Verbal Communication Performance Review Phrases Examples

Verbal Communication Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is an excellent communicator, both in verbal and in written communications.
John's verbal communications are on par with his visual communication.
He communicates well verbally and non-verbally and is easy to contact.
One of the most important aspects of communication which we consider insignificant is non-verbal communication.
He is a gifted communicator, both written and verbal communication.
His understanding of both verbal and non-verbal communication is nothing short of amazing.
John's expertise in the language of verbal and non-verbal communication is exceptional.
I have also found him to be good in both written and verbal communication.
John communicates clearly and effectively both in writing and verbally.
His verbal communication is also exceptional, especially in conversation.
John goes above and beyond when working with others in the community.
He also communicates well with others both verbally and in written form.
He is very articulate in his communication, both written and verbal.
What's more, he is talented for verbal and written communications.
John is very good with both verbal and written communication.
Best of all, John knows how communicate well both verbally and in writing.
He has that unique combination of being able to get at what you want to communicate both in written and verbal communications.
John uses his gift of storytelling to communicate the power of non-verbal communications.
He is a strong communicator, both in the fields of written and verbal communication.
His subtle and soft communication always makes him approachable and communicative.
John's verbal and written communication is exceptional when it comes to communicating and engaging with a company's community and customers.
John is one of the best - in finance as well as at communicating.
He always made himself available to communicate with despite us working together across different timezones.
He is very articulate and expresses himself clearly both in his written and verbal communication.
Needless to say, but both his verbal and written communications are unwittingly professional.
His writing is better than most, and he is clear and effective in him verbal communication.
He communicates well and goes above and beyond to make sure you're pleased with his work.
John is continually looking around to see how he can be of service to his community.
His communication (email & verbal) to myself and the team was thorough and on point.
Excellent at communication, he can get across what he wants to with good precision.
John is an outstanding professional who communicates well both written and verbal.
Both him verbal and written communication has always been timely and professional.
John is an excellent communicator both verbally and in his presentation ability.
One of the best things about working with him is his willingness to communicate.
He is very articulate and communicates well both in verbal and written formats.
John communicates well verbally and in his ability to be concise in writing.
Excellent communicator - you always know what's going on when you work with him.
He communicated his visions verbally and thru him illustrations and layouts.
John is easy to work with and communicates well both verbally and in writing.
As he was always available and very communicative, he made my work easier.
John is an exceptionally clear communicator, both verbally and in writing.
His written and verbal communication was always courteous and professional.
His communication, both verbally and in writing is precise and insightful.
He communicates directly and clearly if not always politically correctly.
John is an exceptional communicator in both verbal and written capacities.
He is very precise and concise in his verbal and written communications.
He is versatile, not only in the way he communicates, but in his roles.
His communication, both written and verbal, have been always clear and logical.
I will look forward to working and communicating with him more in the future.
He communicates clearly and gets along well with everyone he works with.
He is an excellent written and verbal communicator as well as presenting.
John is professional and concise in his written and verbal communication.
He is quite articulate with excellent written and verbal communications.
His ability to communicate, both visually and verbally is exceptional.
He is responsive and is strong with written and verbal communications.
He is succinct and articulate in his written and verbal communications.
He is very good analytically and in written and verbal communication.
John is extremely articulate in his written and verbal communication.
He communicates his needs clearly and provides constructive feedback.
He has the flair of connection, in both written and verbal communication.
He ensures that everyone is always on the same page, whether through email or verbal communication.
He communicates well both in a written and verbal format and was trusted to communicate directly with clients.
He is an excellent communicator, community builder, and a team player
What makes him different is that the way he communicates always motivates people.
His ability to express himself both verbally and non-verbally set him apart in the sphere of communication, which is his stronghold.
He is very intelligent, he communicates well, he follows through and is always enthusiastic.
John's high precision verbal communication is something you find very rarely.
Also, he is verbally articulate and a comfortable interpersonal communicator.
His attention to detail and verbal communication allows him to excel.
John communicates very well and is very strategic in his approach.
He always communicates clearly, on time and with necessary detail.
When it comes to strategic communicators, he's one of the best.
Their connections throughout our company are an asset to any client, and their commitment to our company is laudable.
He is always a keen listener for the customer's verbal and non-verbal communication.
Has always been reliable and communicative both with him and the end customer.
His e-mail communications were a well-known resource in our company.
He communicates clearly in written and verbal formats and without any risk of misinformation.
His communication style is very open and he knows how to get the best out of people.
He uses many communication styles to make the people around him more comfortable.
He is always polite to everyone he meets and is easy going in his communication.
Many people want to charge you and say they're giving back to our company.
He really cares and has given so much back to people and our company.
Also very active in our company always looking to help people.
He is a communicator, he understands how to communicate and speaks in the language appropriate to his audience.
John will help you with the verbal and non-verbal presentation you make.
He gives of himself in every engagement, whether it be for our company or for his client.
He knows printing and how to communicate well with customers.
He communicates well and provides verbal concepts and graphics to convey what needs to happen.
Since then, he's guided the overall messaging strategy and communications.
He always included the people he interacted with in all communications.
His insights into the non-verbal aspects and impacts of communication have been an eye opener.
He communicates these ideas clearly and can back them up with intelligent rationale.
He certainly knows how to live well and give back to our company intelligently.
His non-verbal communications are strong and provide positive feelings to others.
Great communicator, strategic in his approach and always looking beyond today.
His communication with him has always been timely, accurate and very detailed.
He's thorough and detail-oriented; and communicates clearly in all formats.
John sorted out our communities - both strategically and operationally.
What shines through is his intelligence and his communication ability.
He has strategic vision and communicates it clearly and effectively.
He is passionate yet strategic and is an exceptional communicator.
And his understanding of strategic communications was refreshing.
John is easy to communicate within each step of the planning.
He is also able to clearly communicate his plans and results.
He is an intelligent, thoughtful and articulate communicator.