Account Manager Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

Account Manager Self-Appraisal Phrases Examples To Examine Yourself

I am a very self disciplined, ethical account manager who took pride in providing my accounts what was best for them.
I am always sharp with strategic account management and problem solving for large accounts.
I am astute at managing the relationships in the account and always ensured customer satisfaction was at the core of account management.
I am one of the few account managers who brought exceptional value to my company.
I am the gold standard by which all account managers are measured.
I am an asset to me in all my selling and account management efforts.
I am able to think strategically when managing different accounts.
I have managed many accounts that carry high regards to the company.
I am responsible for managing one of our most strategic accounts.
I am an account manager for my firm to my company at the time.
I have managed successfully one of the company major accounts.
I am a very assertive account manager who knows how to manage accounts team to reach proposed targets.
I am our account manager and shows good support, customer relations and account management.
I am diligent in my pursuit of be it new opportunities, team management or account management.
I have been an exemplary manager in leading the wealth management account.
I am a hard charging, aggressive account manager who is adept at breaking into new accounts.
I am what every client wants in an account manager and much more.
I am in charge of the major auto accounts and did an excellent job of managing those accounts.
I am a very knowledgeable account manager who gets things done.
I am an outstanding account manager who is able to successfully manage client accounts at the highest level and degree of difficulty.
I am managing an account and customer staff who had never really been "managed" before.
I am also the first one to help a new account manager with ideas and strategies.
I am the model of what excellence in account management should be.
I am a very detail oriented manager and helped me grow as an account manager.
I am also excellent at managing clients and accounts and was responsible for some of the large accounts that we had acquired during my tenure.
I am excellent at account management, account penetration, and customer service.
I am a highly organised, the self-starting account manager who was always ahead of the game as far as managing multiple accounts - and tasks - at one time.
I am a thorough, professional when it comes to account management and relationship management.
I am also a great client manager and has brought in and managed some of our largest accounts.
I am always willing to share my wealth of experience and expertise in managing accounts.
I have been very consistent with my performance as well as management of large accounts.
I am an amazing account manager who always keeps our company's best interest at heart.
I am brilliant with stakeholder management and ensured accountability on all fronts.
I am an account manager who is strategic and efficient when going for the kill.
I am our company's account manager as we revamped and rebuilt our website.
I have managed and grown sizeable accounts for the biggest and best companies.
I have all the attributes you would want in a strategic account manager.
I am strategic and accountable while managing multiple initiatives
I am organised and is detailed in my approach to account management.
I have been a great asset for our company as our account manager.
I am an accomplished account manager with attention to detail.
I am a valuable asset in the management of my company accounts.
I am excellent at managing several accounts and prioritizing the needs of the client.
I am a proactive account manager that goes above and beyond for all of my clients.
I am also very personable and it was great having me as my account manager.
I have always made myself available and proactively managed the account with great energy.
I am the type of account manager that you wish all of your vendors had on their teams.
I am very logical in my approach to managing my account and team.
I am enthusiastic, resourceful and an excellent account manager.
I have managed my accounts across several businesses throughout several of my roles.
I am an extremely good at managing sociable interactions with customers and in managing their accounts.
I have all round knowledge across account management, which really makes me stand out among the rest.
I am an outstanding account manager and we look forward to working with me more in the future.
I am the kind of account manager we wish we had with every company we partner with.
I am one of the most thorough account managers it has been my pleasure to work with.
I am an excellent example of how an account manager should work in an agency.
I am an extremely knowledgeable accountant and an exceptional manager.
I am not a micro-manager which makes one accountable for their work.
I am as a manager has excellent integrity and accountability.
I am my campaign manager at our company, helping out with some of our key accounts.
I have superior knowledge in our company and managing accounts.
I am a very proactive account manager who was always on top of what was needed for management of the account at a strategic and operational level.
I am able to get the most out of my regional sales managers, account executives and account managers.
I am a pleasure to work with, not least because of my competent management of the least manageable agency accounts.
I have a deep understanding of strategic account management methodologies and forecast management.
I am one of those rare account managers who blurs the line between account guy and creative guy.
I am a manager who is willing to go in the field and get to know the accounts and the marketplace.
I have been our account manager for our hotel was in its pre-opening stage.
I am always extremely dedicated to the field of accounts and management.
I am a great account manager, direct, honest, pragmatic, straightforward in discussions around account management - in short, highly recommendable, .
I am a strong manager and collaborator that excels at account management and client satisfaction.
I am one of those managers that gives you the scope to innovate, yet demands accountability and results at all times.
I am always putting myself ahead of the curve when it comes to what's next in the strategic account management world.
I am one of the rare managers who demands accountability for your results, but makes you have fun doing it.
I am an in-the-trenches accountant and manager who loves to be involved in all aspects of my company.
I am an outstanding manager that takes into account the whole enterprise when making decisions.
I am an account manager who was consistently performing against an ever increasing quota.
