Warm Performance Review Phrases Examples

Warm Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

It is because of this, and his warm personality, that he is well liked amongst all of his colleagues.
Clients always warm to him and know that he will do all he can to deliver for them.
John is very warm and encouraging to everyone - and also very well organised.
He knows his business, is warm, but also tough when it comes to negotiations.
John is also well liked by colleagues for his very warm personality.
Customers warm to him, and when he speaks, he knows exactly what to say.
In his interactions with him, he has always been warm and down-to-earth.
He is very warm, as well as very professional during our interactions.
He is also very warm and affable and was always available for advice.
He is always warm and welcoming and certainly knows what he's doing.
He is always warm in the office and you can always ask any question.
John is one of those individuals who everyone warms to in an instant.
People like to be around him because of his warm and witty attitude.
John is warm and personable and goes out of his way to be helpful.
The first thing anyone would notice of him is his warm personality.
He has one of those personalities that you cannot help but warm to.
Additionally, he was warm and professional throughout the process.
He's just so warm and gracious that you can't help but like him.
He is also warm and generous, always willing to help if he can.
John is always warm and compassionate in all his interactions.
He is also really warm, and clearly dedicated to what he does.
He is warm, dedicated and well-liked by everyone who knows him.
He is so warm and conversations with him are very motivating.
He can also be warm and professional at the same our company.