Work Experience Performance Review Phrases Examples

Work Experience Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is passionate about his work, has a tremendous work ethic, has experience working with startups as well as with more established companies.
I never had any problems with the terms and conditions of work whatsoever as he saw to it that I had the most smooth work experience while I worked.
I've worked under John for three years now, and I can say, with complete ease, that working with and for him was the best work experience I've ever had.
He realized that his department would not only shine with his experience and hard work, but even more so by the experience and hard work of all those who were under him.
He seems to put his heart into his work and in my experience always strives to make things work right the first time.
I have found the experience of working with him very motivating and it has had a positive impact on my work.
It was such a great experience working with him and now, hopefully we will continue working together.
Him work precision and overall competence has made all our work together a very positive experience.
I am sure wherever he is working or will work bring in a lot of experience and passion.
I worked with him for a little time, but it was a great experience working with him.
I worked alongside John in the organization and my experience of working with him was not only enriching but was also fun.
I got to experience what working as if working for the John really feels like through even the most mundane tasks.
When you work with John, you'll get experience what it's like to work with someone who is the best in their field.
I believe that John can add value to any organization which he works for given his profile and work experience.
I truly cannot say enough about how positive my work experience was during the time I worked directly for him.
I had some brief joint working experiences with John at the time we were working for the same company.
Mutual respect, motivation and joy of work, is what you experience when working with John.
Base on my experience working with John I found him to be reliable and his work was exemplary.
From my experience working with John I can say he is very thorough, competent and hard working.
I consider my time working under John to be the best work experience I have had to date.
To me, to those he works with, and for those who benefit from his work.
Everything that John worked on throughout his internship was the same work that I would be working on throughout my day.
During my experience in working with him, he has always gone above and beyond to help out whenever the opportunity came about.
I consider myself fortunate to have had all these experiences with him and would look forward to working with him again.
I admired how easily he was willing to experiment with different things, until he found something that worked.
John is willing to help others by giving them tips he has found to work for him through his experiences.
If you have the pleasure of working with him you will be better for the experience - as will your company.
Glad to have him in the class and believe it would be the same if not better experience to work with him.
Everyone he's worked with has always been very pleased with both the experience and the end result.
I am sure that anyone that has the opportunity to work with him will be pleased with the experience.
I always look for opportunities to work with him because he can make the experience very rewarding.
I must say that it was an amazing experience to know him and to work with him all thru that period.
The work he does is unlike anything else & you really have to experience it to totally understand.
John was always willing to go above and beyond which made working with him a wonderful experience.
I work closely with him and in my experience, if he can't help directly, he knows someone who can.
I'd definitely recommend him to others looking for someone with his expertise and work experience.
I am glad to have the experience of working with him and looking forward to the next opportunity.
I wish him all the best and look forward to many more wonderful experiences of working together.
I worked with him at two different companies and my experience was always the same - incredible.
He knew what worked and what didn't and could back it up with his experience and expertise.
I believe that anyone who works with him is honored to have that leadership and experience.
Whether you're working for him, with him, or around him, it's always a positive experience.
John is very dedicated and can make you understand how it works from his own experience.
I have worked with him for about two years so far and it always was a very good experience.
He gets on well with everyone and everyone who works with him has a positive experience.
Knowing and working with him has made my entrepreneurial experience all that much better.
Interacting with him during the period we had worked together was an enriched experience.
I will be working with him in the near future and know it will be an awesome experience.
His experience and his character enable him to do what's right, and to make things work.
John experiences in working with him in several different capacities were always positive.
So therefore my experience working with him was nothing but exceptional and pleasant.
This has been the same experience with many of my colleagues who have worked with him.
I have nothing but positive things to say regarding my experience working with him.
I thoroughly enjoy working with him and would definitely recommend the experience.
This is my experience when working with him, while in his leadership or otherwise.
Anyone who is lucky enough to work with him will gain much from the experience.
In my experience, he is always energetic and enthusiastic concerning his work.
I know anyone who has the experience to work under his leadership will prosper.
In my experience, he tended to back things that worked much above the average.
His work has always been different, pushing the boundaries and experimenting.
He also wasn't satisfied with just getting it to work - he wanted to know why it does or does not work so that the experience can be used in the future.
His experience has been that working with him has brought out the best in his own work, even under difficult circumstances.
He's very mature despite of him work experiences and always willing to understand the work from many different angles.
It was a very good experience work with him, not only because of the work, but also because now we are friends.
Excellent your working experience first which is really impressing him is your variety of your task and work
Without fail the feedback regarding his work and the experience of working with him has been outstanding.
You would definitely experience this each time you work with him or get the opportunity to work with him.
It was very unexpected, extraordinary experience to work with him, or even to watch how he is working.
It was a wonderful experience working with him and he has been an asset wherever he has worked.
His intellect is second to none and working with him makes going to work a wonderful experience.
His work ethic is second to none and it was a great experience for him to work alongside him.
