Wholesale Account Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Wholesale Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a straightforward, direct and accountable executive.
John has worked for me for over three years and was one of my top account executives.
John excelled as an account executive when he worked with me.
He consistently follows through and makes sure everyone (mainly me) is accountable for their part of the execution.
When he took over as our account executive, the relationship was already burdened by lingering problems.
I first met him years ago as an account executive at an agency where we both worked.
John was a wholesale account executive who serviced my company for many years.
He raises the bar for execution and accountability for everyone he works with.
He is not only an innovative and creative account executive, but also an inspiring perfectionist.
He is reliable, dedicated and goal oriented all of which makes him an amazing account executive.
I believe he is a great asset for any organization who is lucky enough to have him as their account executive.
He is an asset to our organization and exemplifies a strong account executive.
He was an account executive responsible for delivering a complex solution for our company.
John is a knowledgeable and client focussed account executive.
John is the epitome of what you look for in an executive leader.
John is able to execute detailed accounting procedures and he understands the big picture.
John is a detail-oriented account executive who lets no stone go unturned.
The relationships he left behind and the successful account executives are still thriving to this day.
I am very grateful to have him as our account executive and would recommend him as a valuable asset to any organization.
John has tremendous ability to execute and drive execution by motivating his teams.
John is a unique account executive who combines integrity and character into the role.
John is more than an account executive, he's an integral part of our team.
John has continuously been a solid performer in the many different challenges thrown to him as an account executive.