Game Designer Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

Game Designer Self-Appraisal Phrases Examples To Examine Yourself

I have terrific game design instincts and the design sensibility of an artist.
I have a clear vision of the game design, and can communicate this design very effectively.
I have surprised me again and again with my versatility as a game designer.
I am very mature and has great sensibilities about game design.
I am able to do both level design and game design tasks equally well.
I am a wonderful game designer, specifically in the areas of balance and economy design.
I am also very hands on with the game design and became very proficient in using our company.
I am a dedicated designer, who works hard to see the game designs come to life.
I am a very creative designer who provides a unique view on every element of game design.
I have the ability to come up with new designs and concepts, then turn it into an actual game.
I am ambitious, forward thinking, thorough and well grounded when it comes to game design.
I have an extreme passion for games that shows in my design decisions.
I have the vision and instincts that make up a great game designer.
I am one of the "frontier marshals" of game design in my opinion.
I am a brilliant game designer, who's able to come up with fresh ideas quickly and who will never stop to amaze me by my deeply well thought game designs.
I am a passionate, creative game designer an with extensive know how and experience in games design and production.
I am a hard and diligent designer, and also one whose talents span many different disciplines of game design.
I am an amazing designer and an inspiration to those learning the trade of design.
I have been one of the most inspiring forces in my game design career.
I am the stoic, unflappable face of game design purpose that both inspires the designers and keeps them recalibrated to the vision.
I am very passionate about games and an extremely talented designer and apparent every time we talked games.
I am a visionary computer game designer; my passion for detailed design and realisation is backed up by my love for games.
I am also always willing to go beyond me roll, providing input to designs, improving upon on them to create the best possible games.
I have years of experience when it comes to understanding game design and the player experience.
I am always open to game design ideas from colleagues, and knows how to deal with them properly.
I am a proven mission designer, having created some of the best missions in our games.
I am an excellent and dedicated game designer who is up to any challenge thrown my way.
I am bright, articulate, funny, savvy and designs the best games you've ever played.
I am the living embodiment of everything you'd imagine a game designer should be.
I am smart, articulates well and has a passion for games and designing levels.
I am responsible for some of the most complex parts of our game design logic.
I am committed to making good, solid, and above all fun designs for the game.
I have worked this summer to gain insights on game design that would apply to any game genre.
I have a good "eye" for design and making connections regarding design and innovation.
I am extremely knowledgeable of current design trends and encouraged the designers to stay on top of our game.
I am a very talented game designer and has an eye for 'funs'.
I am a very creative thinker and game designer with deep gaming knowledge.
I am also in charge of game design, from concepts of documents, and they are all very interesting and implementable games.
I have re-designed our website twice and each time has provided value well beyond our expectations.
I am also always open to suggestions and feedback regarding design and writing choices in the game.
I am extremely intelligent on both coding and game design side.
I am constantly raising the bar with level design and game play.
I am one of those designers that has a passion for game design and development that we rarely see these days.
I am always our first call when our clients need help with design.
I am an exceptional design professional who is a master at the game of user interface design.
I am a great designer with an eye towards detail and a great sense of game design style.
I am on top of my our company and the game itself, bringing to the table an insight into game mechanics, that would rival a game designer
I have an amazing passion for video games and always has game design in mind when bringing concepts and ideas.
I am one those rare individuals with the talent and passion for game design that is necessary to create truly special, our company games.
I am passionate about game design and the teaching thereof, and it really shows in my lectures.
I am a game changer for me when we hired me as a graphic designer.
I am one of our, if not the, best designers as far as documentation was concerned.
I am a solid game designer with an artistic background that excels in level layout and design.
I have a talent for finding the fun in game designs and approaching design ideas from the perspective of the user.
I am highly focused on working with the designers to deliver great game design tools for them to use.
I have a very solid understanding on console and other games, and not least on user interface design.
I am a dedicated game designer whose biggest strength is my ability to think outside the box.
I am ingenious and always coming up with incredible ideas in multiple facets of our game design.
I am hugely experienced in the design and preparation of interface screens and game overlays.
I am a passionate gamer who translates that passion into great game design.
I am an experienced designer and a great source of games know-how.
I am a great designer, full of ideas and with strong game vision.
I have hired me to prepare some character designs for a game concept.
I have a wealth of knowledge about games and game design, and was always able to articulate my opinions effectively.
I am a winner with winning designs who will always be at the peak of my game when it comes to designing for your home or business needs.
I have always challenged me and pushed my designs to the next level by questioning my design decisions and encouraging me to think without limitations.
I have an ever-evolving mindset to keep in front of trends and put forth outstanding designs that other designers are following.
I am a student of the game, always looking for better ways to go about my design process.
I am one of those guys that's dedicated my life to not just designing games, but improving the art.
I am also exceedingly adept at bridging the domains of game design and art.
I am incredibly talented and really helped us step up our game design wise.
I am a well-balanced, seasoned game designer with tons of talent.
I am a top-notch game designer and all-round creative heavyweight.
I have a refined eye for game design and creative direction that pushed gaming to be our company.
I am a talented game designer, with clear expertise in both traditional and digital games.
I am one of the most gifted designers working on one of the best game franchises ever created.
I am well read and applies the wealth of my knowledge to all my game design.
I am certainly recommended person for a game designer's position.
I have immense knowledge about gaming and understands games to the core.
I am also able to take concepts and game design ideas from other games and genres to provide solutions to problems we were trying to overcome.
I am a fantastic addition to any team looking to bolster its game design.
I am one of the founding members of the design within the organisation and created incredible design solutions.
I am a versatile artist who can move quickly from complex adult gaming, or design, to simple Childrens flash games and design.
I am one of the rare game designers who can not only have an original idea and design it, but can then go on to build the systems around it.
I am the preferred designer for our website and we couldn't have been happier with the results.
I am very efficient and really listened to our needs to design the best possible website for us.
I am adept at inventing new designs and seeing them through from concept to completion.
I am always very proactive in making continuous improvements to the design.
I am wonderful at enabling you to be confident with your design decisions.
I am extremely capable in reliability and designed experiments.
I am timely, listened to our needs, and a responsive designer.
I am innovative and very open in my style of design creation.
I have many unique and innovative ideas about design problems.
I am happy to take criticism and to explain design decisions.
I am an innovative and forward thinking designer with great knowledge of all things gaming.
I have great breadth of experience in design and usability, ranging from gaming to the enterprise
I am passionate, dedicated, organized, and demonstrates exceptional game design acumen.
I have extensive knowledge of economical design and clarity of game play.
I am a designer possessing of many years of gaming knowledge and know-how.
I have vast knowledge of games and the design techniques need to create them.
I am highly motivated, with a good sense of game design principles.
I am such a pleasure to work with during my game design internship at our company.
I am the kind of game designer you hope for when going into a project.
I am a sharp game designer with a natural flair for nailing the fundamentals of what makes a game tick.
I have expertise in game design but can also dive into data and analyze results.
I am an eLearning, toy making, game designing, creative machine.
I am an awesome game designer and had the potential of being a great leader.
I am a heady, sharp designer with a great eye for user interface and fun, core game design.