Video Game Tester Performance Review Phrases Examples

Video Game Tester Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is very knowledgeable about video games and the video game industry.
His knowledge and passion for video games, video game culture and history, and all things geeky was inspiring.
John also knows the video game space like the back of his hand.
He plays a lot of video games and is always open to try new games and new platforms.
John is an efficient and consistent game tester who always strived for excellence.
He is always on his game and takes that game to its highest level.
The video he delivered was over and beyond what we expected and took our game to the next level.
He is also a video game history encyclopedia, and everyone will say this about him.
He has a really deep passion for video games inside and was really made to create.
John always comes up with great ideas when it comes to video game story and script.
John is a video game visionary who is always one step ahead of the curve.
John is committed to and passionate about making successful video games.
He is really good at telling stories through the video game medium.
John is an exceptional problem solver in the video game space.
John is a walking games, bible, and has a huge enthusiasm for all aspects of video games.
Reach out to him as soon as possible to take your game to the next level.
John knows games and he knows how to take things to the next level.
Relationships and results are the name of the game - and he gets it.
John is a dedicated tester with a tremendous passion for games.
There seems to be no end to the ideas and passion he has for art and video games.
John also has a great understanding of video games and the needs of other departments.
His commitment to the video game community and the making of great games is invaluable.
John has a deep knowledge of the video game genre and a passion for games.
John is one of these true gems who populate the video game world, and beyond.
I often turned to him for his input on upcoming video game promotions.
John is the secret weapon that every video game company needs to succeed.
I was also able to pause the video and then do what he recommended before starting the video again.
His lifelong passion for video games has made him an invaluable source for everything past, present and future about gaming.
Make sure to look out for him behind on the camera on game days.
John has a passion for video games and a strong vision of what it takes to make a game fun.
There is no subject that he does not do well at especially if it is something he is passionate about, such as technology and video games.
He will, without question, become a driving force in video game fiction.
His levels always are among the best looking and best playing in the game.
He knows how to get results, and raise the game of all those around him.
John is the most knowledgeable video game creator the world has ever known.
He shared with us his broad knowledge of video games and his optimism.
His knowledge and depth in the world of video games is second to none.
His love of video games is shown through every inch of his work.
As a game tester, he was known for his ability to find and reproduce difficult bugs.
He was involved in promoting the game both online and at game shows.
John is constantly looking for better ways to make video games, and he is not afraid to challenge the status quo.
John deserves great success for all his dedication to the craft of video game creation.
John is a funny, imaginative and thoughtful spirit in the world of video games.
John has a firm grasp of what makes a fun and compelling video game.
It also helps that he is a bit of a badass who loves video games.
John first, if he can't get you back in the game, he will direct you to someone who can.
I also appreciate that he captions his videos as not everyone has the sound on.
He has invited me to several of his video conferences that he has hosted.
John has a passion for video games and for creating meaningful and rewarding interactive game experiences.
John is truly a go-to guy for all things tech, video games, and consumer electronics.