I am not only great at closing deals, but also the day to day managing of my accounts.
I have extensive experience in managing multiple aspects of an accounting organization.
I am organized, efficient and above all effective in managing strategic accounts.
I am an exceptional account manager: thorough, very focused and detailed oriented.
I am exceptional in my abilities to perform an account management role.
I am a high level account manager with several years of experience.
I am charged with managing a highly intricate and delicate account.
I am an incredibly ambitious and detail-oriented account manager.
I am a detailed oriented account manager and always well prepared.
I have managed complex, strategic accounts for twenty plus years.
I am one of the folks who managed my account as a contractor with our company.
I am detail-oriented and excellent at ensuring accounts correctly managed on both sides of the accounting department.
I am very understanding and helpful with my clients that makes me stand out from other account managers.
I am best when managing complex client accounts with difficult and sometimes different expectations.
I am a dedicated account manager, always doing what is right for my company and my customers.
I am managing several accounts which means several customers with different requirements.
I am able to take into account all aspects of talent management within an organization.
I am accountable, self-managing, and has built excellent rapport with our clients
I am that rare thing, an incredible account manager who also has creative flair.
I have a wealth of experience in managing channel business as well as managing large accounts.
I am just awesome overall, not only as an account manager, but as a person.
I am our account manager at our company and is very personable and helpful.
I am an excellent manager, who got involved when needed, with the kind of direction and answers an account manager needs to be successful.
I am confident, understands how to manage the team at my accounts and is always willing to help out my teammates.
I am capable of managing up as well within my own team by clearly establishing accountabilities and expectations.
I am in charge of a team of accountants and seemed to manage them well to get the best out of them.
I am always willing to step up and manage difficult accounts for the good of the team.
I am an effective manager, encouraging me team whilst also holding them accountable.
I am accountable and deserve to get senior management position.
I have liaised with all account managers and has created value for the team and for our company.
I am an excellent account manager with a solid repertoire of skills covering all aspects of account management.
I am an experienced accountant and manager who is very conscientious about the business.
I have done new business hunting, and major account management.
I am very persistent after me targeted accounts, goals and strategically approaches them, carefully managing various aspects of the account.
I am a pleasure to work with, my commitment is the same as yourself rather than that of an account manager.
I have been one of the few account managers, who always tried working very closely with presales initiative.
I am tenacious in my role as account manager, demonstrating persistence in getting the end result.
I have always been a forthcoming, reasonable account manager that is enthusiastic about my work.
I am proactive and driven to exceed our company policies regarding account management.
I am wonderful to work with and has exceptional expertise in account management.
I have worked well with us ever since assuming the role as out account manager.
I am my boss the first six formative years of my career in account management.
I am a fantastic account manager and was truly passionate about my work.
I am an awesome account manager who works through issues with grace.
I am accountable for my work, and can easily manage heavy workloads.
I am a pleasure to work with and managed our account with ease.
I am reliable, knowledgeable, dedicated, smart account manager.
I am deeply involved in each and every one of my accounts, and has a great rapport with all of my account managers, and partnering teams.
I am an extremely competent and professional account executive while managing our account.
I am an excellent account manager, but really shined as a product manager, in my opinion.
I am very good at account management and has the best customer retention record.
I am the relationship manager for one of the accounts we worked together.
I am the account and relationship manager working with our firm.
I am a proactive account manager who knows how to juggle the multiple priorities and expectations that come with managing global strategic telecom accounts.
I am both an excellent accountant, performance manager and leader.
I have always been a reliable, trustworthy, attentive and responsive account manager for our account going above and beyond what is necessary for me to solve the issues our organization has faced.
I am responsible for cold calling, prospecting and account management for a book of accounts in an assigned Geo territory.
I am always trying to help my team improve in all areas: prospecting, account management, account strategy and negotiations.
I am focused, diligent in providing the utmost customer service to each of my accounts and provided my clients with account management and respect as if each were me only account.
I have an excellent record of managing complex key accounts and is also a very good manager of people.
I am versed in consumer goods account management strategies and tactics.
I have been our account/ service delivery manager for over three years.
I am a thorough, intelligent, responsive solutions account manager.
I am the category manager for one of our company power solutions biggest accounts.
I am a dedicated manager with an eye for detail and a thorough understanding of management and commercial accounts.
I am a detail-oriented manager, which is a necessity when it comes to managing multiple, large accounts.
I am equally comfortable with both people management and project management with major accounts.
I am a no-nonsense account manager with excellent major account management ability and people skills.
I am very competent in the field of accounting and did a great job for us in managing our accounts payable.
I have the unique ability to deliver sound account management while selling strategic solutions to each of my accounts.
I am very focused on results and provides my managers the right balance of guidance, accountability, and freedom to be their most successful.
I have shown dedication above and beyond in my role as an account manager and is always willing to do more for the greater good of the company.
I am a great manager in that you know what you are to do and are held accountable but given the opportunity to perform.