Wine Sales Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Wine Sales Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He consistently represents himself and those around him with excellence.
John is someone who will represent himself honorably and sincerely.
John was always a very responsive and thorough representative.
You would be nothing but pleased with him representing your organization.
I am sure he will do well for any organization he chooses to represent.
I was always comfortable with him representing me and the organization.
John represents the very, very best that an organization can be.
He works hard, he works well, and his headstrong sales abilities are something each sales representative here can take something away from.
John has also been an excellent representative for each of his employers.
I found him taking this responsibility very seriously and represented all concerned very well in every forum.
He always represented our interests first and we were more than very pleased with the results.
John has a gift for seeing things from the representative's perspective.
You would have complete confidence in the way he represents your company.
He is very honest and ethical, and he will never represent both sides.
John represents absolutely everything you could ask for in a colleague.
He really takes pride in what he does and loves what he represents.
John has been extraordinarily diligent in representing my interests.
Just ask him how long he's represented some of his select clientele.
John would be an asset to any company that he is representing.
John is an amazing and conscientious representative of the future.
He represents his company well with much pride and enthusiasm.
John is both an excellent leader and strategic sales representative.
You will never have to worry about his conduct or how he will represent your organization.
John has represented me and my company three different times through the years.
John to anyone who needs a great representative of their organization.
He could always represent the voice of the consumer within the company.
He has and will add value to the organization that he represent.
John organization would be lucky to have him representing them.
John opinions are mine alone and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.
John represents the new world of sales; he truly gets integrated media.
John represents the highest value and leadership that others strive for and may perhaps achieve.
I have already recommended him to other colleagues looking for a very capable representative.
John is particularly driven by ensuring women are represented well within the workplace.
He represents your best interested extremely well and listens to what you have to say.
Always committed to achieving the best results for the company that he represents.
John represents to me the perfect balance between leadership and affability.
He delivers results for his client/company as well as candidates he represents.
He is an exceptional representative that consistently stands out from the pack.
A truly self-made man he represents the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit.
His wisdom will definitely constitute growth of the institution he represents.
He represents himself in a friendly communicable way which is very inspiring.
It is great to represent someone like him that knows how to get a deal done.
John also represents an uncommon depth of character - truly trustworthy.
John acts consistently according to the values ​​he represents.
He is fair, conscientious and effectively represents their interest.
This is music to my ears since he is representing me to the world.
John represents the epitome of "under-sell, but over-deliver".
His enthusiasm for what he represents shines through ten fold.
I would not hesitate a second to sign him up to represent you.
John is an outstanding sales representative who can think strategically and follow thru on his plan.
He knows wines and can provide just the right wine for every occasion.
I would definitely recommend him as a staffing representative.
If all other things are equal and the final decision comes down to the representative, he will always get the deal.
John took the time to get to know my candidates to make sure the company he represented was an appropriate match.
John is an outstanding representative of any organization that is fortunate enough to have him.
John has represented me, as well as placing candidates in my organizations for almost a decade.
Most importantly, he is an excellent ambassador for the concern/product that he represents.
John has proven to be an excellent spokesperson for those organizations he represents.
Keeping always the highest standards in any aspect of the organization he represents.
Evidenced by his numerous recommendations while representing multiple organizations.