Goal Focus Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

Goal Focus Self-Appraisal Phrases Examples To Examine Yourself

I am very focused on the overall goal, and never let the little things disrupt that focus.
I am very clear with our goals and made sure we were aware of the value of those goals.
I am clearly focused not only on the goal, but the path to said goals.
I am there to help you along the way and keeps you on track with your goals.
I am tenacious about reaching my goals and follows through until the goal is accomplished.
I am dedicated in completing my own goals, as well as the goals of others around me.
I am self driven and is very focused in terms of my responsibilities and goals.
I have stretched us all by me commitment and focus on actualizing my goals.
I am an amazing man whose focus is always on the goal to be achieved.
I am one of a few who knows what they want with a clear focus on the goal.
I am a driver/achiever who keeps the end goal in focus at all times.
I have strength you look forward my goals, with objectives and focus.
I am able to think objectively and keep the real goals in focus.
I have so much going on and all my students think they are my only focus.
I have a can do mentality that always keeps the focus of the overall company goal.
I have the vision, drive and relentless focus on the end goal.
I am also very well connected and willing to use those connections to help others further their goals.
I am someone who strives to be the best and do my best and always accomplishes that goal.
I am very accommodating of the needs of others, and is always sympathetic of their goals.
I have the vision to see what needs doing and the focus to see that it gets done.
I am always very honest and very tenacious in getting to the right end goal.
I am flexible, knows your needs and can really help you to reach your goals.
I have empowered me to see that it is possible for me to achieve my goals.
I have a way of getting you to look at things differently and with focus.
I am very committed to my goals and makes everyone around me shine.
I am someone who has goals, knows what it takes to make them happen.
I am very focused and well-organised when it comes to assignments.
I am realistic about what is possible and realistic about goals.
I have always kept my company's needs and goals above everything.
I am and is always very genuine about my goals, and my vision.
I am certain of my goals and certainly has achieved them to date.
I am very energetic and is always committed towards my goals.
I have gone beyond expectations with my focus and dedication.
I have an amazing ability to help others around me zero in on the challenges before them and focus on goals and results.
I have a constant focus on self improvement and will make sure that nothing gets in the way of my study and focus.
I am extremely thorough and dedicated, while always keeping the end-goals of the company in focus.
I have a clear understanding of not only my goals, but the overall goals of the organization.
I am well known to be a very focused individual that all out to achieve my target and goals.
I am an entrepreneur with an incredible focus on the achievement of the company goals.
I am relentless in my pursuit of reaching the goal, regardless of what that goal may be.
I am deliberate in my focus and relentless to exceed goals that are self-imposed.
I am diligent, and has shown serious focus to the goals set forth for me.
I am truly amazing and has helped me stretch and reach goal after goal.
I am goal driven, but believes those goals can be artfully achieved.
I have excellent suggestions on how to improve focus and set goals.
I am focusing on achieving goals and helping to obtain better results.
I have a continuous focus on attaining my objectives and goals.
I am creative, understands the focus and goals and makes things happen.
I am able to help us focus on who we are and what we want to present.
I have that same drive and focus you need to get to the next level.
I have a keen focus on the end goal and accomplishing that goal as effectively and efficiently as possible.
I have proven myself to be that "glue" that knows how to focus different teams on to the same goal.
I am an overachiever who knows how to reach me goals and the goals of my team.
I have a clear focus on goals and gets things done while embracing people along the journey.
I am clear on the end goal and always driving to ensure that those goals are met.
I have always demonstrated to be a dedicated and goal focus individual.
I have a very strong focus on goals, and is also concerned about people.
I am always highly self-motivated and focus on the goals to achieve.
I am a strategic thinker who is able to focus on the goal, while shutting out the diversions and distractions that could take the focus off that goal.