General Accountant Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

General Accountant Self-Appraisal Phrases Examples To Examine Yourself

I am generous with my time, worked overtime on our account and generated tremendous growth.
I am always accountable and my competency for demand generation was well respected.
I am passionate about my work and about accounting in general.
I am an award-winning accountant who´s incredibly generous in sharing the secrets of my success with other accountants.
I am generally dissatisfied and wants to generate change and improvements.
I am generous in spirit as well as adept at holding myself and others accountable for results.
I am cool under pressure, generous with praise, and most of all accountable for results.
I am honest, responsible, take strong accountability and often helpful and generous.
I have taken some of our most strategic accounts and generated massive results.
I am creative, entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, accountable, and generous.
I am a shining example of our next generation of accountability leaders.
I am aligned to the needs of a new generation and meeting expectations of relatively older generations.
I focus on my priorities, committed to generating results and innately accountable.
I am generous and always willing to help out even if it's not my "job".
I am very generous in pointing out improvement areas, but even more generous with positive feedback.
I have tremendous expertise in the accounts receivable world and general ledger.
I am responsible for one of the company's biggest accounts and has proven to be very generous with my time and expertise.
I am particularly adept at understanding our key requirements and generating the results required to keep the account.
I am intuitive, generous and empathetic, and balances this with an accountability structure that gets results.
I am a diligent analyst/accountant and great at reconciling various general ledger accounts.
I am also timely, accountable and generous as a musician and artist.
I have an excellent capacity to analyze accounts and opportunities for generating revenue.
I am able to grow several smaller accounts into some of our biggest revenue generators.
I am extremely proactive on our account and always generated new creative ideas for us.
I have taught me how to autopilot my our company account to generate more business.
I am proactive, considerate, generous, accountable and has become a trusted friend and mentor.
I have an amazing ability to identify and then generate orders from targeted accounts.
I am balanced and generous and gets along well with everyone in any team.
I have always been very approachable, helps generate enthusiasm and generous with my time and knowledge.
I am well versed in general principles of accounting and the specialized area of cost accounting for government contracts.
I have a unique perspective on account strategy and revenue generation.
I am a huge asset of the our company account specifically and to our entire agency in general.
I am really good in generating different ideas an strategy
I am accountable, creative & extremely diligent; the results generated illustrate this.
I have found a lot of new opportunities for us and is always generous with my time.
I am confident, generous, and me a passion for life is admirable.
I am on my account and generated leads as well as posted and shared my blog posts.