Work Attitude Performance Review Phrases Examples

Work Attitude Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Encourages colleagues to work and quickly build up a jovial working environment of trust.
Always thinking positively and willing to share positive insights that could benefit everybody.
Very cheerful person making everyone around to cheer up as well.
Carries a delicious humorous character that makes others enjoy a good laugh as they perform their tasks.
He usually focuses his attention on the positives when dealing with problems.
He frequently has a smile on his face and you can tell John enjoys his job.
He is cooperating with others and tries to connect everybody together.
He has never complained about his job or his colleagues.
His positive attitude in his management role is his most important and effective skill.
Has a high positive impact on those around encouraging and motivating them to do their best.
Carries a productive attitude that does not change even in unpleasant situations.
Certain about capability to get any job done and done well.
Always willing to jump in and help with any situation without necessarily being asked.
Seeks to do the more challenging tasks and does them well.
Always brings a smile on the face that can tell enthusiasm from afar.
Always carries a positive mindset that is frequently accompanied by an excellent mood.
Always has a conflict with the management that needs to be resolved.
High rude to the coworkers and does not receive any remarks very well.
Always works against the company policy by declaring everything difficult.
John fails to maintain his normally positive attitude in stressful situations and often resorts to inappropriate tone and language.
He can be the cause of conflicts between his coworkers.
John has an overly sensitive and pessimistic personality. He is easily upset by problems or difficult situations. John should try to think more positively, focus on the good and avoid being overly concerned with his perceived negatives.
He is somewhat pessimistic and his moods affect other employees.
John complains about coworkers too often. His complaints build resentment within his team.
He continually talks negatively about projects or tasks assigned to him.
He always has a negative attitude towards his work.
He talks negatively about other team members.
He is constantly disrespects his manager.
Needs to focus on the positive aspects of his job and his team.
He always has a smile on his face and a can-do attitude.
John has found a unique way of inspiring the world.
He really inspires me and shows why it's so important to realize we're all in this quest together.
He has been a huge inspiration.
He possesses a strong can-do attitude.
He has a great attitude, seldom without a smile on his face.
He also did this with a fantastic sense of humor.
The single most thing that stands out is his "can do attitude".
He does not know how to fail.
He has a "Let's get it done" attitude, no matter what it takes.
He still remains a valuable source of information for me.
He has a friendly attitude and was enjoyable to be around.
It is this common sense that he embodies that is so uncommon today.
Thank you, for the work we have done together.
John worked with you in different groups.
John is creative, ingenious, energetic, charming and one of the most genuine people I've worked with.
John is a smart, powerful and a hard working person who makes everything happen.
I was never the same after working for John.
We definitely look forward to working with him again in the future.
He is very much passionate about his work.
I have never seen him with die attitude.
Very hardworking and thorough with his work.
We look forward to working with him again in the future.
I am now working at one of those companies.
I look forward to working with them again.
I wish we could work at the same location
I have only praise for him and his work.
John's attitude to work really inspires others.
He is extremely nice to work with and have a very good sense of humor, I have the tremendous pleasure working with his team.
He is always there to help others, even while working under high pressure.
I have worked with John for many years and I am happy to have him on my team as a coworker and friend.
As we worked together, he was always available to talk and because of his attitude he inspired him to be more excited about our work.
He always has the right attitude to try to make things work out for everybody and is a pleasure to know and work with.
John has a great attitude toward his work and all who work with him, even under very trying circumstances.
John will definitely be an asset wherever he works with his positive attitude and dedication to work.
His attitude to work and the company he is working for is superb - nothing is too much trouble.
You'll want to work with him since he has the greatest work ethic and attitude that there is.
It's his pleasure of working with him and impressed by his working attitude and commitment.
With his calm attitude he is very easy to work with and very committed towards his work.
He can be relied upon to work unsupervised and is very mature in his attitude to work.
His attitude to always, always work smarter rubs off on anyone that works with him.
He comes to work with an excellent attitude and always brings his smile to work.
His attitude towards the assigned work and working organization is excellent.
Not only was his work exceptional, his work ethic and attitude was fabulous.
John's work ethics are above reproach and his work attitude was outstanding.
His no nonsense work attitude is an asset to any company in which he works.
He takes responsibility for his work and is positive in his work attitude.
He set the standards in work ethic and particularly in his attitude to work.
His work ethic and attitude towards work colleagues is one of the highest.
Appreciate his passion for work, patience and tireless working attitude.
His work attitude is high even after several years of work in the company
He has positive work attitude and willing and able to work diligently.
