Performance Review Phrases And Examples To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Performance Review Examples and Sample Phrases

Written Communications: Performance Review Phrases
  • I'd almost say they over-communicated, but that's not really possible in this scenario.
  • John knows what he needs to have done and communicates it clearly and concisely.
  • He also does what he says he is going to do and is excellent at communication.
  • But not only that, he is very good indeed at what he does - communication.
  • He communicates very well both one-on-one and throughout an organization.
Yard Worker: Performance Review Phrases
  • He earns the respect of co-workers as well as everyone else he meets.
  • John is not only his co-worker, but we worked together often.
  • John always goes the extra yard for not only people who are looking for work, but for companies who need workers.
  • He always went that extra yard to get things done when timeframe's were tight.
  • In other words, he is a smart worker and knows how to get the things done on or before time.
Youth Care Worker: Performance Review Phrases
  • He cares as deeply and passionately about his work as he does his co-workers.
  • John is a careful, result driven and efficient worker that cannot be overestimated.
  • John is also such a caring man, always asking about my family and going out of his way to help co-workers with whatever they need.
  • John is a dedicated and caring worker who strives to make the best decisions for the company.
  • He cares for his co-workers and shows a genuine interest in their lives.
Youth Leader: Performance Review Phrases
  • He is the type of leader that inspires and empowers those around him to be leaders in their own right.
  • John is one of those rare leaders, who naturally serve as an inspiring leader.
  • He is a tremendous leader who helps others become leaders themselves.
  • He is a contributor not an inhibitor and is a leader among leaders.
  • He had done so through his willingness to provide youths with the mindset they would need to be good leaders.
Youth Program Coordinator: Performance Review Phrases
  • The success of these programs was directly attributed to his efforts.
  • John tailors the program based on what one is looking to get out of the engagement.
  • The programs and changes he writes for me are always fast and accurate.
  • His tenure with us involved the implementation of innovative youth programs addressing the needs of youth and their families.
  • John always got the job done and found ways to optimize our programs.
Youth Program Director: Performance Review Phrases
  • John is an expert in youth programs and very easy to work with.
  • He became proficient will all new programs as they rolled out across the company.
  • As such, he launched both programs and awareness throughout the company.
  • John's overall leadership was vital to the success of the program.
  • He was also my mentor for my thesis at the end of my program.
Youth Worker: Performance Review Phrases
  • He is also diligent, structured, and very well-liked by his co-workers.
  • John is, and always has been an all hours of the day type of worker.
  • He is a good worker that was well liked within the organization.
  • He is a reliable worker and will help anyone out at any time.
  • He has been a strong co-worker, always ready to help, plus he always maintains very good relationships with co-workers.