Vendor Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Vendor Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John manages alliance vendor very well, he always tried his best to help us when we need further escalation to vendors.
He carefully considers the needs of him hiring managers while skillfully managing outside vendors.
John also knew how to get the very best from his managers, their employees, and his vendors.
Moreover, he always kept us on our toes and provided excellent vendor management.
He knows the right questions to ask and can manage vendors effectively.
He knows very well how to manage the contractor and the vendors.
John also is sharp with management of others as well as vendors.
He also managed a few of our vendors for us while also doing this job.
This rule also followed the way in which he qualified and managed company vendors.
He really understood how to manage vendors and always respected his contributions.
When asked, he stepped up to take on vendor management for which he excelled.
John's management and understanding of our telecom vendor is second to none.
He managed existing vendors expertly, but he also chose new vendors wisely.
John managed the vendor piece extremely well, despite the complexities.
He managed several vendors and suppliers and always met his deadlines.
Excellent at multiple-vendor management and an expert in his domain.
He also has significant experience in outsource vendor management.
He also able to mediate both management and vendor requirements.
He manages vendors well and demand the highest of all involved.
In addition, his strength in vendor management is second to none.
John demanded experience from his vendors and managed them fairly.
In his opinion, he is able to vendor manage very effectively.
His candor towards our company is an example of how vendor management should be handled.
He went over, above, and beyond with the employees, other managers, vendors, and customers.
Over the years, he's gone out of his way to make sure he does the right thing for us as one of his vendors.
If it weren't for him, we probably would have chosen another vendor.
John has him means of getting things done, especially towards vendors manage by him on meeting timeline.
John took our hosting and vendor management to another level of our company.
John managed the vendors that provided information back to his group.
John did an excellent job managing us as him vendor to our company.
John manages expectations extremely well, whether of a line manager, vendor or candidate.
John would be valuable to any organisation that understands the value of vendor management and relationships
His strength in vendor management is noteworthy and he has the ability to make things happen.
He manages the diverse needs of his clients/marketing personnel and vendors with ease.
He has the managing capability of vendors and he knows how to bring results from them.
He's very tactical but can manage the big picture - and several vendors, too.
In addition, his ability to manage vendors has contributed to his success.
He interfaces well with all stakeholders: users, management and vendors.
He managed to complete certs in less than two weeks for multiple vendors.
John managed numerous subcontractors, vendors and founders seamlessly.
John provided a shining example to vendors of how to manage a channel.
He managed the vendor with clear deliverables and held them in check.
John displayed consistent vendor and landlord management abilities.
He also managed many of the company's key vendors and contractors.
John is a highly experienced project/offshore vendor manager.
He made sure that everyone was where they were supposed to be, including other vendors.
John is always there for us as a vendor and tried to help in any way that he could.
You will come away with the confidence he will be your vendor of choice.
He is well liked and respected by our vendors and our employees.
John expects the best from vendors, and gives his best in return.
He is well liked by his employees, his vendors, and his friends.
John's partnership with him, as an outside vendor, was exemplary.
The crazy thing is, unlike most vendors, he actually delivered.
Without his involvement, we would have used a different vendor.
He gets along well with his colleagues, superiors and vendors.
John has always been one of our most reliable vendor contacts.
He goes out of his way to find the best vendors for our needs.
The contrast between him and others vendors was very apparent.
They have become his largest vendor because of his leadership.
He would be the best to have as a vendor for your dealership.
Thanks to him there is always money for him to pay his vendors.
Our company, formerly Administaff, was in competition with another vendor.
He always gets the best him vendors have to offer for our company.