Word Processor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Word Processor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He not only uses just the right amount of words, but he knows how to use those just right words.
John on the other hand not only said the words, he has become his words.
His way with words made you not only believe in him, but believe in yourself and everyone around you.
A word is a word with him and he never let you down on things which need to be sorted.
When he gives you his word, he comes through with what he said and much, much more.
True to his word and always willing to help without asking for anything in return.
John always keeps his word, and he doesn't mince words when it's appropriate.
Never has such a word been more appropriate for someone as this word is for him.
His word is his honor and will sacrifice everything necessary to keep his word.
He's passionate about doing the right things, and follows through on his word.
You can take him at his word because he always does what he says he will do.
When he tells you he is going to do something, you can take him at his word.
His word is a word and he can be counted on to carry through on his word.
He always follows through on his word and therefore is very trustworthy.
And that first word is the only thing that one needs to know about him.
He always seems to have the right words available at the right moment.
There is so much more to say about him that words would not do justice.
Someone that gives his word to something and then just makes it happen.
He makes the most with what he is given and is always true to his word.
His leadership is way beyond what can be described in these few words.
If he gives you his word that he will do something, it will get done.
His words had always had value within and outside the organisation.
You will not find anyone else who can do what he does with words.
Always kept his word and does whatever he can for his employees.
He can take the responsibilities to himself and keeps one's word.
If he says he'll do it, you have him word - and it gets done.
He seems to know where to go and how to get the word out there.
In other words, get him if you can - you won't be disappointed.
He always knows the right words to say and is very articulate.
So many things about him which couldn't be explained in words.
In almost all discussions he is likely to have the last word.
You can count on him to do what he says if he gives his word.
Don't just take his word for it, try him and see for yourself.
If he says he can, he will, and you can take his word to the our company.
They all say the same thing, it's very difficult to put into words what he does - the only word that is appropriate is amazing.
The planner is the word that describes him the best as he knows what is he doing and where does he wants to go.
John does not know the meaning of the word no, nor does he believe that something cannot be achieved.
If you have an idea, but you're just not sure how to word it, he can help you find the perfect words.
John is true to his word, when he says something, you can be sure he will do his very best for you.
John's ability to keep his word and do what he says he will do is not something to be taken lightly.
When he delivers his words, he provides you with something far more than you have ever anticipated.
If he says he will do something, or get you and introduction, then he is as good as his word.
Not only is he excellent at what he does, but he is also someone who stands by their word.
John is passionate about what he does and who is in the best possible sense of the word.
He follows through on his word and is always willing to help or connect those around him.
He constantly makes himself available and always comes through and delivers on his word.
His word is his bond and he follows through on exactly what he says he is going to do.
He knows how to get the word out, and get it to exactly the right target demographic.
He can't be explained in words, one has to be around him to know what he is all about.
John knows what he is doing and if he gives you his word - you can bet it will be held.
He is dependable and does what he says when he gives you his word that he will do it.
His word really is his bond; he does what he says he will do and everyone knows this.
And it was even better that he sent him off with words of such wisdom and kindness.
There's nothing that he cannot do, the word "impossible" is not in his vocabulary.
He let us all rattle on, then crystallised what we were all saying in two words.
The word winner doesn't come anywhere near to what he does and the way he does it.
He goes above and beyond and keep up to his word when it comes to helping someone.
John is someone who you can rely on for his word, if he says it, it will be done.
Those three words are not the only positive words that are used to describe him.
It is near impossible to come up with the words that can do him enough justice.
Dedication is one word that makes him out stand out from the others distinctly.
And above all, his word is something you can count on, and that is invaluable.
And he also made sure to always have kind words and ask about how things went.
He follows through, he does what he says he will do, he is a man of his word.
He knows his stuff and is someone who will keep his word even when it hurts.
In other words, in many occasions he has gone above and beyond expectations.
Best of all he has decided to help others by his words and by his example.
