Wellness Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Wellness Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Working with him allow him to learn and understand the industries well.
John knows our industry and how to position our solution very well.
He understands the industry he is in and helps those around him to understand it as well.
However, he has the ability to transition outside the industry if he so chooses as well.
There's no doubt that he'll succeed in this segment of the industry as well.
His passion for the video game industry always shines through as well.
He understands the finance/brokerage/banking industry extremely well.
He excels at salesmanship and he knows his industry incredibly well.
John's industry background and experience have served him well.
John goes, out of his way, to help others in his industry and the customers he serves so well.
John clearly understands and knows the industry and what makes people tick very well.
That's why he's the top choice for the best copywriters in the industry as well.
But the specialty he does now work on may probably help other industry as well.
Fun and easy going to work with and he really knows his industry very well.
John is always up to date with new tools and industry trends, as well.
He's oriented toward getting things done, and makes sure that everyone else is as well.
He even followed up with him several times to make sure everything was going well.
He does things we do not know how to do, and has the time to do it very well.
And if you are around him, you better believe it is go time for you as well.
When he says that he will do something, he does it on time and well.
Not only does he make himself better, he makes others improve as well.
Without him, not sure all would have been done on time nor as well.
He's been doing what he does for a long time, and does it well.
Whenever he would come across anything new in the industry, he would immediately share it with us too, so that we could expand out understanding as well.
He is excellent at what he does, and his industry leadership and innovation allow him to advance, not only himself, but others as well.
John is always on the cutting edge of the industry and encourages his teammates to do so as well.
He surrounds himself with experts in the wellness industry who are as passionate as he is.
John is always enthusiastic and professional and he knows his industry well.
He wears many hats across several industries and wears them exceedingly well.
His passion for success and him advice on the wellness industry is invaluable.
He holds not only his complete respect, but the industry's respect as well.
His experience in the creative industries alone serves him well.
John makes him want to do better, not just for him, but for himself and his peers as well.
He knows what he is doing and whenever he engages in something, he does it very well.
He knows how to get things done and how to present them as well.
Not only did he get the job done, he followed through and made certain it was done well.
Maybe the fact that he is one of the best in the industry makes it easier for him to help others achieve their goals as well.
His understanding of the online industry is second to none and he grasps new concepts very well.
He has got years of industry experience which he can leverage off to do his job very well.
He gives concrete nuggets you can implement because he knows this industry well.
He always looks for the right way to do things, not the easy way, and pushes others to do so as well.
He could always make him feel like everything would go well; and it always did with him at the post.
John is very easy to deal with, did things when he said he was going to do them, and did them well.
Not only does he ask great questions about what we are doing, but why we are doing it as well.
Not only that, but he will do the assignment completely and thoroughly until it is done well.
He knows what he wants and at the same time, he knows what his company's needs as well.
John's versatility is another one of his strengths as he can do many things well.
He knows how to ask and he is able to listen when things might not be going well.
He leverages himself very well, influencing others to get things done as well.
In everything he does you can see that his strength is his passion as well.
He is easy to talk to about everything and he makes you want to do well.
His attitude was very positive even when things were not going as well.
He can do things his own way, his own style, and done excellently well.
Always looking to improve things and guess what, he's doing it as well.
Anything he sets his mind to, he will get done and he will do it well.
That is not an easy thing to do - he does it with ease and very well.
Happy to answer any other questions you might have about him as well.
So much so, we want to get him back to talk to the parents as well.
Working with him was not only fun, but he made it very easy as well.
Personally, he is soft spoken who gets along with other very well.
John is always available for his questions & answered them well.
His speciality is not even in this domain, yet he does it so well.
He always had that peace about him and he always listened so well.
A task given to him is one that will be completed and done well.
He is an asset not only to the organization, but to him as well.
He always checks in with us, making sure things are going well.
He does the thinking and makes sure the doing happens as well.
John has been pivotal on some of his own orientations as well.
John will solve your problems for you and he will do it well.
John kept abreast of industry changes and made sure the organization was not only aware of these changes but understood the ramifications as well.
In an industry filled with here today, gone tomorrow types, he's not only stuck with it but has also done it well.
To this end, he has established a credible/influential reputation amongst the industry bloggers as well.
He understands his industry, his competition and his own strengths and is able to articulate them well.
His vision of the wellness industry also allows him to strategically look at opportunities and excel.
He's taught him some of the industry's most difficult lessons & am proud to say he's taught him well.
John knows the history of our industry, its current state and has an eye on the future as well.