He also puts the fun back into working, which made going to work an enjoyable experience.
All his work experiences with him in a working environment have been very positive.
John really cares about his work and the experience of those he works with.
This, in his experience, results in work that work that was fun to make too.
John is very well-rounded in his work experience and has strong work ethics.
His experience and work ethic gave him something to work toward and admire.
He leveraged his work experience which made the class work trivial.
Our company work ethics and attitude round out any experience working with John.
The work and the camaraderie of this team was up there amongst his best work experiences.
We wish he'd come back and work for us again, now that he has a lot of new experiences
This was only his first experience with him, later on we worked at the same company.
John is intuitive, he has enough experience to know what will and what won't work.
His experience working for him has been nothing short of an outstanding experience.
Working alongside of him has been one of the best working experiences in his life.
He provides the help and the experience for anyone that works with him to excel.
Contact him and your work shall be done and that's been an experience every time
He works well with everyone, and made his experience there an even better one.
And that has made his experience of working together with him truly memorable.
Great experience working for him twice actually at two different companies
In his experience, those who work for him will do almost anything for him.
It is his pleasure to be associated with him and to experience his work.
Great experience working with him as he makes those around him better.
His work is exceptional and should be available for all to experience.
His wisdom comes from his experience about what does and doesn't work.
Whoever he works for or with, you are in for an enriching experience.
When you work with him directly you'll experience this for yourself.
His experience was one of the best working under his supervision.
He knows his work and made the whole experience very comfortable.
John's work gives him an experience, which is out of the world.
Those who work with him have been blessed by their experiences.
The John company that he works for is better off for the experience.
He's also meticulous about experimenting and doing what works.
Not only do you experience that while working with him directly, you also him it from people inside and outside the company who have worked with him.
Travelling and working across countries has given him quite an experience and exposure to both people and work.
During his experience working with him, he has done an outstanding work for his responsible areas.
It's not that often, in his experience, that you work with someone that you can have a great working relationship with and also enjoy their company outside of work.
His enthusiasm for experimenting at work and his ability to learn from them make for an interesting work experience.
His work experience since the time we worked together speaks for itself.
John invited him to work with him again following a previous experience of working alongside him, but we were in different organisations.
John trusted his work and allowed him to experiment with various approaches during his work - something not usually allowed.
It is an amazing experience to work with someone that is so committed to his work and passionate about all that he does.
John's enthusiasm for working through any challenge made working with him not just fun, but also an amazing experience.
John is also loyal to the company he works for, and not one to bounce around (as can be seen from his work experience).
Him sharing of experience at work has been no less than helpful, and his stories in and out of work are so inspiring.
It was a good experience working under his leadership and would definitely like to work again given the opportunity.
We have worked together at companies, worked as a vendor for him at others, but his experience is always the same.
Getting the privilege to work alongside him and experience his expertise at work has made him a better employee.
His experience working with him showed him to be tenacious, diligent and thorough in all aspects of his work.
It was nice working experience working with him as he always says learning does not stop do as our effort.
His experience and passion in his work manifests itself in the actions of others working with him.
He always enjoyed his work and his attitude made it an enjoyable experience to work alongside.
Had an incredible experience working with him and his work ethic is unparalleled to any other.
His breadth of experience gives him a comprehensive view of what works and what doesn't work.
We have worked together wonderfully and it is a very pleasant experience working with him.
It's been indeed a great working experience working under his guidance and supervision.
His experience, passion and work ethic shines through in every aspect of his work.
A great individual to work with & it was an experience wonderful working with him.
A treat to work as he did work, an enjoyable experience and fun accomplish
John's work experience is expansive and a testament to his work ethic.
Our company a superb working experience to have closely worked with John.
His experience working with him was excellent, he implemented many improvements in the way we work.
He will tell you when he isn't sure about something, and will work with you, listening closely to your needs and experiences.
There's no one quite like him, and your experience working with him will reflect that in all the best ways.
If you have not had the chance to know him or work with him, please do what you can to experience it.
Refreshingly, he is willing to be innovative and use his considerable experience to make things work.
In these, we worked together in different capacities, but his experiences with him were the same.
John's work just keeps getting better and better as he experiments with acrylic techniques.
John works across all platforms as well so you know that you will get the optimum experience.
He experiments without throwing money at his experiments, then scales them up if they work.
This gives him the ability to know what will and won't work based on his past experiences.
There were two things he did then that are typical of his experience in working with him.
John is always seeking to deepen his experience to better help those with whom he works.
John knows what works, and he has the experience to take your company to the next level.
The one thing which everyone who works with him experiences is him infectious optimism.
John's got the insight and experience to know just what's needed to make things work.
Creative and on time are just some of the experiences you will have worked with him.
Production has very little to no secrets to him and his experience shows in his work.
He has provided immense value of his experience to whatever work he has undertaken.
Courtesies and honor, is how he greats, others before and during the work experience.