Video Production Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Video Production Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He comes with experience in event production, staging and video production.
Him video production methods were excellent and the video he produced is still in use.
John is very knowledgeable when it comes to video and slide production.
John is an excellent professional & he provides great assistant during his many video shoots & productions.
I'll have no reservations about using him or referring others to him that have video production needs.
Anyone in need of a video clip should reach out to him for assistance.
He is clear about him needs yet allows me to use my many years experience in video production to further refine ideas and the final product.
Him assistance as we have launched new products or re-launched old ones also were critical.
John was able to efficiently assist them in finding the best product and the best rates.
I would recommend him for any event as well as video production.
He made it simple for someone like me (who knows nothing about video production) to understand and comprehend.
Adding fun at the right place is the advantage of having him as the video production expert.
He knew exactly what to do and how to handle all the issues with our complex video production.
John knew the aim was to show what the products do and the videos are exactly as requested.
John's expertise in video shooting, production and editing are second to none.
John brings enthusiasm and expertise to any film or video production.
John is a video wizard from planning through production and post.
John will not only shoot the video, he will help you with what to say on the video as well.
He was helpful and professional both under pre-production and production.
He has also conducted on-site livestream & video production for the organization.
He has also been very helpful in the areas of video and multimedia production.
John is an absolute authority on video strategy and production.
He also will produce the video for you if you require one - he has many styles of video production to choose from.
Another example of this is his video production work, which is simply first-class.
John created magic with video production as well as voice recording, editing and audio production.
We enjoyed our video shoot with him and had a productive day.
He understands every facet of video production, from pre-planning meetings to post production.
John knows his product well, but also knows when to seek assistance from others within his company to deal with a situation.
John has many skills and talents in video production and post production.
His primary function was video editing and logging, but he also assisted on a video shoot.
John is an outstanding talent, particularly in the area of video production.
But it's his passion for photography, video production and movies that makes him stand out from the crowd.
His sessions are productive and would suggest everyone to have a look at his success videos on YouTube.
John is excellent at creating music for commercials and video productions.
John assisted my company on many levels, assisting with product fulfillment and information as well as assisting in helping with the company's growth.
John is able to creatively pull together video productions from concept/idea to finished product for distribution.
John has assisted several of my professional friends with product for the websites.
He built the video production at the company pretty much independently.
He has done video editing along with creating a loop video used in our home show productions.
John's background in video production and management make him the preferred weapon of choice when entering any video production.
He was also alive to our input to assist with product direction when needed.
I would hire him without question for virtually any video project, whether it's production or post production.
John also counts video editing and production, videographer (video shoots), photographer, and more as talents.
John was so friendly, enthusiastic and professional with the production of our video.
His passion for video production is infectious and his unwavering perfection and precision when editing will ensure the most incredible videos.
His flair for video production and getting a promotional video to stand out from the others is well worth checking out yourself.
I have continually had positive feedback (and bookings) from that video production.
His company is one of the best video post production houses in the Midwest.
He is very well suited for a career in video production and photography.
John has been a sound recordist on a number of my video productions.
He made the video in an excellent production at a great cost.
All anyone needs to do is look at the videos on his website to understand.
John was extremely helpful in assisting with any solutions that would positively impact our products.
That, combined with his production, creative and video expertise is invaluable.
He understands both the art and craft of filmmaking and video production.
John is the ultimate partner for your video production needs (especially if you are a rookie).
John has been very helpful in assisting me to get the product launched with my customers.
His imagination for video production of live performances is extraordinary.
John was always a pleasure to deal with and was very helpful with assisting me in what products would best suit my needs.
He did a video production for me and the video not only drew in crowds of visitors at a recent exhibition booth, many have requested to share the video and it has gone viral among potential clients looking at similar products.