Academic Advisor Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

Academic Advisor Self-Appraisal Phrases Examples To Examine Yourself

I am one of our head academic advisors as well as the main advisor for all our transfer students.
I am an amazing academic advisor and especially mentor to me and many of my peers.
I am my professor in multiple classes as well as my academic advisor.
I am now my friend, advisor and hopefully soon, my co-conspirator.
I have been an advisor to both franchisor's and franchisee's.
I am one of those rare advisors who seems to, somehow, always have that good reason.
I am the kind of advisor that makes me look at things in a different prospective.
I have an incredible insight into the needs of investors and their advisors.
I am one of our most proactive and value adding investors and advisors.
I have been that advisor for me on multiple occasions in the past year.
I am an excellent advisor when someone recently moved my cheese.
I have proved myself as an expert advisor in many of my endeavors.
I have been an outstanding colleague and advisor over many years.
I am a great advisor and will help you beyond your expectation.
I have been my advisor at our company for the last three years.
I have been one of the strongest influences in my academic growth.
I have the ability to wear many hats as an advisor and is always willing to help out as much as possible.
I have been our advisor from the beginning of our adventure, helping us in every possible way.
I am a very valuable advisor for me, who has always inspired me to come up with new ideas.
I have been our most consistently involved advisor, and has provided highly useful input.
I am an outstanding advisor who's excellent at helping you know yourself better.
I am an insightful and thoughtful advisor, focused on getting things done right.
I have been an invaluable advisor and launch me on the right path from the get-go.
I am principled, collaborative, insightful, and objective advisor.
I am an experienced and compassionate advisor with excellent insights.
I have been my college advisor and they had remained friends for years.
I am an ideal advisor for both budding & established entrepreneurs.
I am the ultimate start-up advisor; my insights know no boundaries.
I am a trustworthy advisor to everyone involved in this rebranding.
I am one of those advisors that you would easily call a friend.
I am an inspirational and enthusiastic speaker, author and advisor.
I am driven everyday to over exceed our advisors and my expectations.
I have helped me over and over again and is a true trusted advisor.
I am well respected and is seen as a credible expert and advisor.
I have made a significant contribution as an advisor to the group.
I have been a great advisor by offering me different perspectives.
I am an excellent entrepreneur and sought-after start-up advisor.
I have been a fantastic advisor going beyond the call of duty.
I have been a very helpful investor and advisor to my our company.
I am an astounding advisor throughout my four years at our company our company.