Wellness Coach Performance Review Phrases Examples

Wellness Coach Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is also able to delicately maneuver around situations where he knew more than the coaches, but keeping the coaches involved so they could learn how to be better coaches as well.
He also is unusual in that he makes time to give coaching, but also actively seeks coaching as well.
He is and still is such an inspiration he has inspired him to become a coach as well.
He has since coached other students for the same exam, he passed so well.
Not only did he serve as his manager, but as his coach and mentor, as well.
Additionally, he has provided executive coaching for us as well.
John, asked for, and received, leadership coaching very well.
His coaching abilities are on a par with seasoned coaches who have been in the coaching field for many years.
His approach to coaching is "doing small things consistently well".
He always shared best practices with his peers and would even be willing to coach them as well.
He is easy to talk with and takes coaching and direction very well.
He frequently helped him with his reports and coached him well.
What he doesn't know about initially, he would take the initiative to learn and then to share with and coach others as well.
He understands coaching methodologies as well as human behaviour very well.
As a seasoned assessor and coach there is much to learn from him as well.
He motivates you and you are self confident as never you were after his coaching.
Respecting everyone has unique needs and the approach to their wellness is just as unique, and this is what makes him an ideal coach in his opinion.
Career success, is not one straight path and it definitely helps him become a better coach as well to help others as well.
John has taught him so much about leadership, mentorship and has been an incredible life coach as well.
John, your wellness coaching and guidance to our leadership group this week, was inspirational.
Him warm and collaborative style serves him very well in his wellness coaching role.
He has been a great coach and becoming a great friend as well.
John is an excellent coach, and an excellent trainer as well.
John's down to earth coaching approach serves his clients well.
So much so that his coaching overflowed to his personal life as well.
His courses balance, mentoring, teaching, and coaching really well.
He provided him with the most accurate information and coached him on the interviews as well.
John is his business coach, but he has become a friend as well.
He's not just a colleague; he plays the role of mentor and coach quite well.
He knows what he needs to do and gets it done for his team as well.
He always makes sure that everyone on his team is doing well.
John is a credential, professional coach who knows the coaching field well.
His experience made him the perfect coach for all members of our team as well.
Not only is he an excellent colleague, but he is a great coach with a way of making those around him better as well.
His passion for the wellness of others shows in his coaching and other efforts - he's a wonderful guy.
John places high emphasis on coaching and training and does these things well.
John is not only an extremely talented voice actor, but an amazing coach as well.
John's coaching helped him negotiate this situation masterfully and the interview went very well.