Web Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Web Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a brilliant web designer that will guide your graphic design and web design visions into beautiful and functional websites.
I would definitely recommend him for any web design, catalogue or any other design work.
I especially appreciated his graphic design and web-design background.
John is professional in web design, flash design and programing.
John is an amazing designer and I'm really picky about web designers.
There are many web design firms, but very few that can design a social web experience.
He is a great web-designer, and web-creator and he's not very expensive, like a lot of the other web-designers.
I think he is the man who knows better than others about web design.
John is one of the few designers who truly understand the web.
Needless to say he is so much more than a web designer.
He also does much more than graphic and web design.
He works well both alone and with other designers, and his designs are very solid.
Has handled everything from print design to web design for me over the years.
He is a very talented designer for both web and print design.
John is an incredible web design and web applications provider.
He is the first I will turn to for web design and web consulting.
He has good knowledge of design for web, user experience design and responsive design principles.
John provided graphic design and layout for our brochures, advertising, and web design.
He has certainly gone beyond providing basic web design or graphic design services.
John is a creative designer, who does not limit himself to web design if need be.
I recommend him for all types of web design, graphic design, and illustration.
Try him for web design, graphic design, also he is amazing at creating logos.
I recommend him for user interface design and web design without hesitation.
Anyone needing graphic design or web design work should use him.
I highly recommend him as a graphic designer and web designer.
I have hired John to do web design and graphic design for my company.
John is my web designer and designed all the corporate identity.
It was through John that I found a gifted graphic designer and web designer.
He is always more than willing to help when you cannot quite grasp the ideas of web design.
John is an excellent web designer who always does what he says and he is very creative.
John has done many web site designs for me in the past with many different companies.
John provided graphic and web design for me over the course of two years.
John has helped me considerably, well beyond his brief of web design.
This is especially important when it comes to responsive web design.
I would never use anyone else for my graphic or web design needs.
Not only with his incredible web designs, but with his attitude.
John is exceptional when it comes to web design and creativity.
He really knows his stuff when it comes to web and email design.
John also has expertise in web design and the use of WordPress.
He is very creative and is very knowledgeable about web design.
John was one of the best web designers I have come across.
John has provided me with good value and on time web design.
We didn't even know if we would need to hire a web designer.
John has been exceptionally wonderful as our web designer.
I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for web design.
John is also very talented at web design and videography.
The John web designer has just done the mock up for my website.
An excellent web designer who is very flexible and creative.
He is my first choice always for graphic or web design.
He has shown me how to be professional with web design.
He is very knowledgeable in web design and structure.
He also helped me with some of my web design issues.
He is an expert in web designing as well as graphics.
John is an excellent and knowledgeable web designer.
John has been the web designer for our company the past few years.
I was impressed by his expertise in web production and web design.
He also is very knowledgeable in various aspects of design, able to do motion graphics, print design and web design.
Recommended as a designer, web-designer and UI specialist.
John is particularly knowledgeable about web design, ASP, design, marketing and SEO.
He is a creative and efficient web designer and I would recommend him for web design work.
He is also very comfortable with the unique characteristics of web design and web technologies.
He has provided answers that were spotted right on when it has come to web design and presentation.
John took over the website after his last web designer ceased trading.
He transmitted his passion for all things related to web design.
John's integrity differentiates himself from other web designers.
John's tutorials on web standards have also been a great benefit to many web designers.
His passion for design, in particular web design, is consistently evident in his work and he is always willing to think outside-the-box to find an effective design solution.
John is passionate about web design and always impressed him with how he could find more and better ways of solving unique design challenges.
He uses this understanding to improve his web designs and solutions.
He knows how to take any web design an artist can conceive and make it work on the web.
John has done all types of design, and this experience rounds out his view and offers him unique advantages over web-only designers (he's done all types of web design and web sites, but also worked on everything from newspapers to wedding invitations).
He always has sensible recommendations and clearly understands the nuances involved in web design.
John provided expert and insightful comment on how we could gain the most from our web design.
Webvixxen is our go to girl, very simply, because his expertise in web design is unmatched.
After his first experience, he was always going to be top of the list for future web design.
John will listen to your wants & needs and design a web page that will get you noticed.
John's company is the third web-designers, we have used in the past year and a half.
John's expertise in both web design and photography has helped him become successful.
