Worker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Worker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is always willing to go above-and-beyond to help his co-workers.
John always goes above and beyond for all of his co-workers because he wants everyone around him to succeed.
He always is willing to help his co-workers in any way necessary, often without being asked.
John leads by example and is always more than willing to help out his co-workers.
He is always available to his co-workers and always willing to help when asked.
He is among one of those co-worker's who always believe nothing is impossible.
He got on well with co-workers both inside and outside of the department.
John is one of the best workers you will ever come across in your life.
He also is always available to help other co-workers outside him group.
John knows how to get the best out of his workers and for his clients.
He is the worker going to when something needs to be done correctly.
He is enjoyable to be around, and was well-liked by his co-workers.
John will be one of those co-workers to him, in another nine years.
He is the co-worker that everyone else goes to for their answers.
He is very thorough working, and doesn't take anything for granted.
He is well liked by his co-workers, and very thorough at his job.
He is among those few workers with whom everybody wants to our company.
Hard worker, he will always try and do the best for his clients.
John can be rated to be one of the best amongst his co-workers.
He is very willing to help his co-workers do their very best.
That is not something most of his former co-workers have done.
John does not think twice in assisting any of his co-workers.
Additionally, he keeps in our company with all of his workers.
He always went above and beyond what was asked of him, and still managed to look out for the well being of all his co-workers.
He is always willing to help out him co-workers when they need it; he does so thoroughly and without need for reciprocation.
John is very knowledgeable, but also very willing to do whatever is necessary to help the company and his co-workers.
An example of his character is that he has done this not just for himself but through his teaching others Co workers.
He is always available to do whatever it took to help his co-workers and the station be the best they could be.
John is one of those types that knows how to get the most out of himself and his co-workers in all situations.
Leading by example, he makes those around him better researchers, better employees, and better co-workers.
John is always willing to help out and step in and do the right thing for the company and his co-workers.
John is always available and had the best interests of the workers as his first priority.
He is a hard worker and also someone who can be counted on to help out his co-workers when needed.
He is someone that is always willing to help not only his clients, but his co-workers as well.
John is well liked by his co-workers and extended his expertise to his co-workers when needed.
Often co-workers ask him for help because he is very informative and always willing to do so.
He is the best co-worker that anyone could ask for and he would be an asset to any company.
John did just that, whether is was with people outside the organization or his co-workers.
Many of them would not have become the excellent workers they were without his supervision.
Hard worker himself, he doesn't hesitate to jump on the field and help directly co-worker.
He's always willing to help out his fellow co-workers regardless of what is on his plate.
Whenever any co-worker needs any help or suggestion he tried his best to help them out.
Overall he wants to do what is right for the customer, him company, and his co-workers.
Working in such an atmosphere made himself and his co-workers do our best for the company.
He goes above and beyond for his clients and always is there to help fellow co-workers.
He is an extremely hard worker who gets along well with his co-workers and his clients.
John is one of the hardest workers around, but he doesn't take himself too seriously.
John always goes above and beyond in his relationships with his clients and co-workers.
John never refuses you when you ask him for help and always motivated his co-workers.
He makes himself available when or if any of his co-workers need to discuss anything.
He is willing to do anything that is asked of him for both co-workers and customers.
John works well with co-workers too, and is always well liked by those around him.
He is always there when any help is needed and always uplifts his other co-workers.
He is someone that co-workers will always look to for either advice or to emulate.
He has gone out of his way for himself and other co-workers on multiple occasions.
John is also the best of all co-workers; he is giving and always has your back.
He gets along well with others and will make an outstanding worker and colleague.
John has shown he is always available to his customers as well as his co-workers.
Him, follow through is impeccable and he is always well-liked by his co-workers.
John gets along well with others, not only co-workers, but with customers as well.