Worrying Performance Review Phrases Examples

Worrying Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Not only will he get it done, you also know that you don't have to worry.
If he says something will be done, you don't have to worry about it any more, because it will be.
He is someone who, when he says he is going to do something, you don't have to worry about it.
He gets things done - you never have to worry about anything under him a scope
If he says it will be done, it's a given, you don't need to worry.
Show him how to do something once, and never worry about it again.
Once he knows what you need, you can walk away with no worries.
John is not one to worry about time; he always worries about the our company being done in the right way and with excellence.
They know our our company almost as well as we do and we can just leave them to get on with everything without worry.
If you have him on your team, you don't have too many things to worry about because he just gets things done.
He allows him to get on with his business and never have to worry about what might be going on elsewhere.
Frei, if this is the first our company you have seen his name not to worry you will soon around the world.
He is always looking to see how he can assist, without ever worrying about what is in it for him.
John is the teammate that you don't have to worry about because he will always deliver.
The one thing that you never need worry about is whether or not he is giving his best.
John worries about his customers the way grandmothers worry about their grandkids.
John is definitely someone who is always worried to deliver the best he can.
And he will nail everything you ask for without you having to worry about it.
He has no problem doing the right thing and never worries who gets the credit.
He is worried about his customer and makes sure he gets the right thing done.
He worries about the well being of those around him, prior to anything else.
If you're like him and don't really know much about suit styles, no worries.
He is who he is, without worrying about slipping into and out of roles.
John does not worry about how many people might come into the dealership.
If he commits to do anything for you, you do not need to worry about it.
It seriously has taken so much of the stress and worry out of his money.
Nor do you ever need to worry that he will be unorganized in him our company.
Whenever he was involved, it was always one less thing to worry about.
He did not worry about the obstacles that might have come in his path.
With him in charge, we don't have to worry about anything going wrong.
With him working for you, there are few other things to worry about.
He is one of those few employees that you never had to worry about.
John is someone who will never worry about getting his hands dirty.
He has taken away many worries - and given him back our company during his day.
He is thorough and will leave you with very little to worry about.
John has always worked without worrying about who gets the credit.
Always worried for preparing himself for the most of his potential.
This sometimes made him slightly nervous, although never worried.
We have never worried about any assignment, we have given to him.
If your project is in his hands, then you don't have to worry.
There was no need for him worry about his part of our weekend.
Also, never have to worry about not getting paid on our company.
Our company never needs to worry when John is looking after you as he always delivers.
Our company will not need to worry about John not saying the right thing.
John is there and you never need to worry about our company issues