Self-Appraisal Comments And Phrases For Your Job Performance Review

Self-Evaluation Phrases And Comments

Able: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am able to do serious work without taking myself too seriously.
  • I am the professional that we all would like to be able to hire.
  • I am able to and does so by asking the right types of questions.
  • I am able to see strategically, where most see only tactically.
  • I am able to take the vision all the way to its implementation.
Academic Advisor: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am an excellent advisor when someone recently moved my cheese.
  • I am a great advisor and will help you beyond your expectation.
  • I have the ability to wear many hats as an advisor and is always willing to help out as much as possible.
  • I have been our most consistently involved advisor, and has provided highly useful input.
  • I have been an invaluable advisor and launch me on the right path from the get-go.
Account Assistant: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am a wonderful account rep and did everything in my power to always assist me with my questions and concerns.
  • I am accountable, had a fast response time and reliable when assistance was needed.
  • I am engaged to assist in a pitch for a major marquee account.
  • I am detail-oriented and organized in my approach to accounting and was always willing to assist my classmates when needed.
  • I have recently assisted my accounting practice with a new website and to help grow our reach through our company.
Account Executive: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am a very executive account and the passion is what impresses me.
  • I am quickly able to turn the account around and execute on promises.
  • I am a strong account executive who knows how to get deals done.
  • I have a great attitude, and is an excellent account executive.
  • I am a seasoned account executive, who was conscientious in working with my book of accounts at our company.
Account Manager: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I have managed successfully one of the company major accounts.
  • I am diligent in my pursuit of be it new opportunities, team management or account management.
  • I am what every client wants in an account manager and much more.
  • I am an outstanding account manager who is able to successfully manage client accounts at the highest level and degree of difficulty.
  • I am the model of what excellence in account management should be.
Account Representative: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am an outstanding representative for our company, especially winning and maintaining enterprise accounts.
  • I am totally across my accounts and has a trusted relationship within these accounts.
  • I am very accountable and many times go above and beyond to help others.
  • I am someone that you can hold accountable when you need results.
  • I am the our company representative assigned to our account and working with me was truly rewarding.
Accounting Clerk: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am always willing to help out, even if it was not in my direct line of accountability.
  • I am innovative and accountable to myself as well as the people around me.
  • I am an excellent motivator and holds others around me accountable.
  • I am my go-to for any and all hedge accounting related matters.
  • I am responsible for some of the largest accounts across the region.
Accounting Consultant: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am an articulate, intelligent and detailed oriented accountant and consultant.
  • I have been very attentive to our account and is responsive to our needs and requirements.
  • I am very meticulous with my account preparation and execution
  • I am enthusiastic, innovative and passionate about accounting.
  • I am not our accountant, but we have come to rely on my expertise for various added-value business consultancy.
Accounting Director: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am incredibly accountable and follows through on what my word.
  • I am an experienced account director who is exceptionally customer focussed.
  • I am a highly experienced and strategy-driven account director.
  • I have been very diligent about priorities, was very accountable to my words.
  • I am very accountable and one who can work with everybody with ease.
Accounting Manager: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am also an excellent manager - holding my team accountable to high standards and self accountability.
  • I am talented at both account management & new account development.
  • I am an astute salesperson, sales manager, and account manager.
  • I am a thorough account manager taking care of all of my customers needs and updating their accounts with new items.
  • I am an excellent account manager, always available to help and very supportive.