Youth Care Worker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Youth Care Worker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a careful and conscientious worker who cares about customer and his peers.
He's a hard worker that is passionate about his job and truly cares about his co-workers and staff.
John is an extremely thorough, careful and detail oriented worker.
He showed that he cared for the clients and coworkers in everything he did.
John deeply cares about the success of his clients and co-workers.
John is an efficient worker who puts great care into every task.
He is someone who cares about and takes an interest in his co-workers, both inside and outside of work.
He is someone who genuinely cares deeply about him work and perhaps even more so, his co-workers.
John is one of the most dedicated workers that really cares about both his work and colleagues.
He is very pleasant and easy to work with, and someone who truly cares about him co-workers.
He cares as deeply and passionately about his work as he does his co-workers.
He is a dedicated worker who is careful and thorough in his work.
He is an outstanding co-worker who genuinely cares about his job and how he can help others.
John is a careful, result driven and efficient worker that cannot be overestimated.
He is a hard worker that cares about him files and is diligent about his duties.
He is so good at taking care of his co-workers and team members.
John is also such a caring man, always asking about my family and going out of his way to help co-workers with whatever they need.
John is careful to not let his own stress and exhaustion affects his co-workers and always tries to buoy them up instead.
John is an extremely hard worker, who is always going above and beyond to make sure that his clients are taken care of.
John is a dedicated and caring worker who strives to make the best decisions for the company.
He is an incredibly hard worker who follows through and honestly cares for his clients.
John has a caring attitude towards his fellow worker, pleasant to be around.
He cares for his co-workers and shows a genuine interest in their lives.
He genuinely cares about his co-workers and about doing what's right for the business.
John is both serious, careful worker who does things correctly, while being fun to work with and to be with.
John is a very hard worker who cares about his applicants and tries to do his best for them.
John's integrity is above question and his care for co-workers and subordinates is remarkable.
John leads by example and clearly cares for his fellow workers and is always willing to help in any way he can.
His caring and love for the youth and his determination for them to recognize their potential was always evident.
John is an efficient and diligent worker and cares deeply about getting the job done right.
He's a hard worker caring about the people he comes in contact with.
He is very detailed, communicates well and cares about his co-workers.
He cares about the client, him Co workers and what it takes to get the best results for both parties.
He takes care of things in an efficient way and keeps his eyes open for the needs of co-workers around him.
He is a very hard worker who genuinely cares about the making each individual successful.
He is knowledgeable in youth trends and engagement of youths.
He is calm, funny, smart, organized, and thoughtful, and he cares genuinely for his co-workers.
John is definitely a great lender who cares about his clients, his co-workers and his company.
I see that he cares deeply about his clients' success and is a hard worker.
He has a lot of great ideas and is truly a caring and kind co-worker.
So not only are you getting one of the best workers, he's also someone that cares about the work he does and puts his heart and soul into it.
He engaged the youth in very lively dialogue about issues they care most about.
John is a tireless advocate for current and former foster care youth.
He is a hard worker who cares a great deal about people and knows how to make things happen.
John is one of those rare individuals who truly cares about others, is fully dedicated to success and extremely hard-worker.
He is a tireless worker with a passion for ethical, natural beauty care.
His integrity is beyond reproach as is his genuine care for his family and co-workers.
He not only works hard for his success, but he cares about his work and his co-workers.
He is a very hard worker, detailed oriented and can be counted on to take care of what needs to be done.
He is an articulate communicator who cares deeply about people.
John is a dedicated, enthusiastic and focused individual who cares about his clients and co-workers.
John was a great co-worker because he really cared about the students and their program.
John is a pleasure to work with, he genuinely cares about his co-workers, and is very easy to get along with.
He cares deeply about his co-workers and his community, treating everyone with dignity and respect.
He cares for his co-workers, always offers his advice and is a pleasure to work with.
John made sure that all over our facilities needs were taken care of.
Not only because he's a hard worker, but because he is a great mentor, and he truly cares about people.
He truly cares about his co-workers and balances a get it done attitude with a fun and motivating spirit.
John is a dedicated, ambitious and a result driven leader and careful co-worker.