Wise Performance Review Phrases Examples

Wise Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Reliability wise, he is above everyone else because you know what he is doing and he will do it right.
John knows how to get things done and he's wise beyond his years.
He is wise enough to know that he's different from the rest, in the way that being irreplaceable
Marketing wise, he knows what to do and how to do the things without any supervision.
He wisely pointed out to us that we did not have to use all of its functionality.
He is someone who speaks little and when he does, we all listen as he is so wise.
John is someone who always seems to have wise words to say on those subjects.
He's all that everyone says - wise, passionate about his cause and generous.
Because of that, when he gets feedback, he values it and uses it wisely.
Looks young, but he is wise and knows very-very well what he is doing.
That only works with the right connections - which he used wisely.
Brand-wise, he knows where the client is and where they need to be.
He is willing to learn and consider using wisely new techniques.
John you achieve every possible thing in life with his best wishes
He is very wise and he always has his way of motivating people.
His advice then, and now, has always been wise and constructive.
He is also funny and wise and follows through on deliverables.
Coupled with being very professional, he was present and wise.
His advices are wise, it is someone you really like to listen.
He is wise and provides the best counsel you could ever need.
And if possible our company wise, willing to help other colleagues.
our company would be wise to not only connect with, but to get to know Ms.