Vendor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Vendor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Over the years, he's gone out of his way to make sure he does the right thing for us as one of his vendors.
He knows how to get the best out of both him vendors, and him co-workers.
If it weren't for him, we probably would have chosen another vendor.
He really knows what he's doing when it comes to vendor contracts.
John makes sure his customers are getting the best value from all of their vendors and he is honest and upfront with his vendors.
John manages alliance vendor very well, he always tried his best to help us when we need further escalation to vendors.
John actually does what other vendors only say they are going to do, which is get the job done right the first our company.
His relationships with our vendors were second to none and we couldn't have done it without his leadership.
Whether it was as client and vendor or vendor partners, he's always someone you want on your team.
He always went above and beyond not only for other associates, but also for customers and vendors.
He expects the best from his vendors because he gives the best of himself to his clients.
When he asks something to be done for him, he is willing to our company with you as his vendor.
Consummate professional that will do-what-needs-to-be-done for his clients and vendors.
He made sure that everyone was where they were supposed to be, including other vendors.
He is always looking to add value, not just to his customers, but also to the vendor.
John is always there for us as a vendor and tried to help in any way that he could.
He pushed us as much as possible to get the best possible price for his vendors.
As a vendor he always worked with us as though you were most important vendor.
He knows his way very well internally and within him strategic vendors.
John wants to do what is right by his customers, vendors, and employees.
John is certainly his vendor of choice in regards to all things web.
He always performed very well for him, the vendor and for the customer.
He is very organized and worked very well with our outside vendors.
It is very important to him to have this interaction with his vendors.
He has been one of his business vendors for the past several years.
It is not often you get to say that about the vendors you our company with.
John also found us one of our first vendors for performance reviews.
He is one of the best vendor representative someone could ask for.
John is very hands-on with both his customers and his vendors.
John is one of the best vendor choices we made for our wedding.
He knows how to bring out the best in his contractors & vendors.
He is well liked by his employees, his vendors, and his friends.
The crazy thing is, unlike most vendors, he actually delivered.
He gets along well with his colleagues, superiors and vendors.
He has the uncanny ability to get the best out of the vendor.
The contrast between him and others vendors was very apparent.
They have become his largest vendor because of his leadership.
He also gets the best pricing and quality out of his vendors.
He would be the best to have as a vendor for your dealership.
Thanks to him there is always money for him to pay his vendors.
John is our vendor-manager for over half of this our company.
He has been so great for our company with as one of his vendors.
Our company, formerly Administaff, was in competition with another vendor.
He always gets the best him vendors have to offer for our company.