Accounting Manager Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

Accounting Manager Self-Appraisal Phrases Examples To Examine Yourself

I am a good sales account manager, who was looking for all my accounts.
I am the account manager you want on your highest profile, most important customer accounts.
I am a commendable, intuitive manager who is quite well versed with account management and is also enthusiastic in trying out new features that may benefit the account.
I am always a very helpful account manager on our account and made contact with the vendor as easy as it can be.
I am a progressive, out of the box, account manager whom really helped us close some impressive accounts.
I am a successful account manager who excelled in every account territory assigned to me.
I am ideal for account management and even better for service management roles.
I am an incredibly competent account manager, capable of looking out for both my employer's and my account's interests.
I have the biggest workload of all the account managers, and managed to keep my customers happy.
I am my account manager for many years and always did my best to get results for my company.
I am also an excellent manager - holding my team accountable to high standards and self accountability.
I am also one of the best mentors for other managers to learn how to manage accounts to get maximum results.
I have been my account manager at several different projects.
I am talented at both account management & new account development.
I have the total package when it comes to account management.
I am responsible for day to day account management as well as cross selling and upselling into me a base of accounts.
I am an astute salesperson, sales manager, and account manager.
I am a very effective account manager, managing several important agency's clients.
I am very much "an all-rounder" who can not only sell to new named accounts, but also can account manage existing clients.
I am a thorough account manager taking care of all of my customers needs and updating their accounts with new items.
I am the kind of account manager that most media managers dream about.
I am our account manager until recently and is really supportive and goes above and beyond to help.
I am an excellent account manager, always available to help and very supportive.
I am an excellent account manager and extremely well regarded by customers, management and colleagues.
I am a results orientated manager who managed our account during the height of our relationship.
I am always trying to improve on my existing success as an account manager for our company.
I am put in charge of some critical accounts and managed them well, given the circumstances.
I am very professional and has been an account manager for us for quite some time.
I am particularly adept in account management, sales presentations, and renewing/upselling accounts.
I am one of most accountants and hard working account managers that has ever worked for me.
I am a strong seller and articulate account manager with incredible accountability and integrity.
I am one of the few account managers out there that gets to know my customers and truly understand their needs.
I am a very conscientious account manager who would go out of my way for my customers.
I am an exceptional account manager that always understands the needs of the customer.
I have shown myself to be an outstanding customer account manager.
I am excellent in both finding talent and account management.
I am very customer focussed and an excellent account manager.
I am trusted with our most profitable accounts and managed them well.
I have managed several key accounts and is quite diligent and convincing in my interactions.
I am responsible for the account management of several international partners.
I am an energetic and engaging account manager who is focused on getting results.
I am also constantly being a champion and partner in the accounts we manage.
I have excelled at managing and growing complex partner accounts.
I am always trusted to manage the key accounts and channel partners.
I am a diligent, proactive and self motivated account manager.
I am a highly respected accounting manager and is self motivated.
I am our our company account manager when we signed up as a new partner.
I am able to successfully manage accounts while also successfully managing those junior to me.
I am more than an account manager to many of my advertising clients.
I am an enthusiastic and talented interactive account manager.
I am one of the best account managers in mobile - hands down.
I am a great collaborator and has solid account management experience, especially with multi-national or global accounts.
I am in the league of rare account professionals who are experts in large, complex account management.
I bring into our company to give us account management and account depth with the key defence contractors.
I have a thorough understanding of account management, and is flawless in me delivery.
I have been an excellent account manager and advocate for us since we started with our company.
I am an outstanding account manager capable of building the right relationships with the right people within my accounts.
I am an experienced account manager and a person you could entrust your top accounts with.
I have been mentoring me for the past five years while reporting directly to me as an accounting manager.
I have provided excellent support to me in an account management role.
I am always able and willing to support account managers when needed.
I have the right level of authority for sourcing and managing critical accounts.
I am result oriented and believes in performance management and accountability.
I am a forward thinking account manager who always goes the extra mile.
I am very attentive to my account and pro-active in managing it.
I am the our company service manager for our company account.
I have successfully managed and grown high visibility accounts as well as an account team to maximize their potential.
I am a great technical account manager with responsibility for some of our largest and most complex accounts.
I am a strong manager and provided me with thorough training for my accounts.
I have a sense of responsibility to my customers, you do not see from many account managers.
I am that rare account manager who actually treats my customers as well as my prospects.
I have always been an outstanding account manager and always put me customer's first.
I am an excellent customer account manager and has helped me to be successful.
I am comfortable with communicating to all levels of management within an account.
I am an extremely talented and successful account manager by any measure.
I am very experienced in managing strategic accounts and relationships.
I am hired to manage existing accounts for our largest customer.
I am a very responsive account manager when we were hosted at my employer.
