Visionary Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Visionary Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is visionary and has always been ahead of the trends.

John is more than that, he is a visionary.

He has often been described as a visionary.

John is quite the visionary and strategist.

He was visionary and ahead of the market.

John is as talented as he is visionary.

John is what most consider a visionary.

John is at once visionary and pragmatic.

I would consider John to be visionary.

John has the visionary skills to be on the edge of the moment.

I endorse him, especially his visionary and innovative skills.

He is skilled visionary, strategist and tactician.

John is not only a visionary, but is someone who can get it done and make things happen.

Focused, visionary, and ever willing to push himself to the next level.

That being said, he was way ahead of the curve and is a visionary.

He is visionary and that is what is needed in this environment.

At all times he was not just inspiring but also very visionary.

John is a visionary who gets the best out of all his employees.

He is strategic, visionary, and also makes things happen.

John is a visionary who actually makes things happen.

John is truly an entrepreneurial spirit and vision.

John is an exceptional technologist and visionary.

John is an all-around fantastic leader and visionary.

John is very visionary and has tremendous perseverance.

Him process is very useful to visionary entrepreneurs.

John has always been bright, articulate and visionary.

John is a visionary who is always ahead of the curve.

John is a visionary and knows how to get things done.

John is one of our industry leaders and visionaries.

He is a visionary and someone you want on your team.

John can inspire anyone with visionary aspirations.

John is an inspirational and visionary leader.

John is the consummate entrepreneur and visionary.

John is, was and will always be a visionary leader.

He is a visionary who could see the whole picture.

John is one of those rare breeds of visionaries.

John is visionary, entrepreneurial and pragmatic.

He is a visionary and is always available to help.

John is visionary with both feet on the ground.

It is rare that you come across visionary leaders.

He is visionary and detailed all at the same time.

Passionate, knowledgeable and visionary salesman.

Tenacious, visionary, relentless and influential.

He is visionary, and can also deliver the vision.

John is extremely focused and quite the visionary.

John is both visionary and strategic thinker.

He is collaborative, supportive and visionary.

John is an extraordinary leader and visionary.

John is a visionary and always an inspiration.

John is a visionary and everyone should listen.

John is knowledge, vision and articulate.

He was visionary, articulate and entertaining.

John is truly an innovative and visionary man.

John is an excellent and visionary leader.

He is an underutilized visionary, to be sure.

He is an exceptional visionary and very smart.

John is an excellent visionary and strategist.

Legend, maverick, visionary - take your pick.

He's tremendously persistence and visionary.

John is visionary when faced with challenges.