Accounting Consultant Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

Accounting Consultant Self-Appraisal Phrases Examples To Examine Yourself

I am one of the best consultants for our company and very accountable for the work
I am reliable, accountable, and even provides consultative guidance in my work.
I have done work for my company as a consultant in accounting.
I am also very proactive and went above and beyond the normal consultant agreement by making myself accountable for results.
I am seen as a trusted consultant by many, which makes me be able to sell value into accounts.
I am the key consultant on many of my major complex strategic accounts.
I am always prepared for account calls and always kept me consultants up to speed so they knew what to be ready for.
I am a brilliant consultant on the account: perceptive, hardworking, and always ready to help and deliver.
I am fair and equitable and willingly takes into account input from my consultants and other disciplines.
I am an excellent choice for any company looking for accounting and consulting services.
I am an articulate, intelligent and detailed oriented accountant and consultant.
I am a very good accountant and consultant has helped us a great deal.
I am among the few who would take the initiative, take accountability and then deliver as required.
I have been very attentive to our account and is responsive to our needs and requirements.
I am shortlisted and taken forward and on many accounts was the front runner.
I am committed and prepared, does not shy away from my accountability.
I am very meticulous with my account preparation and execution
I am always on top of my accounts and is prepared and responsive.
I am always prepared and very polished in the largest of accounts.
I am enthusiastic, innovative and passionate about accounting.
I am a creative, intelligent, accountable consultant and facilitator.
I am an exceptional consultant who specialized in the financial and accounting division.
I am not our accountant, but we have come to rely on my expertise for various added-value business consultancy.
I am an outstandingly successful chartered accountant and business consultant.
I am always willing to take my call and not just answer my questions, but consult with me on best practices as it relates to our account.
I am a dedicated consultant with vast knowledge in accounting and finance
I have the distinct advantage of having all necessary accounting qualifications, hand on experience & our company consulting.
I am very kind in sharing my in-depth knowledge of our company and accounting with me and other consultants.
I am reliable and accountable, which makes me an excellent partner.
I have a long history of success, winning new accounts and growing existing accounts.
I have become a trusted consultant not only for my accounts, but for many in the sales organization.
I have helped us to navigate the very choppy waters of the last few years as an accountant, consultant, and as a friend.
I am a great consultant that any accountancy professional should know.
I am an expert in my field and my consultation took into account where we were in our program.
I have responsibility for several national accounts and was well respected by them.
I have guided myself and our firm through the world of advice for accountants.
I am also very approachable and easy to converse with about accounting issues.
I have also guided me on my own account resulting in some fabulous savings.
I am always accountable and goes the extra mile to deliver when required.
I am honest, reliable, accountable, and an individual of character.
I am able to handle multiple accounts with different requirements.
I am ethical, considerate, candid, accountable and innovative.
I am extremely analytical, consultative with an excellent transparent accountability leadership style.
I am a strong accountant and was able to work through complex accounting issues with our auditors and consultants.
I am a great consultant to help establish our company financial accounts.
I am responsible for hiring me as a financial accounting consultant to the our company.
I am extremely focused, holds my team accountable for results, and makes myself available at any time for consultation.
I have very strong, consultative relationships with my customers, many of which are among our largest global accounts.