Youth Worker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Youth Worker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a passionate worker, especially when it involves youth.
He would actually "listen" to what him co-workers were saying and seemed very genuine in his endeavors to help the youth we served.
The same has been said about him from co-workers and fellow faculty.
He gets things done and have high demands on all his co-workers.
John is a hard worker, very reliable, and a pleasant co-worker.
John is more than just your co-worker, he becomes your partner in crime.
Hard worker and always available for his colleagues and partners.
Hard worker, he is always looking for the most efficient solution.
In addition, he is the kind of co-worker that you look forward to seeing every day.
John would be more than an asset to anyone calls him co-worker and friend.
He is also diligent, structured, and very well-liked by his co-workers.
He is an excellent co-worker who is both demanding and understanding.
The same can be said for his collaboration with internal co-workers.
John is, and always has been an all hours of the day type of worker.
Earning respect from his co-workers through his actions and words.
He is enthusiastic about the organization and fellow co-workers.
He is a good worker that was well liked within the organization.
His thoughtfulness and character made him an excellent co-worker.
He is very reliable, humble and friendly with him co-workers.
He is a reliable worker and will help anyone out at any time.
Our paths first crossed when we were co-workers at our company.
He is knowledgeable in youth trends and engagement of youths.
He has been a strong co-worker, always ready to help, plus he always maintains very good relationships with co-workers.
John always kept very good relations with co-workers and superiors.
The results have been better relations with his boss and co-workers.
Worked collaboratively with his co-workers and our agency partners.
Which is why he is so highly regarded by his peers and co-workers.
Always the net worker, he's the first to arrive and last to leave.
He is a hard worker and gets things done and is very reliable.
He is always prepared and is an energetic and engaged worker.
During our company he has been his co-worker, mentor, and boss.
Among his peers, he is considered one of the hardest workers.
He is also a great co-worker, helping his fellow co-workers learn from his experiences
John provided himself and coworkers with an amazing training on working with youth and how to be more effective youth workers.
John is a bright sunny girl who is a diligent worker & reliable co-worker.
Hard worker, he is always available to listen to you and help you to find the right solution.
He is hard working; results oriented, but above all he is interested in the human side of his co-workers.
John would an asset not only to any company, but also to all his coworkers for his never say die attitude.
John got along well with his co-workers and we found his positive attitude both addicting and inspiring.
John always tried to bring new ideas to improve the company and help everyone become better workers.
He's always five years ahead of everyone else and always encouraged his workers to try something new.
He is very good at convincing his Co workers that what he wants is good for them and the company.
John is a quick learner as well as very organized and always willing to help his co-workers.
It almost isn't fair how he seems to understand new concepts faster than his co-workers.
John is not only an ambitious and organized expert, but also an inspiring co-worker.
In his observation, he always did what was required and more and was a valuable worker.
He's one of his favorite co-workers and any organization would be lucky to have him.
John organization would be lucky to have him as an inquisitive and dedicated worker.
He also frequently volunteered to take on additional tasks to help out co-workers.
He's the kind of worker willing to go above and beyond the call of duty every day.
Customers and co-workers alike understand the value he brings to any organization.
Sincerely, he is more initiative, powerful and persistent worker than others are.
Furthermore, he is insightful, reliable and precise co-worker who can be trusted.
Aside from being a very reliable co-worker, he's also friendly and approachable.
He's always there to help a fellow co-worker out, even on the busiest of days.
It was great to have him around and he was extremely reliable as a coworker
Him co-workers appreciate his responsiveness and him reliable follow-through.
The second thing that makes him a great co-worker, and friend, is his character.
John is an outstanding worker, very organized and efficient in what he does.
Selfless dedication, organized, energetic and inspiring to his co-workers.
He is highly regarded as one of the hardest workers in our organization.
Deadline oriented employee, he is an efficient co-worker and innovative.
He is highly respected by his co-workers and the volunteers he served.
All the while, he always has a smile and a kind word for his co-workers.
He demanded much from his co-workers and he gave back in equal measure.
He's a tireless worker for the causes and mission of his organization.
He is able to organize well realization of his and co-workers tasks.
He helped him understand a lot about his self and also his co-workers.
John has a lot of compassion for his colleagues and co-workers.
He is not only a reliable worker but he is enjoyable to be around.
John is a determined worker with very enthusiastic character.
John is the voice of reason and hope for the displaced worker.
John proved himself to be a very reliable and dedicated worker.
A structured and dedicated worker who really knows his stuff.
His dedication to our company and to him workers is missed to this day.
John is most accommodating and had workers lined up so that when our call came in he had workers ready to work.
John is very talented at what he does and is a conscientious worker.
John interpersonal relationships with his co-workers is second to non.
He is one of the smartest and most talented workers one can find.
His relationships with co-workers and employees was first class.