Account Representative Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

Account Representative Self-Appraisal Phrases Examples To Examine Yourself

I am very smart and knows everything about account payable and accounts receivables.
I have now been promoted and moved on, and is no longer my account representative.
I have been an exceptional account receivable representative of our company.
I am an accountants, accountant as far as the numbers and making sense of them to everyone.
I am a unique individual and an excellent account representative.
I am my account representative at our company for a number of years.
I am amazed about not only be an accountability partner for you, but also making you accountable to yourself.
I am highly experienced in accounts payable and all areas of accounting.
I have been a great representative of my company, and is very proactive in handling our account.
I am a great account representative - tenacious and available yet not pushy or overbearing.
I am an outstanding representative for our company, especially winning and maintaining enterprise accounts.
I have introduced me to our company and has been a great account representative since then.
I am always in the top producing group of account representatives.
I am totally across my accounts and has a trusted relationship within these accounts.
I am very conscientious of being thorough and complete in all of my accountabilities.
I am always willing to listen to others and take into account their ideas.
I am very accountable and many times go above and beyond to help others.
I am always accountable and has the best follow through of any employee.
I am there every step of the way for our account and questions.
I am someone that you can hold accountable when you need results.
I am one of these great account representatives who really understands the clients needs and end up representing the companies they work for in the best possible way.
I am always very professional, knowledgeable, representative and accountable.
I am the our company representative assigned to our account and working with me was truly rewarding.
I am our our company account representative and was an overall pleasure to work with.
I am one of the best known and most respected accountants in the area.
I am well liked by all and be every account very capable and competent.
I am accountable even when it is not my area of responsibility.
I am one of my favorite sales representatives to be in accounts with.
I am the copywriter for many of the clients my account team represented.
I am a responsive, reliable and dedicated account representative, who was always available to answer any question.
I am an excellent account representative for telecommunications software.
I have proven to be a great asset as our our company account representative.
I am also one of the most accountable people you will ever meet.
I am an excellent account representative who often went above and beyond to ensure everything went perfectly for us and our clients.
I am a very dependable account representative who puts the needs of my clients first.
I am also a great representative by stay in communication with us on the accounts.
I am highly accountable, crystal clear, and expertly representing my clients.
I am great at stepping us through any questions we had and made sure we made the most of our account.
I am always accountable for my results, never blaming others or outside circumstances.
I am thorough in my requests, and timely with any responses and accountabilities.
I am also a great listener and was always trying to take our needs into account.
I am always very responsive and helpful when we have had accounts questions.
I am accountable, responsible has never been late and is always on time.
I am also so great for follow-up and accountability if that is what you need.
I am known for being responsive, dependable, and accountable at all times.
I am not remiss when it comes to both accountability and decision-making.
I am very structured, accountability and knows how to get things done.
I am always extremely diligent with my accounts and getting results.
I am relentless in keeping myself and others accountable for results.
I am with me to keep my confidence high and held me accountable.
I am dependable and trustworthy throughout my time on our account.
I am also accountable for those decisions and will stand behind them.
I am responsible for several of our largest pharmaceutical accounts.
I am also looking after the informatics account and solve problems.
I have been our family accountant for more than twice that time.
I have been very helpful in setting up our account for success.
I am successfully selling to new, as well as existing accounts.
I have always good accountability to deliver the best results.
I am not only an excellent account representative, but someone who came to us with new advertising suggestions and feedback on how we could do things better.
I am a great resource that has always been fair and very understanding as an account representative.
I am a highly capable, knowledgeable and responsive account representative.
I am our account representative when we bought several hundred new our company tablet type computers.
I have been our account representative during the purchase of multiple modules of the our company suite.
I am committed to success, but not just for my own area of accountability.
I have gone out of my way to cater to me and my other accounts while challenging me to do better.
I am always well prepared when discussing accounts and strategies.
I have the right attitude and willingness to learn on every account.
I am instrumental of my onboarding with the our company account.
I am head-and-shoulders above any of the other account representatives we worked with.
I am hands-on, willing to take accountability, and drives results.
I am constantly going above and beyond to accommodate our account, and always with the most positive attitude.
I am one of the rare individuals who will take accountability and responsibility without question.
I am so helpful and ready to take on any questions or changes we may have needed with our account.
I am results oriented and assumes accountability for myself and anyone associated with me.
I am very willing to put in whatever time is necessary to ensure the success of my accounts.
I am willing to take on leadership responsibilities and holds me accountable for results.
I have been particularly well-organized and effective in dealing with entertainment accounts.
I am always looking for ways to better serve my accounts and continuously asking questions.
I have always provided meaningful feedback and took into account my strengths and weaknesses.
I am also not afraid to make a decision and then make myself accountable for that decision.
I am accountable and consistently delivers results, usually way beyond what is expected.
I am good at holding us accountable to make sure we get the results we are looking for.
I am honest, straightforward, and timely with any help we've needed in our account.
I am very pleased, but at the same time holds everyone accountable for commitments.
I am able to solve some problems we had with our account that none before I could.
I am very well organized, structured and disciplined about my accountabilities.
I have grown those accounts over time while adding many, many new ones along the way.
I am an entrepreneurial thinker who, for some reason, became an accountant first.
I am the man, my methods get results and my accountability is off the charts.
I have been excellent at helping me to follow through and be accountable for all.
I have been steadfastly there to solve all my accounting problems and queries.
I am self driven, responsible and accountable for getting the desired results.
I am accountable, dependable and someone willing to provide critical feedback.
I am responsible for taking new accounts from start to successful completion.
I am the go to guy for major account prospects that are possible conversions.
I am always accountable and dedicated to the successful completion of tasks.
I am a very result oriented and someone who can be considered as accountable.
I am very thorough, detail-oriented and always holds myself accountable.
I am always available, accountable and sharply focused on closing deals.
I am confident and capable in my accounting and leadership abilities.
I am always helpful in times of need as far as my account is concerned.
I am able to take over our account and completely turn things around.
I am also very good at strategizing how the account should be handled.
I am responsive, accountable, an effective influencer and an achiever.
I am accountable in my actions and my decisions are well thought out.
I am one of those rare accountants who thinks outside of the box.
I have a great sense of accountability and never let you down attitude.
I am very proactive in problem-solving and accepting accountability.
I am always diplomatic, even in dealing with a difficult account.
I have done the same thing with multiple accounts time and time again.
I am very collaborative and hugely accountable for amazing results.
I am very persistent, focused and strategic with all my accounts.
I have been associated and handled the accounts of strategic interests.
I am entrepreneurial, smart, honest, accountable and very driven.
I am very capable, accountable and result-oriented individual.
I am definitely one to follow, so get your twitter account going.
I have always displayed a positive can do attitude to our account.
I am a strategic thinker who knows how to go after an account.
I am exceptionally with challenging accounts and follow through.
I am capable of penetrating through large and critical accounts.
I have always been grounded, forward thinking, accountability, and solid.
I am actively responding to me on all accounts that we shared.
I am accountable for measuring progress in achieving results.
I am accountable, self driven, focused, and results oriented.
I am brought on to the our company account during some challenging times.
I am fantastic when helping us set up our our company account.
I am an excellent representative of our company and an asset to any strategic account team.
I am representative of the qualities we look for in such candidature: integrity, accountability and attentiveness.
I have brought another dimension in the relationship with our accounts.
I have great relationships with all of the accounts in my territory.
I am what any customer would dream to have as an account rep.
I am willing to help other department managers in regards to accounting and other functions.
I am a highly motivated account representative with an excellent eye for detail.