User Experience Researcher Performance Review Phrases Examples

User Experience Researcher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Deeply data-driven and user research oriented, he always focuses on creating the best experience for the end users.
He craves data and user research to ensure that he is creating the most effective user experience.
John is very focussed and his user research was extremely thorough and precise.
In particular, he was a tremendous help in the user research we did that first week.
He puts effort into understanding the needs of the end user of research.
His message is a vital one and is from his own experience and research.
The value of his insight and wisdom is research and experience based.
He uses intuition, experience and good research get things done.
He brings solid research and experience to his recommendations.
His understanding and approach to user research was excellent.
John helped us understand how our users would use our app through research, helped us with collaborative sessions to uncover unique user-experiences.
John has an indepth knowledge of research and research techniques.
He is well acquainted with research in these areas and also has practical research experience of his own to draw from.
John's experience in this area provided me with some valuable research for my article.
He spoke with authority arising from research and experience.
All this comes from his experience and drive to continually research trends.
Him years of research and analysis experience would help any organization.
He really knows his stuff, and if he runs across something he hasn't dealt with before, he researches and experiments until he gets it right.
John has keen insights about being an entrepreneur that comes from experience and solid research.
The range and depth of his expertise come through many years of research and experience.
Drawing on years of experience and the latest research, he is clever and funny.
One of his greatest strengths is a user research and seeing the big picture.
His experience and willingness to research any issue makes him an asset.
He is an incredible advocate for the user and research participants.
He has experience in consumer research across a number of countries.
John is a great researcher with loads of metallurgical experience.
He is a competent, outgoing researcher with hands on experience in research methodologies in bio-informatics.
I trust his guidance as it is always well researched and based from his wealth of experience.
I have been and continue to be eager to gauge his research, experiences and opinion.
He made sure our research was objective-oriented, relevant, and user friendly.
He's a well-rounded, tech-savvy researcher who can conduct end-to-end user research and deliver actionable results.
He thinks about the user experience and help others to understand the importance of delivering value to users.
He enjoys and shines at building not user interfaces, but the user experience.
He researches, analyzes and determines the best user experience for the program at hand.
He's passionate about research, customer concerns and getting the experience "right" for the user.
His user research enabled us to introduce new concepts to a loyal user base without being disruptive.
John is a highly capable user researcher and a consummate user advocate.
He's a great partner and always willing to use research to get more feedback from end users.
John has a breadth of experience in medicinal chemistry research.
Although his recommendations are flavored with experience and intuition, they are based on research into who you are and what you're out to accomplish.
I trust him completely, and know from experience, he will research something to the ends of the earth to get it right.
His approach is centred on insights gained through his years of experience as well as research.
John's insight and experience with bloggers were a perfect subject for my own research.
He was also great in creating concept sketches and storyboards from our user research.
John first "real" experiments in basic research were with him.
He is diligent in his research, continuously applying best practices, and always innovating for the best end user experience.
And he's more than capable of validating these ideas with his research and user testing experience.
His input into user testing, research and user understanding/behaviour has been extremely useful.
John created a worldwide map depicting locations of user experience research studies.
His insights have been well researched and reasoned, and we have benefited greatly from his experience.
He always put in the time and research needed to understand the needs of our target users and frequently came up with innovative approaches to make the user experience much better.
His research is based on his own experience of constant refinement and learning.
His knowledge and experience in teaching and research is amazing.
John used his vast experience in both research and journalism to drive the company's research projects.
He is passionate about the user experience and places a strong emphasis on research and creating requirements for real users.
John has a wonderfully warm way of connecting with people that makes any user research experience a joy.
He did it because he was convinced that user research activities were the right thing to do for the client.
His concepts and stories come from research and experience, but his practice is always right in the moment.
Engaging with him for various libraries and research initiatives has been a refreshing, positive experience.
Importantly, this is derived from both his vast practical experience as well as his own in depth research.