Performance Review Phrases And Examples To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Performance Review Examples and Sample Phrases

Adventurous: Performance Review Phrases
  • He has so many layers to him that every conversation is an adventure.
  • He has an adventurer in him that comes out during any outdoor trips.
  • Look forward to working with him again someday on a new adventure.
  • Working with him was a lot of fun and it was always an adventure.
Advertising Account Executive: Performance Review Phrases
  • John is bright and knows how to collaborate and execute towards results.
  • John experience with him has shown me that he is more than just another executive.
  • John has his finger on the pulse of where online advertising is going - advanced accountability and targeting.
  • He was well liked by his clients and colleagues and always willing to partner with other account executives to help clients maximize their advertising efforts.
  • John is an accomplished finance executive who is reliable, accountable and dependable.
Advertising Industry: Performance Review Phrases
  • He could probably be the best ad guy in our advertising industry.
  • John knows our industry and what I need in advertising as well as anyone.
  • John is an icon of the Australian advertising industry.
  • He knows exactly what he wants from his advertising agency.
  • John always provides value for our advertising dollars.
Advertising Manager: Performance Review Phrases
  • He manages according to the appropriate priorities and does not micromanage
  • John managed him for two years and was one of his two favorite managers.
  • John wasn't just his manager - he was the entire company's manager.
  • Though he is our manager, but never felt like he is managing us.
  • As his manager, he didn't manage him in the traditional sense.
Advertising Sales: Performance Review Phrases
  • I recommend him highly for any sales role, having seen him wear many sales hats.
  • Couple that with his sales knowledge/experience and you can see why has been so successful.
  • John was always looking to add value for us without just focusing on sales.
  • He is in it, not for just the sale, but more importantly to help others.
  • John has created and delivered a very successful sales course for our franchises that has doubled our sales.
Advertising Sales Executive: Performance Review Phrases
  • John advised our sales force to help us refine the way we thought about and execute our sales process.
  • He is a diligent, conscientious and self motivated sales executive.
  • John is a fantastic advertising executive, extremely dedicated.
  • He has also been willing to help us with questions following the sale.
  • He is results oriented and knows that the true responsibilities of a sales executive is to deliver outstanding sales results.
Advertising Sales Manager: Performance Review Phrases
  • He made a swift and successful transition to advertising sales and made an immediate impact on our sales revenues.
  • He goes above and beyond, and makes everyone excited about advertising.
  • John is an enthusiastic, motivated, and dedicated sales manager.
  • He also taught my partner manager, sales techniques to help better manage partners.
  • He is also one of the few successful sales people to make the transition to management.
Advising: Performance Review Phrases
  • John has been there more than once to advise and console.
  • John has become one of my most trusted advisers.
  • He is always available for guidance and advice.
  • Always someone we can look up to for advice.
  • Thank you John for all your help and advice.
Advisor: Performance Review Phrases
  • John has been known to him for many years as one of his financial advisors
  • John is one of his key advisors, even though he may not know it.
  • John has been and advisor to him and his companies for many years.
  • John has been an excellent advisor to him on several occasions.
  • John may not know this, but he was an advisor of sorts for him.
Advocate: Performance Review Phrases
  • He has always been an advocate for his team, even when that might have come at his own expense.
  • He's not just an advocate for customer needs, but also for the best possible use of data.
  • John is the advocate that one would like to have on his part, rather against him.
  • He is an advocate for you as him customer while doing the best for his company.
  • He has always advocated for the team, and knows how to get the best out of people.