Volunteer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Volunteer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has been always one of the first to volunteer to help and went above and beyond when doing so.
He is willing to help others and will always be one of the first to volunteer for something new.
He volunteered to help wherever necessary and was always willing to do more.
He is always the first to volunteer his help, even if it's not in his area.
He leads by example, so he always gets the most out of him volunteers.
When things needed to get done, he was the first one to volunteer.
He gets things done and is always willing to volunteer his our company.
He is always willing to volunteer to do whatever was needed.
He always volunteered to come along when things were nastiest.
He volunteers for so many things one cannot keep it straight.
John can be tenacious when necessary to make sure things are completed and is often the first to volunteer.
Additionally, he follows through with anything he has volunteered to do and does it exceptionally well.
He makes sure each of the volunteers knows what is going on and that they matter to him organization.
He's always willing to take on new challenges and often volunteers when something needs to be done.
He leads by example, never asking those who volunteer with him to do something he wouldn't do.
This was all done either directly or through volunteers, which he had recruited and trained.
When not volunteering with others, he volunteers himself to experience and learn new things.
He makes sure that everything is complete and volunteers help wherever help is needed.
He is always so willing to support the cause, the other volunteers and the staff.
John is one of the volunteers that came in to help put together our new desks.
He would always volunteer to help out the other instructors in any way possible.
John volunteers to go above and beyond, delivering well above expectations.
He is willing to take the initiative and volunteer to help out whenever he can.
Our our company could not be done without the help of so many wonderful volunteers.
He goes above and beyond his duties and is always volunteering to do more.
John volunteers do something and it gets done, no follow up on your part.
If we didn't have enough volunteers, he'd jump in as a volunteer himself.
John has been one of our best and most loyal volunteers for many years.
He is always volunteering to help out on various projects and committees.
He often volunteers his expertise when others are in need of assistance.
He also goes out of his way to volunteer for projects outside of the title
He is the rare volunteer that we all wish to have in our organization.
John is the first to volunteer for any our company that needs to be done.
He always volunteers to help others and steps up without being asked.
He is not shy at volunteering and he comes through to the output.
John is an expert in volunteer services and volunteer management.
He is always available and volunteer for new activities and missions.
He is also volunteering his our company to help others which is impressive.
He is incredibly thorough and is first to volunteer to help others.
One of the first to step up and volunteer to help, anyone, an your company.
John exemplifies the characteristics we look for in our volunteers.
He is first to volunteer and always delivers on what he promises.
In fact, he is often the first to volunteer for new assignments.
John is detailed in all of his correspondence with volunteers.
He always volunteered to go first in, any presentation or speech.
John has been an active volunteer for several of our clients.
What is really impressive, is that he volunteered his services.
He volunteered to go above and beyond and always had a smile.
Without him volunteer leadership we would not be where we are.
Although volunteering his time, you would never have known it.
We are lucky to have him amongst our volunteers and partners.
John volunteered for our company with us and was very professional.
He co-supervised his our company and that of other volunteers.
Since then, we've been in our company as our company volunteers.