Work Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Work Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

People working with him would like to work more as he always keeps them motivated.

John knows people, and he knows how they work at work.

Having observed him at work and having worked with him, it will be my pleasure to work with him again anytime.

Anyone working with him would appreciate the skills and commitment he brings to his work.

His work ethics are to be commended as much as his working skills.

There are those people who you look forward to working with and those that you work with because you have to.

I know that people really benefit from the work that he does and very much appreciate the way he works.

I have seen him committed to his work and gets the work done appropriately to expectations.

I worked with him on various projects and would work with him again without hesitation.

I have worked with him on many projects and we have always worked very well together.

He is committed to his work and to those he does work for and uses no excuses.

I've worked with him on past projects and would definitely work with him again.

I have worked with him and look forward to our continuing working relationship.

He knows computers and understands how they work and what makes them not work.

Professional at work, you can always rely on him when working on any project.

I would work with him on any project because he put his all into his work.

Will work until the project is done and does not do second hand work.

I have the privilege to work with him on few research works.

John worked with me on projects as well as release work.

He's very hard working and committed to his work.

Excellent at work, confidence and team working.

He is hard working and committed to his work.

He is 100% committed to his work and goes well to make things work.

He has the necessary skills, but more than that he loves his work.

I've never worked with anyone with good organizational skills.

I had not worked with someone who embodied quite so many skills.

John has the skills to work with just about anyone.

I have been very impressed with his work and skills.

John is well skilled and efficient in his work.

John worked with me with my leadership skills.

He uses these skills in his professional work.

John is very skilled at working with people.

He is very skilled in his field of work.

I am looking forward to work with him again on another one of my projects.

He is someone you'd want to be working for or with, on any project.

He will go above the beyond to make things work and help people.

John is one of those people you just like to be around at work.

Looking forward to working with him further on other projects.

Great to work with and someone who will keep your confidences.

I would look forward to working with him again on any project.

I really wish that we can work together again on the same project.

We have since gone on to work with him on many other projects.

Always willing to help others and are committed to his work.

John has worked for me and with me on several projects.

I would definitely like to work with him on every project.

We look forward to working together with him on projects.

Thank you so much for the work you do and the motivation.

We have worked in the past together on various projects.

John went above and beyond while working on our project.

I look forward to working with them on my next project.

John has done some work with me on different projects.

I would work for him or with him on any given project.

He works well with others and is self motivated.

He is self-motivated, and thorough in his work.

John is very creative and thorough in his work.

He is very thorough and works well with people.

We are often working together on the same projects.

He is known for his disciplined way of working.

His work is exemplary, his attitude towards both the work and the people he works with is outstanding.

I have found him to be very easy to work with and he has the right "soft skills" to get the work done.