Accounting Clerk Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

Accounting Clerk Self-Appraisal Phrases Examples To Examine Yourself

I am successful in growing this account as well as winning new accounts and clients.
I am a terrific complement to both the accounting and non-accounting members of the company.
I am truly an accountant that goes above and beyond for my clients.
I am always enthusiastic for the accounts we focused on and provided a very clear opportunity and account plans.
I am one of the best things that has become part of my accounting firm.
I am also quick to take accountability if things don't go as planned.
I am always making sure our account did not run into problems.
I have demonstrated my expertise by closing major accounts as well as growing existing accounts.
I am an aggressive account rep with a track record of success with new accounts.
I am very perceptive about the client's needs and always take them into account.
I am always willing to help out, even if it was not in my direct line of accountability.
I am that unicorn that we've all been looking for - an engaged and proactive accountant.
I am one of the most energizing, can-do account directors/sellers you will ever meet.
I am innovative and accountable to myself as well as the people around me.
I am self-motivated and impresses self-accountability to those around me.
I have been always very engaged, precise and accountable for deliverables.
I am an excellent motivator and holds others around me accountable.
I am dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and very accountable.
I have a thorough understanding of everything related to accounting.
I am my go-to for any and all hedge accounting related matters.
I am also listening and taking into account other peoples' opinions.
I am dependable and accountable and always meets me deadlines.
I am responsible for some of the largest accounts across the region.
I am motivated and motivates others with my dedication and accountability.
I am persistent with me following through to make sure the account gets set up properly.
I am always ready to help while also holding others accountable for their part.
I am always superb at follow up and making sure everyone was held accountable.
I am involved in our account and provided us with on-time positive results.
I am successful by planning ahead and being accountable for all actions.
I am always on top of my accounts, regardless of how detailed they are.
I am always enthusiastic, forward thinking, accountable and reliable.
I am a results-driven, accountable and entrepreneurial in my approach.
I have more than forty years of experience in managerial accounting.
I am reliable, thorough, responsible, accountable, and practical.
I am well planning, accountable and sincere in all my endeavours.
I am an excellent listener, accountability, and action oriented.
I am highly accountable and could complete the tasks on time.
I am the one whom years ago took the time to set me up my our company account.
I have a proven track record of not only holding myself accountable, but also holding my colleagues accountable.
I am committed to do the right thing for my clients and prospective accounts.
I am also aggressive and creative when it comes to opening new accounts.
I am very focused on my clients and the success of my accounts.