Web Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Web Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He always manages to keep track of everything that's moving around on the web.
He coded web pages himself and managed others coding web pages.
John is his web guru when web gurus were nowhere to be found.
Going forward, he will manage the web activities of our other divisions.
John manages to one step ahead in the fast paced changes of the web.
John is a uniquely-talented web manager in that he wholly understands both the front and back ends of web management.
His competence in web management comes from solid experience.
John helped him with his first website back before web sites were the in thing.
When asked to take over the management of our web page, he cheerfully accepted.
He knows how to get things done and how to increase one's impact on the web.
John is really into measuring things that are happening in the web
Our company "John" and you will see that he is everywhere on the web.
He managed massive web consolidations with multiple partners.
John did an outstanding job managing all aspects of our web presence.
John managed our external web site on the our company platform.
He is a pleasure to manage and a definite recommendation for any web production/project management role.
His understanding of the web and web marketing was invaluable.
He manages to plough through web changes quickly and makes suggestions for other improvements along the way.
He always manages to understand web trends and be in the forefront of leveraging them.
John has shown determination and accomplishment in his role as web channel manager.
He did all this while still managing the day-to-day activities of the web sites.
John's first assignment with us was to plan & manage the revamp of our website
John really raises the bar when it comes to web content management and client management.
If you have an idea, and you ask him if it can be done on the web, he'll tell you that the sky is the limit.
John would be an advantage to anybody looking to take their web initiatives to the next level.
He knows everything and everybody, who can possibly be somehow connected with a web sphere.
His insights have really helped him think about where we need to go with our web presence.
He would show what was possible for the web and pushed us to go above and beyond that.
John is best, if you need to find anyone or anything via the web he will show you how.
He has a passion for the web and for what he does, such that it is infectious.
John is the "web wizard" for many of us who are glad that he does what he does.
His web site is always on the first two pages because of his expertise.
John's brilliance and passion for the web can be seen across the globe.
Call him today if you are serious about increasing your web inquiries
Many of the things that you see on the web today were created by him.
John advised him of many things that would enhance his web presence.
He really understands the web and has a passion for what he is doing.
He also accepts that not everyone takes to the web at the same pace.
A solid web wizard that has bailed him out on more than one occasion.
If you look at his website you will see the evidence for yourself.
John is one of those rare individuals who truly 'gets' the web.
John will have some great idea of how you could use web sockets.
He makes sure to grasp at what is happening in the consumer web.
Talk to him if you want to be heard the 'right way' on the web.
John is responsible for establishing our presence on the web.
To him he is one of the top experts in his subject on the web.
He also provided insight on how to increase our web exposure.
You'll get an insight in his brilliant mind all over the web.
John does an excellent job with web optimization and internet web placement.
He manages to have the "between the lines" scoop on everything web related.
John has been a patient, authoritative manager of his web site.
Since then, he has managed to remain one of the biggest influencers in web design and web standards.
His expertise in all areas of web content management and website management made him an extremely valued resource.
He created and managed some of the most sophisticated and innovative web sites in our region.
His company outsourced for many years the management of its eCommerce web site.
He manages our on-line web presence and does an excellent job.
He managed complex and cross functional web initiatives at our company.