Virtual Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Virtual Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was always willing to assist others when they required assistance.
John makes himself available to anyone who needs assistance.
John, thanks again for all your help and assistance.
John always makes himself available to everyone for anything they might need assistance with or facilitated.
John will always be someone who you could go to with a particular need and know you would be assisted.
He will be up front about what he can assist with, or if he knows someone who can assist you better.
John has always assisted others in every possible way to help them and to help the organization.
Members of the group often come to him for help, and he is always willing to assist.
He goes above and beyond to assist his fellow coworkers when they need assistance.
John has gone out of his way to assist us with our needs on more than one occasion.
Not only that he makes himself readily available when someone need his assistance.
If you need assistance or advice he is always the first one to step up and assist.
Smart, energetic and always makes himself available when you need his assistance.
John actually goes out of his way to help and assist to the best of his ability.
I'd welcome his assistance, in virtually any capacity, again without reservation.
Whenever you need to reach him he is always there and always willing to assist.
Thanks so much for being you and for doing what you do to assist others in need.
He is also always willing and able to help out when we need someone to assist.
If he can't directly assist, he will help you find the right person to assist.
Should any one around him need assistance he is the first one to come forward.
I really wanted to say thank you so very much for all your assistance last week.
Even if he doesn't have the answer, he'll still go out of his way to assist.
John would always make himself available to all who required his assistance.
He was always there for assistance and was very thorough with his reports.
He is always willing to assist and goes above and beyond what is expected.
I can't thank him enough for all his assistance over the last few years.
He is always there to help his peers should they ask for his assistance.
John makes himself available to employees when they need his assistance.
He is always available to assist in any way that he can in any capacity.
He is also willing to help other groups that are in need of assistance.
Anyone considering his services should look forward to his assistance.
He is always supportive and always there when you need his assistance.
John will always go above and beyond to assist in anyway possible.
When you need him, he is available and gives you a spot on assistance.
He goes out of his way to assist others and he's quite supportive.
He is someone you can go to for the best assistance with your work.
I would like to thank him for all the assistance he has provided us.
He will go out of his way to help and assist more that it's needed.
He is there to help his clients whenever they need his assistance.
He was always available to assist anyone and is very approachable.
John always made himself available when his assistance was needed.
John is ready and willing to help out when anyone needs assistance.
He is more than willing to assist however, he can when necessary.
He was always knowledgeable and willing to be available to assist.
Helpful in assisting with whatever he can towards all colleagues.
Never gives up trying to help and assist wherever you need him to.
John will go out of his way to assist anyone and help them succeed.
He is there to help us whenever we need his technical assistance.
Brilliant results came our way and he was always there to assist.
He has always been there to assist in anyway to help me succeed.
He is always available and will go out of his way to assist you.
He is everything you want in a virtual assistant and much more.
John has always been willing to help and assist where he could.
John has always gone out of his way to be of assistance to me.
He is always willing and available to assist others on the team.
He is always willing help and assist without being overbearing.
John is always willing to assist with or take on new issues.
John was very professional and was always available to assist.
John has always been available to assist even after hours.
John has assisted me with several needs in my organization.
Trust him or not, he will surely be a wonderful "virtual assistant".
John is an incredibly efficient and detail oriented virtual assistant.
Him intuition and creativity are an asset to anyone who would call him their virtual assistant.