Performance Review Phrases And Examples To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Performance Review Examples and Sample Phrases

Account Manager: Performance Review Phrases
  • He was known as one of the best account managers among our team.
  • John was a detailed accounting manager that managed four different companies.
  • John is a very strong sales manager who manages his accounts very well.
  • John was my account manager for several semiconductor accounts and was very much instrumental in opening new doors at these accounts.
  • John is an enthusiastic, and a detailed account manager who looks after his accounts in depth.
Account Representative: Performance Review Phrases
  • He is tenacious about accounts receivable, and proactive about accounts payable.
  • Not only did he have the best rates, but when we opened up the account like most new accounts we had a few hick ups.
  • John would be a good addition for any company looking for an accountable and reliable representative.
  • John closed some key accounts that represented key wins for the company.
  • He gave up his time to come and see us even though he was not our accountant.
Accountability: Performance Review Phrases
  • Actually, I should say he is still helping me go from "good to great".
  • He followed us up, he cheered us on and held us accountable to our goals.
  • He had to do some "maneuvers" and he was great.
  • He's really good at what he does.
  • I feel he will be a great asset to any organization.
Accountant: Performance Review Phrases
  • John will help you to look forward while still being accountable for what you're doing now.
  • John is willing to go above and beyond his own accountabilities to help others.
  • He is very professional and really followed through with our account.
  • Best of all, he keeps him accountable for the things we've discussed.
  • John always made sure that everyone was on target and accountable.
Accounting Clerk: Performance Review Phrases
  • His background as an accountant gives him rare insights into what drives accountants and the challenges they face.
  • Having him on the account is definitely an asset for any client.
  • Therefore, he kept them accountable to their input to the documentation.
  • At the end of the meeting he introduced himself as our new account guy.
  • John is very motivated and was able to deliver on all accounts.
Accounting Consultant: Performance Review Phrases
  • He really made him understand why one should hire an accountant and tax consultant.
  • One consultation with him and he solve his accounting problem for his business.
  • His experience in public accounting has made him a well rounded accountant, but it is his passion to add value that makes him a terrific consultant.
  • John's professional consultation contributed to exponential growth for many of his accounts.
  • John provided background to help him be successful at his challenging account.
Accounting Coordinator: Performance Review Phrases
  • He is trusted by his accounts and respected by his colleagues.
  • He always kept his partners accountable, but he was also always honest and fair.
  • For the past year, he has served as his accountability partner.
  • John is instrumental in regaining the account for the company.
  • His character is admirable and more so his level of accountability when getting things done.
Accounting Director: Performance Review Phrases
  • He's account mapping, control in large accounts is fantastic.
  • Most importantly, as the account director, he ensured we did the right thing for the client and the team.
  • He makes sure everything is accounted for and working as it should.
  • He holds himself and everyone else he works with accountants
  • Most recently we've been working together on the our company account.
Accounting Manager: Performance Review Phrases
  • His customers are very lucky to have him as an account manager.
  • John's general management & account management experience ensured that critical areas were well managed.
  • Please consider this his endorsement of his candidacy for any sales, account management, or major account management position for which he is being considered.
  • John is competent and confident in what he recommended to him as his account manager.
  • We partnered with him at our company, and he was an excellent account manager.
Accurate: Performance Review Phrases
  • When you need someone to get something done quickly and accurately, he's the one to go.
  • It was always very comforting to know that the information he provided was accurate.
  • If he committed to do something it was always done both expediently and accurately.
  • John does what he says he'll do, accurately and without lots of instruction.
  • He does what he says will be done, on our company and very accurate with him our company.