Web Application Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Web Application Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's into e-commerce, web application and software development.
When he works on web applications, he is an expert on turning any web application to user-friendly ones.
John was really smart and knew what he wanted for the web applications.
John is a great web application developer, fast and professional.
He also is very good at spotting talent and developing complicated web based applications.
He has helped us develop web applications that run our business.
John is an excellent developer who impressed with his ability to work with limited supervision during the development of a bespoke web application.
John is the kind of web development that a web application programmer seeks to work with.
He has vast experience in the field of web application development.
John has been the best so far, his knowledge in the designing and development of web sites and web applications is superior to say the least.
He implemented new technologies and developed web based applications.
He embraces new technologies and is always at the bleeding edge of what is possible with web applications.
John is very sharp and he is well versed in video and web development.
One of his responsibilities was to develop specifications for web-based support applications.
John developed a web-based application that allows them to scan and track the transmitters and parts.
He developed a range of web applications that were re-used in several projects for years.
He was responsible for acquiring the company's first web-application firewall as well as pushing for application-vulnerability assessments.
He takes the time to make sure applications are developed properly and stays with standards as he develops code.
He is very knowledgeable in all areas of web application development and it shows in his work.
He is highly passionate about developing high-performance web based applications.
John has always been the "go-to guy" for any and all SQL questions as well as web application development, web services, and web server issues.
He is thoughtful about the content of applications he develops and about strategies that will make applications more competitive.
He has solid technologies to develop enterprise web application, and was responsible for his mission.
John has been and still is the great anomaly of the web development world in his reliability and responsiveness.
John is an outstanding web developer, who is very passionate about technology.
The John small organization was looking for a web developer and had limited success.
John is a highly creative individual and very knowledgeable about web applications, applications in the workplace.
He understands that the web, and more importantly, web-based applications can transform businesses.
He then switched to supervising the web services group and quickly came up to speed on our web development platform and applications.
We have experienced the creativity in his work while developing the intranet based web applications.
John is a gifted web developer with well developed problem solving skills.
For example, he would tweak web copy rather than write a brand new web application when it wasn't needed.
John responsibility during this period was the development of the merchandising applications.
Always willing to help out with his great detailed knowledge of web development.
He puts a lot of passion into creating the best possible web applications.
He has contributed much into web-based high loaded applications.
He knows a lot in development, especially in web technologies.
He is always abreast of the changing trends in web development and web based marketing.
John's knowledge and foresight related to the development of the web and applications is at the cutting edge.
He his greatest contribution was the development of a web application that allowed faculty to review online admission applications.
I was very lucky to get a chance to work with him on this web application.
He is having strong portal and web based application knowledge.
He is a treasure for the company if you are building web applications.
The first thing that left an impression on me was that he had a passion for the usability of the application that we were developing.
As a developer, he understands technology and its application.
His role in the development and implementation of object-oriented web applications moved us to the next level.
He was hired to help develop organizational congruence and create an internal strategy for web development.
John's expertise helped lay the groundwork for our web application, which we are launching this year.
He answered all of my questions and provided insight into web development to best serve the clients.
I was very pleased with how he served my client's web site development needs effectively.
John has an outstanding grasp of web technologies- way above the standard developer.
John was hired to help with the development of a compliance application from concept on a wipe board through development.
He has in-depth knowledge of developing high-end web applications, optimized for speed, and scalability.
He's a subject matter expert in developing e-commerce applications.
He has been really helpful and available with me for all my job applications.
John is a clever and responsible developer, with good skills in application development.
John's depth of knowledge in multiple areas: from server side applications to web components and web applications was impressive.
His approach is to make web applications simple, effective, and user friendly.
John is an exceptionally creative solution architect and web application developer.
John was directly responsible for our application and was later lodged with the regulators.