Web Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Web Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's collaborative approach and dedication help make web projects the best they can be.
I later hired him to "ride shotgun" on one of my first xslt web projects.
John will be an asset to any complex multidisciplinary web project.
I would highly recommend him for any position within any company seeking a web project manager.
John is a superb project manager that truly understands the larger picture of the web.
His project management background was evident in the way he approached the tasks for this important project.
John helped me with my first web site back before web sites were the in thing.
John is an incredible client-partner and web-savvy project manager.
I have hired him to do quite a few web projects for my company, and he is starting to become my go to person for all things web.
He is well versed in both web and print and always goes above and beyond when assigned projects.
I have worked with him on the web and offline projects and he has always proved to be an invaluable part of the project.
I enthusiastically recommend him to engage any web-based project.
He's extremely organized, has exceptional project management abilities, and an astute understanding of all things web.
John has an uncanny ability to spin all his clients with his web of amazing project management.
He is a web and new technology expert as well as an excellent project manager.
He has been managing projects around campus with various departments to streamline the department websites.
He understands the project priorities and provides very useful and up-to-date information to the project manager.
John has worked on several web projects with me over the past couple of years.
I'm impressed with the way he handles each request and his ability to project manage our concurrent web projects to produce great results.
As a bonus, you can leverage his international project management expertise for web globalization initiatives and localization projects.
John has been extremely helpful in managing our various web and design projects.
John is one of those people who make extremely complex web projects appear simple.
Recently, he has handled multiple web-publishing projects for me.
John is a very proactive & clued-up project manager and will be a huge asset to any project.
John is very capable, highly experienced with all facets of web project management and team management, and extremely efficient.
John has rich knowledge and experience in web merchandising and project management.
His collaboration for the realization of projects of web marketing and web editing was essential.
He has a great perspective on how to combine all three to tackle almost any web project.
I highly recommend him for any type of web outreach/branded entertainment projects.
John's role was to deal with all things web related with this project.
He has got a great online skillet and project manages various web sites with much acumen.
He has managed web implementation projects successfully from offshore and on-site, including relationship management.
He is a strong, highly organized project manager who always keeps focus on the overall project result.
He was given the title "web producer" but in essence he was a project manager.
John is my go-to artist for web projects both large and small.
John brings a great amount of passion, knowledge and web expertise to any web projects.
We have successfully done several projects managed by him web development agency.
John was the site manager responsible for overall web publishing.
I wouldn't hesitate to invite him to be part of any of my web dev projects.
Bring him on board to help with your print and web projects, big or small.
John was able to learn and assess the needs of his position as a web project manager very quickly.
If you are looking for a professional approach to your web project, he is the one.
He was able to guide him employees through some very large and intricate web projects.
He provided direction and thoughtful insights on many web-based projects.
John's a top bloke who we depend on to deliver our web projects.
John was a project manager for our presentations and web design.
John is incredibly bright and has a deep understanding of project management and web usability issues.
John is unique, although his profile is almost everywhere in the web.
He is all about the web, children and the next thing down the pike.
This includes our own projects (web redesign) and client projects (where he works as my subcontractor).
John did a great job in managing the deliveries of a web project.
John's project management of web content is exemplary - he never fails to follow up on issues or find answers to questions, and he's always on top of his many projects.
I have enjoyed working with him on many web projects and would recommend him again and again.
We worked together on web projects where his contribution was very helpful and unique.
He really kept things together on the web team schedule between all the projects.
John provided some creative ideas and web concepts for a recent project.
John is not only a great web designer, but he is also an excellent project manager.
He brings together all of the many-and often scattered-pieces to ensure that web projects are launched on time and according to project specifications and goals.
John´s knows the right path to build a successful project on the web.
It was a pleasure to partner with him on a major web project.