Performance Review Phrases And Examples To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Performance Review Examples and Sample Phrases

Active: Performance Review Phrases
  • He also came up with activities that would help further our learning.
  • John is an example to be followed in all activities he plays.
  • He gets the things done with excellence in all his activities.
  • He is very active in everything he does, thinks fast when it is necessary and always very responsible with his activities.
  • What you can't appreciate through all that he writes is his how he is an even better active listener.
Activities Coordinator: Performance Review Phrases
  • He understands the activities assigned to him and coordinates with everyone and completes the task.
  • John is able to coordinate diverse activities and prioritize them appropriately.
  • He made good use of email and other tools to coordinate all of the aspects of this activity.
  • His ability to coordinate and facilitate activities to ensure completion is astounding.
Activity Director: Performance Review Phrases
  • John has been an active and engaged member for the board of directors for the past three years.
  • He gets involved in all activities and is always more than willing to help anybody with anything he can.
  • On the ramp he is always willing to help out and keep an eye on the overall activity.
  • I wish my friend all the best always for each and every activity he undertakes.
  • He seems to enjoy it more than most and is very fluent at these activities.
Adaptability: Performance Review Phrases
  • Hardly attends training, workshops or any other research-based activity meant to increase self-efficiency.
  • With his leadership abilities, dedication, and adaptability, I have no doubts he will continue a path of success wherever he goes.
  • John's strengths include loyalty, adaptability, flexibility, and an excellent business sense.
  • He demonstrates adaptability, uses humour effectively and has an incredible ability to connect with each and every person, no matter what age, stage, or background.
  • Moreover, he is initiative, can work independently.
Administration Manager: Performance Review Phrases
  • He will be more than an administrative manager, with formal authority, that people have to follow.
  • People and detail oriented, he is a terrific manager and administrator.
  • He managed the administration department with ease and professionalism.
  • He negotiated well with the program managers, management, our advisers and the administrative team.
Administrative Professional: Performance Review Phrases
  • He an exceptional administrative profession because he has gone above and beyond his job description.
  • John not only knows what needs to be done, he knows how to get it done quickly and professionally.
  • He wants the best for those around him and he treats everyone fairly and professionally.
  • He is always friendly, always willing to help where he can, and always professional.
  • He always has something else that you can try to become a better professional.
Administrative Skills: Performance Review Phrases
  • John's administrative, research and organizational skills are excellent.
  • John's leadership skills and administrative capabilities were exemplary.
  • His clinical practice is excellent as are his administrative skills.
  • John has dazzling skill in the area of network administration.
  • John is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable AIX administrator.
Admirable: Performance Review Phrases
  • John is very professional, he does what he says he will do, and his commitment to the cause is very admirable.
  • John expects the most from himself as well as from others, which is refreshing and admirable.
  • Growth mindset is certainly something he carries with him and it is definitely admirable.
  • He is someone who is admired by his peers and is willing to help whenever necessary.
  • John is one of the few persons who will be admired by anyone in the industry.
Admissions Representative: Performance Review Phrases
  • John certainly has represented his company very well as a vendor.
  • He represents the best of the best and has his strongest possible recommendation for employment.
  • John represented and advised him on two different employment disputes.
  • He took the initiative and represented the company extremely well with little or no supervision.
  • He understood the needs of both parties and he represented both parties very exceptionally.
Admitting Representative: Performance Review Phrases
  • John represents the best of all things female and entrepreneurial.
  • He'll represent you well and deliver the best possible results.
  • Competitors probably even like him, though they are not admitting it.
  • That to him represents someone that is not afraid to try something new to get the results one desires.
  • John truly exemplifies the way someone should represent both their company and themselves.