True to his word, he has always followed through on his promises and ideas.
The first thing that comes to his mind about him is the word "approachable".
When he says that he follows up and will be in touch he sticks to his word.
Bold words, but if you look at his accomplishments, they are well founded.
Excel is the most appropriate word to describe him & his capabilities.
He makes others want to get involved, just through his actions and words.
From his perspective, he does this through his actions and not just words.
His strength is not only in the written word, but also in his spoken word.
John listens to the words and the heart from which those words are spoken.
One takeaway for him was to use less words to make yourself more powerful.
In other words, he knows what he wants and is open to how he will get it.
He'll always be honest with you and you can rely on him to keep his word.
The one word almost everyone says when they see his resume is impressive.
If you're stumped for words, he'll even tell you the right thing to say.
He doesn't improvise and every word he says is because it will resonate.
In other words, he can think outside the box and inside simultaneously
The word "yes" is always the first thing he says when you ask for help.
The words so many others have used to describe him are indeed accurate.
He knows everyone and is the best "word of mouth" that anyone can have.
Confident and forward looking are the two best words that describe him.
Once he gives his commitment, you can be sure he will maintain his word.
John doesn't only keep his word, but he keeps things fun and cool.
John is very unique in that he keeps his word, in everything he does.
In other words, there were some rules he would not allow us to break.
John does not mince words, nor say things only to please your ears.
We were so grateful for everything he did, words don't do it justice.
He has a particular way with words, he can paint pictures with words.
In other words, he has the capacity to take things to the next level.
In other words, he always knows what's going on from the bottom, up.
Come to think of it, those words can be used to describe him overall.
He doesn't take no for an answer-in other words, he makes it happen.
John, however, doesn't have the word 'disability' in his vocabulary.
Collaborating with him was inspiring, in the best sense of the word.
For him, that was probably more valuable than the words on the paper.
He's far less about words than actions-he just makes things happen.
His ability to capture exactly what you're looking for without words.
John continually goes above and beyond in every sense of the word.
Most importantly, he is known as someone who delivers on his word.
John doesn't just encourage you with words, but also with action.
He doesn't talk too much, but every word that he says it counts.
He came through as someone who had clarity of thoughts and words.
He's always there to help with and idea or word of encouragement.
A man of few words, but whatever he says makes all the difference.
John can be described with two words, a brilliant and gentleman
He cannot be described in one word without dropping the cliches.
Excellent at what he does - efficient in every sense of the word.
The same gracious words he used can be said about him and more.
He kept his word and promises and was available for any enquiry.
He's an inspiration not only through his words, but his actions.
John tries to come back with the right words to express him correctly.
If there was one word to describe him, it would be "innovative".
He follows through on his commitments and his word is his bond.
When he gives you his word, you always know you can count on it.
He always does his homework, follows up and sticks by his word.
John is thorough and delivers on his word over and over again.
The word quit is not in him lexicon nor is the word impossible.
He always used appropriate and precise wordings in his emails.
He keeps his word and his integrity/reliability is comforting.
John has always been the embodiment of the term - both words.
Ask anyone who know him and there are only good words for him.
His word is his bond and that makes him very, very dependable.
He always keeps good on his word and will never let you down.
John is someone for whom the word 'impossible' doesn't exist.
And on top of that, he is very sincere and he keeps his words.
John is very trustworthy and his word actually mean something.
He is mostly straightforward and doesn't like to mince words.
Honest to the core, he always follows his words with actions.
There was never any incongruences with his words and actions.
In other words, you will be pleased with him and his company.
He is great at what he does, but does not take his word for it.
John knows exactly what you need just in a few words from you.
John always acts on his word and comes through in the clutch.
Our company words will never be quite enough to describe John.
Our company one word for him, he is "Superb" in whatever he does.
They mean no more than the word "friend" does on our company.
Our company, won't and can't are not words in John's vocabulary.