Urgency Performance Review Phrases Examples

Urgency Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a sociable and energetic business professional who operates with a sense of urgency and delivers on his commitments every time.
This helped instill a sense of confidence and excited urgency in me as I progressed through the courses.
He has repeatedly demonstrated strong work values, a good business sense, and an urgency to respond to (and resolve) open issues.
John is very quick to forward my request for introduction on, which I greatly appreciate as I'm in a business where a sense of urgency means everything.
He has a great sense of urgency, yet without the 'intense stress' feeling that is so often an unnecessary add-on within the staffing industry.
He says “please” for every task asked without losing his leadership, always worried about every one of his team and works hard with a great sense of urgency.
John will always deliver and understands the urgency of getting it right, each and every time.
He is quick and understands the sense of urgency.
He gets into your shoes and has an extreme urgency of fulfilling your needs on or before time.
He treated all my communications with urgency and made my priority his priority.
He has many stakeholders to keep happy, each with their own unique sense of urgency.
He understands the sense of urgency of the business and is able to partner with the business and clients.
It's clear he has a sense of urgency and unstoppable energy to him, but he's not pushy or condescending.
He combines this with great professionalism and sense of urgency which made him extremely successful in his roles.
While we were working together, he was always highly professional, prepared and conscientious about following up - with a high sense of urgency.
He has permanently found an appropriate training solution in a constantly urgency driven environment.
He is a great recruiter with the ability to pick things up quickly with an innate sense of urgency.
As a workshop facilitator, his ability to control a room and create a sense of urgency, teamwork, and pride made a lasting impression.
He has provided fantastic support to our team in a variety of situations, particularly in critical moments where action is needed in the utmost urgency.
John's professionalism and sense of urgency in providing needed info made my work so much easier and it's always a pleasure to work with him.
Quick to respond and always insightful on target verticals, I knew that any campaign to support my sales efforts would be handled professionally and with the same sense of urgency I would place on it.
I've had the wonderful opportunity of working with John and I am always very impressed by his ability to articulate issues clearly and communicate any urgency in a professional manner.
I have seen him present at many conferences and I have walked away from each session with a renewed sense of urgency and a take-away that I could implement in my business straight away.
I have also found his sense of urgency highly commendable and I will recommend him as a corporate counsel to any company without hesitation
I felt he saw the urgency, need and sense of meaning to help.
Further, John worked with a strong sense of urgency.
In times of crisis or urgency, John makes sure priorities are set right.
John has a knack for building an audience through social proofing, urgency, and bandwagoning.
John is a focused professional who consistently responds with a sense of urgency.
Him friendly persona and balanced sense of urgency made working with John a pleasure.
If you want to be seen and found on the Internet (regardless of product or service), you should consider speaking to John as a matter of urgency.
He's great to deal with, there's a real sense of urgency, he listens and he provides good advice.
He is responsive, works with a sense of urgency, and provided me with great contract recruiters, several of whom we converted to regular full-time when the positions became available.
His deep understanding of the business coupled with a balanced sense of urgency created a magnificent experience during my placement process.
He was an effective team leader and consistently put in the extra effort to ensure the end users needs were addressed with urgency during critical processing times.
He also consistently acted with a sense of urgency and professionalism - critical in today's fast-paced business environment.
He has an impressive sense of urgency at all times and the ability to think clearly in high-pressure scenarios - a quality that is often over-looked at this industry.
As I mentioned, responsiveness and a sense of urgency seems to be a real strength for John.
He has a good sense of urgency and is ready to go an extra mile to get the tasks done and to support his colleagues.
John has an 'uber' sense of urgency to cold call and find the right fit each time we work together.
John has proven he is able to work through situations which require both a touch of relationship building and a sense of urgency to drive the task to completion.
Lastly, John possesses a strong sense of urgency and integrity along with a solid work ethic.
John places a high level of urgency on identifying the right candidates in a very short time-frame.
John is very good at his job, he responds with urgency and is very quick and precise.
You can see a sense of urgency and commitment to excellence in all that he does.
He has a high sense of urgency in addition to integrity.
John is ineffective leader that recognizes the need for urgency and accuracy within his function.
He was on top of the requirements always and had the sense of urgency required to close the position.
As a recruiter, he was creative, persistent and had an incredible sense of urgency.
I was very impressed by the urgency, time to value and professionalism that John showed throughout the process.
Without hesitation, I explained what I needed, and the reason for the urgency.
He understands the staffing industry and is in sync with staff members and their sense of urgency.
We enjoy working with people who have a sense of urgency and who deliver on their commitments.
He is customer focus, works with a sense of urgency and would be an asset to any organization.
He brings a great sense of urgency and relentless focus on getting things done.
He is well organized and deadline driven with a sense of urgency and contagious energy.
What I really like is your urgency and availability supporting your members to create wealth through property.
He understood the need for urgency and moved quickly, which definitely helps to insure success in hiring.
John always shows the right sense of urgency in his job and he is extremely reliable when it comes to chasing something down or making something happen.
He brought a sense of urgency to our team, as well as absolute kindness and respect for him peers.