I have a reputation amongst me managed channel partners as being an able and conscientious account manager.
I have successfully managed projects in some of the most trying of accounts and managed to come out with a smile, every time.
I am an accomplished and experienced account manager, with many years of developing and managing enterprise customer accounts.
I am our channel account manager, and is always very attentive and responsive to us as a partner.
I am a good account manager trying my best to serve us & meet our needs to the best possible.
I am extremely good at managing our partners requests, expectations, and their overall accounts.
I am accountable and could write the book on effective performance management.
I am a highly motivated, dedicated and focussed account manager.
I am an adept and resourceful account manager who has the ability to build and manage large accounts.
I am the ultimate account manager and any client would be lucky to have me managing their projects.
I am very thorough in my organization and approach to project and account management.
I am really effective when it comes to managing challenging projects and accounts.
I am responsible for managing end to end projects for my assigned accounts.
I have a wide experience in (international) account management, delivery management and general management.
I am an experienced sales manager who targets large accounts combined with small accounts.
I am everything you want in an account manager: responsive, gregarious, dogged, and negotiable.
I am extremely strong not just on new customer acquisition, but also with account management.
I am all the things you want in an account representative and relationship manager.
I have all of the credentials that makes for a successful client account manager.
I am creative, accountable and great with managing vendors and people.
I am truly managing the account as a trusted partner between both our company and the client.
I am a rare breed of accountant who properly understand management accounting as a distinct offering that is significantly different from the "normal" compliance accounting.
I am one of those sales account managers that you know is going to deliver my number without needing to be closely managed.
I am the type of manager who looks out for my staff, while keeping them accountable for their results.
I have always over achieved my goals and has the ability to manage and close high end accounts.
I have been a goal oriented project/program manager/client account manager.
I am an amazing account manager for us on a mission critical solution.
I am an invaluable resource to me and my department with me accounting and management background.
I am not only dedicated to the partners, but also to the channel account management team.
I am an account manager of note with energy and drive most lack.
I am not only my account manager at our company, but a mentor as well.
I am doing all this just perfectly, and we therefore together managed the set objectives of global account management and big deal closing successfully.
I am a full rounded manager with a solid and complete experience in managing key accounts.
I am an extremely personable detailed account manager who brings value, excellent account management and creativity into play.
I have excellent relationship management qualities that make me good at key account management.
I have been our account manager and we have found my support and advice invaluable over the last year.
I am the at the very top of the account management and sales profession.
I am an excellent manager and accountant who is great at understanding all the following on implications of decisions.
I am the type of account manager that can quickly assess an opportunity and move it along to closed
I am consistent and reliable as an account manager and always responded in a timely manner.
I have the ability to sell, close, up-sell and manage accounts all in one fell swoop.
I am an excellent account manager who got to know our needs and presented the right information on our company.
I am great at account management, but also at data analysis and usability.
I am one of the "top" account executives at the company, and as such was given a lot of autonomy to manage very large accounts.
I am very efficient and thorough in managing client accounts and researching account performance issues.
I am truly dedicated to my role as account manager and fearless in championing the cause of the customer.
I am great at both uncovering new opportunities and managing existing customer accounts.
I am a well organised account manager who has superb relationships with my customers.
I have a proactive account management approach which benefits everyone involved.
I am first and last word in genuine account management and customer care.
I have a great affinity for relationship selling and account management.
I am one of the contact points for a managed hosting account provided by my employer.
I am a tremendous help in areas ranging from strategy to account management.
I am actively engaged in the management of all of my account's online presence.
I have always functioned as more of a strategic partner than an account manager.
I have many gifts, but financial literary, management and accountability are my calling.
I am not only an efficient and independent account manager, but also an inspiring strategist.
I have very good attention to detail and manages accounts very well.
I have abundant account management, project management experiences, very good at prioritization in different tasks.
I have excellent account management and personal relationship.
I am accounting manager for a large number of key strategic accountants and the application was perfect for these firms.
I am also very helpful whenever there might be accounting questions and managed to get early payment discounts whenever possible.
I have managed my account and has always been thoughtful, responsive, innovative and knowledgeable in all our dealings.
I have been extremely dedicated in my role as our account manager, always on hand to help with any issues that arise.
I am an outstanding manager of people and understands both the account base and the marketplace completely.
I have been our account manager for a few years and has provided a consistently hands on approach.
I am an attentive, pro-active account manager who always made sure things were in order.
I am a hands on account manager who gets involved in the detail when this is necessary.
I have impeccable account management credentials and would be a real asset to any agency.
I am constantly looking for ways to grow in order to be best account manager possible.
I am a detail oriented manager that was fantastic with my people and my accounts.
I am also very results oriented, highly accountable and a good people manager.