Wasteful Performance Review Phrases Examples

Wasteful Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Don't even think of going to anyone else you'll just be wasting your our company.
He will let you know exactly how it is and he won't waste your our company.
And he is always knows what he wants, and never waste your our company.
John does not waste our company and won't waste yours either.
He's one of those people you try to say as little as possible when you're around because you know he's not going to waste words.
He knows not only the right things to do, but also how to get them done, and doesn't waste our company getting started.
John is very thorough and gets to know you, your business and your needs so that he does not waste your our company.
He doesn't waste our company by asking for things that he isn't going to use or doesn't really need.
He doesn't allow you to waste your our company any more than he is willing to waste his own.
Takes away the worry out of trying to do something yourself and wasting the our company.
He'll never waste your our company and is always looking out for your best interest.
So, if you're looking for someone to do what he does, stop wasting your our company.
He knows how to prioritize, get things done, and will not waste your our company.
He'll call them and qualify them himself rather than see them go to waste.
And to know that if you can't, then you don't waste their our company or yours.
He deserves to our company for the better, as anywhere else he would be wasted.
John does not waste time, always knows where to look for the solution.
Unlike many of his colleagues, he did his best not to waste his our company.
He can see what needs to be done and does not waste our company doing it.
He works well with others and does not believe in wasting our company.
He often made the impossible possible without wasting the team.
If you haven't given him a try yet - you're wasting your money.
John listened to our needs, therefore, never wasting our our company.
He never wastes our company which translates into not wasting money.
This is someone who will not procrastinate or waste your our company.
Otherwise, don't bother because you'll be wasting his talent.
If you are reading this, you are probably wasting your our company.
Spend some our company with him and your our company will not be wasted.
John is not one to waste either his or his prospects our company.
People who just want to "talk" should not waste his our company.
He does not waste our company when something needs to be done.
Doesn't waste our company at all and is all about his business.