Jobs are done on time, affordable and he is very trustworthy as a web designer.
John re-designed our somewhat complicated website, which is about to launch.
John's passion for excellent design is only exceeded by his love for the web.
He answered his questions concerning web design thoughtfully and with interest.
His recommendations about web design patterns and templates were insightful.
The web page he designed for us was excellent and his insight is priceless.
His experience with conversion oriented web design is also always apparent.
In addition, he is also very strong in all aspects of front-end web design.
His web design is elegant, contemporary, and most importantly effective.
John's mastery of web design technique and standards are exceptional.
John accepted one heck of a challenge when he took over his web design.
There is not a more creative web designer on the planet at our company.
John can whip up web design faster than you can toast your twinkies.
He is hired as a web designer but he has proven to be so much more.
John is currently designing a new website and logo for his company.
His innovative designs have helped us stay competitive on the web.
His dedication and passion for design and web don't hurt either.
He designed his website and he also set up two new blogs for him.
John is recommended to us by a local web design company.
John designed and maintained an early version of our web site.
His designs make our web pages look very nice and easy to use.
He creates cool one-off designs and easy-to-use web templates.
John impresses him with his web designs on a continual basis.
Overall his design is very strong and knowledge of web design is amazing, he was able to help and guide others who were also doing websites.
Besides these accolades he is also an accomplished creative web designer.
He is excellent in web designing and very creative in anything he does.
He also took things one step further and offered him one stop shopping convenience - web design, and web hosting.
As a web development company, we have met many graphic designers over the years and in his experience not all designers are created equal, particularly when it comes to designing for the web.
As a web designer, he knows his job right plus more because he also knows how to code.
Currently he is diversifying his skillset into web design, ND so far all looks to be going well.
The design and implementation of his new website went very smoothly.
John is a fabulous all round web designer to have on your team.
He always produced attractive and user friendly designs for our web many web sites.
He can put his hand to most design problems, from print and graphics through to garments and web design.
He likes to consider how a design will be received, and in the case of web design, utilized.
John's vast knowledge of web design and user experience has greatly broadened his understanding of proper web design techniques.
His knowledge in web design, typography, and design theory helped to create one of the most beautiful e-commerce sites on the web.
From copywriting to web design, conversion points, and everything in between, he knows his stuff.
He brings out the most, whether it be his wedding photography or his website design.
He not only designed for print, but also maintain our company's web presence.
John worked for him several years ago as our go-to web guru and designer.
As a web designer, he expresses himself through his work beautifully.
He designed the web site for our school where both of us are parents.
Sinisa is his go-to expert in user interface design and web usability.
His ideas for web usability and interface design are always helpful.
He definitely has a great insight in web usability and design.
His knowledge of the many facets of web design is incredible.
They have designed several really good websites for our company members.
John delivers great designs for print, web, even our company.
In his function as a web designer, he was responsible for creating workable yet fashionable designs.
His portfolio of most recent web designs will speak for itself.
His work is well thought out and he does very clean design work, including web design.
We've worked with a lot of web design agencies over the years, but our company is the first place we go when we need web design help - for ourselves or our clients.
His drive and creativity is what gives him an edge over other web designers.
His designs are both clean and creative, in both print and the web.
Plus, his designs not only function well but show the creativity necessary to make anyone's web design stand out of the crowd.
He's there for you every step of the way - even after and you maintain your web design and content.
He respects the web design process and knows how things should be done.
His expertise has been invaluable for web content and design.
Has good design insights our company for web designing and has the rarest capability to also pen down his thoughts - has his own blog.
John is the go to person for web design and brings that expertise to the classes that he designs and teaches.
At the end of his tenure here, he was the lead designer and head web designer/interactive designer.
We have been very impressed by the new ideas he has given our organization in both graphic and web design.
He designed his website and did an outstanding job on it could not be happier.
He understands well on how to design the structure of the many web applications
He never hesitated to help him learn and pass on him web design know-how.
John introduced ideas and strategies that no other web designer had.
John would be an asset to any company web or graphic design needs.
He recognizes the importance of forward thinking in design and web.
John's keen eye for design goes beyond web graphics and layout.
Though he is not a web designer, he was able to work with our rather diverse team and the web designer, so that we came up with a pleasing site.
John's stellar content is perhaps rivaled only by his knowledge of web design and design theory.