Visual Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Visual Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is an excellent designer, who is very well rounded with experience in both user-interface design and visual design.

He has tons of experience in working with interaction designers, visual designers and design technologists.

His command of both visual design and interaction design is unmatched.

John is an awesome visual designer and interaction designer.

He is a brilliant designer, whether in UX or visual design.

John is a well-rounded design leader with visual design chops to match.

His designs are exceptional, both visually and economically.

His visual representations of the design were remarkable.

He is very reliable not just on visual design, but also on the whole UX.

John really knows graphic design and visual marketing.

John has a very thorough understanding of how design decisions affect the user at all levels, from interaction design to visual design.

John is an experienced designer who is capable of giving good ideas, comments on interaction design and visual design.

John is a dedicated designer who excels at visualizing design solutions and seeing them through.

John is a creative and personable designer who adds value well beyond simple visual design.

John is a rare designer who is talented in both visual and user experience design.

As an interaction designer and a visual designer, he delivered excellent results.

John can bring good visual design and service design insights to any team.

John is a visual designer with a good eye for the elements of design.

John has been phenomenal to draft the visualization of the idea and design it as the only UX designer on the team.

He is an excellent UX/UI designer and always finds the right balance between ease-of-use and visual design.

He also has done countless other work for me and also did the visual design for my website.

John is an excellent visual designer with the ability to think strategically.

John is an outstanding designer, who creates visuals that really come to life.

His designs are articulate and very pictorial and hence easier to visualize.

He is able to assimilate the needs of the client into his visual design.

John designs with a passion and purpose that go far beyond the visuals.

He has a knack for details, design, and anything that is visual.

He has broad expertise across both interaction and visual design.

He has very strong hold on both visual and interaction designs.

His design ideas are always original and visually appealing.

He's also a very talented visual design and illustration.

John has an excellent eye for appealing visual designs.

John is a very talented, self-motivated visual designer.

I highly recommend him for any visual design positions.

His designs are fresh, crisp, and visually pleasing.

John is one of the best visual designers I've ever worked with.

John is equally well versed in UX as he is in visual design.

Please for all your building designs, he is the right call.

John could then produce all the design artifacts needed - from workflows, to interaction design, to mock ups, to visual design and iconography.

He has incredible range in design spanning visual design, UX/interaction design, photography, video, branding; it goes on and on.

He brings strong skills in interaction design, visual design, and design leadership.

I was really impressed with his visual design, interaction design and his one-person-army attitude - he just gets thing done.

He is also very enthusiastic about design and visuals so it was super fun to work with someone who loves the design process.

John is a versatile diligent visual designer who really cares about the rationale and execution of his design.

When it comes to visual design and execution, it's pretty hard to beat his team of talented designers.

His role was very broad from leading with the clients to detailed screen design and visual design.

He has a great eye for interaction design and outstanding visual design sensibilities.

His strengths in both visual design and interaction design allow John to be a versatile contributor.

John can handle not only visual design but also the coding/engineering aspect of the work.

Him visual knowledge about design, visual language, overall art direction is impressive.

It's always been a pleasure to work with him and to help turn his designs into visuals.

He's an experienced visual designer who puts the needs of the customer above all else.

John is a genuine all round expert when it comes to designing visuals for games.

John is a visual designer with the right balance of creativity and professionalism.

He led the visual design of the application and was instrumental across the board.

He is much more experienced in visual design than this job title would indicate.

Not just in his design solutions, but also live during visual thinking sessions.

If you need a designer who can own your brand visually, he is an amazing hair.

John designed the visuals of that, along with a zillion other amazing things.

John has great understanding in design, visual and technical implementation.