Client Associate Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

Client Associate Self-Appraisal Phrases Examples To Examine Yourself

I have received many commendations from associates and clients.
I am a brilliant ambassador for my clients and as an associate.
I have provided opportunities and insights into extremely well positioned clients and associates.
I have also been doing some follow-up calls to clients and associates to stay in touch.
I am a conscientious associate that truly cares for my clients.
I am very strong in establishing client and associate relationships.
I am willing to share my knowledge and time to help clients and associates.
I have been an absolutely wonderful partner and client to associate with.
I am always very "client friendly" and was an asset to me in client meetings.
I am also quick to help out in many other areas of the association.
I am inquisitive and is always looking for ways to further the goals and objectives of me client associations.
I am deliberate and consistent about supporting clients and my own associates.
I am a "clients come first" associate who would go above and beyond what was required to ensure needs were met.
I have an uncanny ability to make me clients and associates feel as if they have been friends with me forever.
I have the worldly experience to elevate my clients and me associates to another level of awareness.
I am approachable to the extreme which earns me high respect among all my clients and associates.
I am highly energetic, not easily discouraged and well liked by associates and clients alike.
I have an unsurpassed ability to connect with clients and fellow associates alike.
I am highly motivated to help others, and it shows by my loyal following of clients, associates and friends.
I am well liked by both my fellow associates and by my clients and was a pleasure with which to work.
I am able to positively interact with associates at all levels in the company as well as clients.
I am an outstanding associate there and worked tirelessly on behalf of my clients.
I am instrumental in many client acquisitions and client relations.
I am always going over and above to meet or exceed associates, clients, partners and prospects expectations.
I am constantly thinking win-win between all parties: me company, my clients, and even me client's clients.
I have shown more than once the ability to balance a client's needs with the needs of my associates so that everyone comes out a winner.
I am singularly focused on providing the very best possible experience for my clients, my employee associates, and my vendors.
I am a phenomenal individual who brings an upbeat attitude towards me associates and me clients.
I am always willing to help, going above and beyond for clients being sure they were received everything they needed.
I am an effective associate and completed my objectives on time.
I am an affable, fun-loving person who was always well-like by my associates as well as my clients.
I am very client-facing and focused on delivering value and benefits to the client.
I am organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with my clients and associates.