Web Graphic Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Web Graphic Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an extremely gifted graphic artist and designer whose web page design work is particularly strong.
I have no hesitation in highly recommending him as professional web and graphical designer.
John has done all types of design, and this experience rounds out his view and offers him unique advantages over web-only designers (he's done all types of web design and web sites, but also worked on everything from newspa
I highly recommend him for any of your graphics and web needs.
He is able to see the vision, graphically design it, and then implement it into an easy to use web interface.
John has taught me some valuable lessons in web, layout and the language of graphic design.
He's not web-only, his knowledge of product design and graphic design makes him a very valuable resource.
John is, quite frankly, the best graphic/ web designer in the business.
I recommend his expertise in web designing whole heartily and many, many successes to him.
John's expertise in both web design and photography has helped me become successful.
John is an adaptive and stellar designer and orchestrator of web things.
He has an in-depth understanding of web design and knows how his graphic tools work.
John is an absolutely amazing photographer, web designer, and graphic artist.
John is a dedicated professional with a spark and creativity for web design and graphic design.
John is an exceptional designer for both print and web formats.
In addition to conference organizing tasks, he was responsible for the graphic and web design for the conferences.
John's approach to graphic design and web creation lies in his ability to understand what you need now and then help you see five years down the road.
I have hired him for simple graphic design projects all the way through complete rebranding initiatives and web site design.
He was always very responsive, timely, and insightful on web design updates.
His innovative designs have helped us stay competitive on the web.
I was very pleased with his work and would recommend him to anyone looking for web design.
I've worked with many web designers over the years and he is one of the best.
John has an excellent knowledge of web design, especially WordPress.
He designed my website and did an outstanding job on it could not be happier.
I have seen many of the web sites he designs and he does a superlative job.
I know, still use my notes from his web design class at my current job.
His ability as a graphic designer is also very impressive and he always had everything to me well before deadline.
John is a fabulous all round web designer to have on your team.
He is particularly strong regarding web design, but equally talented in the areas of design for print.
John is a web wizard who knows a thing or two about front end web design and coding.
John is a top notch professional in the graphic design, web design, and web marketing field.
John has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding clients that makes him stand out from the milliards of graphic and web designers.
John delivered high class demos, graphics, web design and company logo.
John is a knowledgeable graphic designer that can transform a vision into beautiful designs.
He thinks through his designs and weaves magic when it comes to web pages.
John is knowledgeable about the web design and was very helpful and timely.
John is the go to person for web design and brings that expertise to the classes that he designs and teaches.
John was the one to go to with requests for new and different concepts for web design and content.
He is very talented and knows so much about web design and the intricacies that go into it as well as how to create a site that increases web presence.
He possesses considerable experience within all aspects of graphics - especially in regards to web and print design.
John is an outstanding artist as well as an accomplished web designer.
John design skills in both web and print graphics have won him many design awards for our group.
He is very creative and is very knowledgeable about web design.
John is a first rate graphic designer with exceptional web skills.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for an in house photographer, portraits, wedding photos, web design, graphic design and photo editing.
John is very professional and passionate about best practises in web design.
John is an inspired and very qualified professional web designer.
John has worked on both graphic and web design projects for me.
He punctual and attentive and him pricing is far better than any web designer we spoke with.
I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in web design and implementation.
He has been an efficient, out-out-of-box thinker, innovative, and dedicated web designer.
John helped us with the interaction design of a web attached appliance.
Ranging from graphics design and web design to variable programming he was able to meet every challenge that was thrown in his direction.
John is a creative web designer with an eye for clean and functional design, as well as integrated overall graphic themes.
John shows excellent conceptualization and quality in his logo designs and graphic design.
He produces beautiful and shiny graphics and web design components that really catch the eye.
John is an innovative and collaborative designer who excels at solving design challenges for complex web applications.
John has a good eye for design and can take a concept and provide great graphics - e-covers and other web page graphics.
He is creative, responsible, and understands the intricacies web design.
He was straightforward about what would and would not work from design to web (most designers design for creativity, but forget that usability is of utmost importance).