He keeps him on his toes, challenges him when needed and serves him company and industry very well.
John's sincere passion for the wellness industry is evident in the way he approaches his life.
John made a lasting impression with him because he understood our industry exceptionally well.
He covered the semiconductor and industrial sectors and understood those sectors really well.
He combined theory with industry best practices together, and explained it very well.
John's experience in multiple industries made him successful in healthcare, as well.
He also has a lot of background in some government officials industries as well.
His attention to detail and his industry contacts were invaluable as well.
John understood the ins and outs of not only our industry, but our company as well.
But even more, he does it with those who aren't clients as well.
In addition to this he was well known and respected by customers as someone who understood the industry very well.
His relationships in this industry are a great value that he knows how to leverage well.
Not only does he know the industry as a client, but a vendor as well.
Not only is he a visionary that has revolutionized the experience/hospitality industry, he and his team have also revolutionized the cruise industry as well.
Moreover, his confidence in his peers allows those around him to be the best that they can be as well.
He follows up with what he says he will do and really knows his channel partners well.
He will take them to the next level and all of those that interact with him as well.
Not only for him, but for everyone else who've also interacted with him as well.
He went out of his way to meet with us one-on-one at the conference as well.
When he's doing an assignment, he looks for other areas he can help as well.
Regardless of the task at hand, he would get it done, and done well.
He does not just tell you what to do, he gets his hands dirty as well.
Not just about his role, but also those in other departments as well.
He follows through with commitments and presents himself very well.
He does all these things (quantitative and qualitative) well.
A can do mentality and yet he has time to help others as well.
Our company clear and concise in what he does, excellent at Managing people and knows his industry very well.
He knows the current industry projects, and future ones as well.
This has earned him the respect of not only employees, but industry leaders as well.
He's hard working, industrious and serious about doing his job well.
He not only goes above and beyond when it comes to his job, but he strives to make everyone else around him be the best they can be as well.
He is very thorough in everything he does and can be depended upon to get the job done very well.
He will go above and beyond to make sure even the simplest job is not just done, but done well.
He always did more than asked of him and made sure the job was done right and well.
He would always do what it takes to get the job done and he would do it well.
He goes above and beyond to do his job, and to help others do theirs well.
Working with him, you always knew the job would get done, and done well.
You can not only count on him getting the job done, but done very well.
He takes on jobs that others wouldn't want to do and he does them well.
He always has something new for learning and new discoveries as well.
He doesn't let anything stand in his way of getting the job done well.
John ensures that the job doesn't just get done, but gets done well.
He gets the job done and, in his experience, it was always done well.
He does not stop when the job is done, he needs it to be done well.
He knows exactly what he needs and understands the job very well.
You almost forget he was even there because he did his job so well.
John gets the job done no matter what, and he does it very well.
He went out of his way to learn about what was needed to do well.
He's thorough in his job and appreciates others who are as well.
They really liked his resume and the interview went really well.
He's also very willing to share and help others learn as well.
He made sure we had everything we needed to do our jobs well.
He went beyond his role in just our company and our company in helping him learn about other industries as well.
John knows his products, his audience and his industry extremely well.
He knows his industry backwards and forwards and is great at working with people as well.
Also, importantly, he knows the industry, the people and the work involved very well.
Not only does he go out of his way to try to help everyone, he'll follow up with you time and time again to make sure everything is going well.
He not only took an interest in making sure you got the right candidate, but also followed up to make sure things were going well.
When he sets his mind to doing something, he will not rest until it is not only done but done very well.
Dedicated, hard working and ever willing to help is what keeps him going through difficult times as well.
Needless to say we had a few that were not easy to get along with, but he navigated this very well.
Once he sets his sights on something, it gets done and, more importantly, it gets done very well.
He would listen to our needs and then probe to discover if there were other needs there as well.
He always had the bandwidth to not only complete him his own tasks, but to help others as well.
He always makes himself available to answer any questions or concerns we may have as well.
It's easy to see that he enjoys what he does and he wants others to feel that way as well.
Furthermore, he will take the time to follow up and make sure you've been helped well.
There isn't anything that is requested of him that is not accomplished timely and well.
All you have to do is reach out to him and he will carve out time to help you as well.
He is very intelligent, knows what he's looking for, and articulates him needs well.
He doesn't just succeed, he lifts those around him up so that they succeed as well.
John is polite, efficient and effective in what he does, and he does it very well.
His posture is looking better, and lower back problems have disappeared as well.
He just finds success not only in his own results, but from those around him as well.