanding and goes way above and beyond for his employees.
He seems very young always but he is very thorough in his understandings.
John understands what you are trying to say sometimes better than you do.
Pretty soon we understand that he can do much more than just this our company.
Thoughtful, thorough, and understands the needs of those he supports.
He provides guidance and understanding to our company of understanding.
John understands what they are looking forward to make the right match.
He understands what you want and he will go out and get that for you.
He provides the information very clearly for anyone to understand.
John went out of his way to understand his needs and requirements.
He truly knows that nobody understands better than another nanny.
Sustainability is something he truly believes in and understands.
Interestingly, there is none of the topic he does not understand.
In understanding him is to understand his passion and his purpose.
John is able to make the difficult to understand understandable.
Combinations he can make with those understandings is incredible.