We have carried away the attitude what we have learnt while working with him and all his peers have been greatly recognized for their work and attitude wherever they worked so far.
John has the right attitude when it comes to work and outside work which makes him a great leader in any work that he does.
He always gives him all to whatever he is working on and has an excellent attitude.
One thing makes him different from others is his positive attitude towards his work.
If you are looking for someone with the right attitude to work with, he's the one.
His attitude towards what he does and the work he has done is very inspirational.
One of the most remarkable things is his attitude to others and to the work.
He always had the attitude that the work could be done and then he did it.
His attitude makes him someone you look forward to work with each day.
He gets along with everyone, his working attitude is second to none.
He would make an organization better with his work and attitude.
He is there with all the patience and attitude to make it work.
Subodh does show some attitude, but that goes well for his work.
John him from the committee work and miss his can do attitude.
Our company, though he is always willing to help out, the best thing about working with John is his attitude.
Through his work and hustle attitude, he makes other people around him work better.
Always adds value to his work and works with the right attitude and motivation level.
In his time working with him, he demonstrated superb attitude to work.
John has the ability that where he can able to work in different work environments with divergent responsibilities along with the positive attitude towards his work.
Aside being real, and nice to work with, he has the right attitude towards his work, and certainly would prove to be an asset to any company he worked for.
John does things as if there is no more tomorrow; his work attitude displays his dedication to it, but also loving the things he does at work.
His work ethic and get it done attitude is most certainly commendable by all that have had the pleasure of working with him.
John's tremendous positive attitude and willingness to work above and beyond made working with him very special.
His attitude and work ethic can only be an asset to any organisation and his work itself was always outstanding.
Everyone who works around him is better off because him strict work-ethic and positive attitude are contagious.
John's can-do attitude is infectious to all he works with and makes him an absolute pleasure to work with.
John is keeping his promises - an attitude that was valued by everybody, he worked with and worked for.
He also has a very positive attitude to work and life which makes working with him rather addictive.
He improves any organization that he works for with his attitude, work ethic and overall demeanor.
All in all he has been a pleasure to work with, and his work ethic and attitude has been exemplary.
He has a very positive attitude and he constantly worked to improve the environment where he worked.
His dreams are big and his attitude to work is positive which makes him so successful in his work.
Those that work with him know all about him "can do" attitude, which makes working with him a joy.
He is very much proficient in his work with always a positive attitude even in work pressure.
His attitude creates an easier work environment and you can tell how much he enjoys his work.
His positive attitude and dedication towards work helped him achieve many things at work.
His pragmatic attitude and ready wit mean that working with him makes working more fun.
His passion and commitment to work are only matched by his fantastic attitude to work.
His attitude makes him extremely valuable both at work and outside work as a friend.
His attitude and work ethic always made working with a positive experience
John is professional in his working attitude and mannerism towards work.
His work ethic and upbeat attitude is an inspiration to work with.
Our company one that has worked for him works harder than John and he always displays a can do attitude.
He works with a certain energy and attitude that made whomever he was working with excited.
His work attitude keeps the energy up and the work flowing smoothly.
His team respected his work and attitude to work, friendship.
John's attitude made him easy to work with as he got along with everyone and was willing to beyond and above when asked.
John has the right attitude towards work, he is passionate about what he's doing and he is very dedicated.
Passionate about his work & has an attitude of never give-up, keep on trying till he succeeds.
Those who work with him appreciate his collaborative style and let's get it done attitude.
John's getting things done attitude is commendable and makes working with him enjoyable.
He is very passionate about his work, and his attitude to get things done is outstanding.
John you are really dedicated towards your work and always with the positive attitude.
John is an asset in any organization because of his attitude and the way he is working.
His attitude to work is fantastic and he always tries to be the best at what he does.
His positive can-do attitude is what you would like to see in everyone you work with.
However, what sets him apart is the right attitude that he carries towards the work.
John showed him that if your attitude wasn't right then you work wouldn't be right.
His confidence and the attitude he has towards his work makes him the best there is.
Someone who is thorough in his work & has an uncanny attitude towards perfection.
His work is always above reproach, and he always seems to have an upbeat attitude.
His dedication and attitude towards work would be an example for anyone to follow.
The reason being associated with him was his attitude towards the work assigned.
John always works with a can-do attitude, and gets it right the first time.
John's dedication and enthusiasm can be seen in both his work and attitude.
Plus, his working attitude was always really open and willing to take advices.
His attitude towards work and to excel in whatever he is doing is commendable.
John has an attitude to work which would be admirable to any organisation.
With his great attitude, he inspires those around him to make our company work.